Bored with Making Videos? Play Games on Your Video Camera.


Video shoots are long, tedious affairs, filled with boring down time as the crew sets up for the next shot and the actors get their soy self-worth massages in their trailers. So while a video camera that can play video games might seem kind of dumb at first, it's actually a pretty brilliant idea.

DXG's new DXG-589V is a video camera with a 3-inch LCD screen and 20 built-in video games. Sure, it can take video and 5-megapixel snaps, but the real story is the strangely familiar Playstation buttons and SNES-quality games built in. I'd say it's the perfect camera to keep your Director of Photography occupied during boring shoots, but no self-respecting DP would shoot on something with webcam quality 640x480, 30fps stats. Oh well, for you savings-accountless aspiring YouTube auteurs, this $199 camera/game player could be just what you need to actually stick to a hobby for once.

Hit the jump for another picture of the copyright-infringing buttons.


Product Page [DXG USA]

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