Breakfast Wrap: Best of the Monday feed

Some tasty treats from what you may have missed overnight.

Philips displays get 5 o'clock shadow
Now this is what I call advanced hair! Yeah! Yeah!

Exoskeletons soon available for rent.
First the exoskeleton, next the Gundam... then geek shall inherit the earth.

Home theatre of dreams, Skywalker style.
Lucas may have destroyed our beloved Star Wars, but he knows how to build a home theatre, and this guy's mini-Stag is worth a few dreams of its own.

Samsung's flash drive hybrid laptop.
Tasty hybrid lappy... we'll try and get Samsung local to give us a hint on local launch.

Replace your MacBook Pro Hard Drive.
Self-servicing your lappy drive may void your warranty. Oh, it's up? Then do it!

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