Booze Belt Will Transform You Into Drunk Cowboy

Booze Belt Will Transform You Into Drunk Cowboy

Once in a while, Gizmodo comes across that rare object, that invention that showcases the amazing nature of human genius and the never-ending quest for perfection that lifts the spirits of every man and woman in the planet.

That gadget is clearly not the Booze Belt, something that celebrates two of the finest american traditions: shooting and getting drunk, but not necessarily in that order. It includes two holsters for your favorite alcohol bottles and six slots to hold your shot glasses, which come with the pack. The Booze Belt costs $89.99, tequila, limes and salt not included. The pic of the model holding her pistols after the jump is, sadly, completely free.


Geezussrollerbladingonatutuchrist… and it’s not even friday yet.