Creative's Xmod And Xdock: Enhanced Sound Via Wireless

creat_2.jpgThe latest products in Creative's XFi series, the Xdock and Xmod wireless, have seen the light of day in Japan. A step on from last year's MP3 enhancer, as well as improving sound quality, the Xmod, which uses Creative's XFi Crystalize technology, will wirelessly transmit music from your iPod to your speakers. Simply connect one box to the USB port of your computer and the other to the speakers.

The dock is compatible with fourth-gen iPods and first/second-gen Nanos. Again, it connects to your PC via USB, but it won't transmit images via wireless. Expect to pay $US250 for the wireless, available in May, and $US208 for the dock, which should be around later this month.

Creative, radio USB audio "Xmod Wireless" [PC Watch]

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