Breakfast Wrap: Best of the Tuesday feed

Here’s a few treats that popped up while you were all tucked up in bed.

Fridge thinks it’s a toolbox.
Sadly, this will probably never land here. But it would be PERFECT out in the proverbial garden shed! “No, honey, I’m working out here!”

Westinghouse 52-inch LCD 1080p TV just $2,499USD.
No idea yet on local possibilities, but this is promising whatever happens.

Solar panelled swimwear
Practical? Hardly. But is that the point?

Dell sneaks up on the solid state scene.
Boom! All solid state, all the time. Bring it on.

Amiga announcing new PCs!
I probably wouldn’t replace my Macs with it, but damn I want to buy one out of principle. Long Live Amiga!

Sonic Screwdriver pen (sans actual sonic screwdriver)
Yeah, it won’t fix anything, but it is still a damn cool Dr Who pen with UV light.

New robot overlords on the way.
Boeing and iRobot work together to bring about humanity’s demise. It’s only a recon bot for now, but you just know what’s next on the agenda…

Meanwhile, pigeons get their robotic comeupance.
Where can I buy a fake robot falcon? That’d be sweet.