Big Brother Nerd solves opening week conundrum

Big Brother Nerd solves opening week conundrum

Jamie-bb.jpgNerd housemate, Jamie, in the latest edition of Big Brother put his leet nerd skillz to work, uncovering the hidden house couple by spotting what only a geek could.

When he entered the house as a self-professed ‘nerd’, he was showing all the usual negative traits—overweight, socially awkward… so it was a positive leap when he used some geek-powered investigation skills to uncover the hidden pair.

How did he do it?

Well the social engineering wasn’t working so good, though he picked up some hints from the way people were avoiding eye contact in the house. But the clincher was looking BEHIND housemate photos, where he discovered two housemates—Hayley and Andrew—had the same photo paper, with the same code prefix. How likely was that from two random people?

Of all the housemate queries as to who the hidden couple were, Jamie was the only one to say with some confidence (he said ‘about 80% sure’) that Hayley and Andrew were the pair.

He may not be an uber cool champion of nerdity, but he showed that some tech know-how can solve oh so many of life’s little problems.

If I voted for people on Big Brother, I’d throw a few ‘save’ votes the way of Jamie, because the last thing we need is to see the nerd kicked to the curb first week out. If only I cared enough to spend my hard earned on a txt. Other sub-cultures might get behind their own… is ours just too cynical to bother?