CeBIT sneak peek: Netcomm’s NB12WD

CeBIT sneak peek: Netcomm’s NB12WD

Got a great tip-off from Netcomm on their update to the orgasmic NB9W ADSL2/2+ router. It’s won badges from PC Authority, CNET, APC, PC User, NetGuide, and PC Powerplay. Man, maybe we need to come up with a badge to splash around the place.

The NB12WD adds support for DECT handsets to the already long list of supported features”WLAN, VoIP w/ QoS support, 4-port Ethernet, etc. So you’ll be able to run all your home phones through this without plugging in lots of phone hubs and things. It does all the hard work so you just need the cordless handsets.

I use one of the NB9W units myself, and it is great. Adding DECT handsets into the mix sounds like a very nice feature update to me. They haven’t mentioned if they’ve added Gigabit Ethernet support, but you’d think they’d say if they were.

More cool stuff on their list of new kit, including standa-alone Skype / DECT phones, and the 200Mbps update to their powerline networking Homeplug. We’ll check it all out when we hit their stand.