Breakfast Wrap: Thursday Night Highlights

Here's the best of the best from overnight. So you can get back to work faster... yeah, because that's exactly what you're going to do, right?

Anti-static keychain.
Of all the gadgety keychains, this is the one I'd actually use. But I'm a static wuss.

This time 8800 GTX takes the crown.
The graphics card war is never black and white. Here NVIDIA stays in front of ATI's latest.

Sony dropping SonicStage and adding drag-and-drop.
Finally! I like the Sony Walkman styles, but SonicStage is the pits.

An arcade cabinet for your desk.
No longer a giant piece of furniture you need to convince the SO to let you have room for. Just steal some table space and you're set.

LG planning a clamshell dual touchscreen.
Because touching one's screen is the way of the future.

Eyetoy update now just Eye.
Well aren't we all grown up now! Actually, this is looking pretty cool, in a brickish kind of way.

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