BladeRunner Kevlar Sweatshirt Is Cool, Won't Protect You Against Replicants


Leave it to the Brits (probably from Hackney) to come up with a hooded sweatshirt all lined in Dupont Kevlar for "added protection against knife attacks." For your next street fight however, keep in mind that the appropriately named Bladerunner Hooded Top is not knife-proof, only having a "high slash/cut resistance." In other words, you still will need to dodge, duck and jink like Deckard fighting Pris after sinking $130 on one.

In any case, if you are getting one, don't forget to check out the gallery for the $80 old-design Kevlar Gloves with extra knuckle protection (a favorite of Darth Vader) or the metal-friendly detector $80 S.W.A.T Air Wit boots.

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Bladerunner Kevlar Protected Hooded Top [Bladerunner]

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