Breakfast Wrap: Best of Wednesday’s feed

For those new to the show, yes, this is Gizmodo Australia. But we’ve still got the entries from Giz USA. Here are some of the best from overnight.

iRiver Clix is looking hot.
A page full of tech pr0n awaits.

Hiroshi Ishiguro has a new best friend.
If they switch places really fast, the cops will never pick the real killer.

Wii shortages to continue through to 2009!
No really, Nintendo are just some also ran. Just ask their competitors.

Gadget guide to becoming a superhero.
The hot gear you need to save the world. Not that you can buy it yet… or ever…

ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT brings the smackdown.
8800 is just so last week.

A coffee machine that learns your addiction patterns.
For those who need their coffee hit yesterday.

Samsung’s Korean 1080p screen with Bluetooth.
No, I DON’T want to run headphones cables across the living room. Do you?

New phone tech to bring 3D and tactile feedback to your calls.
LG wants you to reach out and touch someone. Yes, in that way.

Sony Cine Alta 4K projectors.
Just the ticket for playing back your home movies shot on a Red One.