BenQ Siemens SF71 Joins in the Shiny Clamshell Fun

BenQ Siemens SF71 Joins in the Shiny Clamshell Fun

BenQ Siemens jumps onto the shiny clamshell bandwagon with its SF71, not wanting to get left behind by its rivals at LG with its latest Shine phone, that LG VX 8700 clamshell launched on Verizon last week. But this tri-band GSM (900/1800/1900 MHz) + UMTS cellphone doesn’t have that elegant brushed aluminum look of the LG clamshell. No, its design incorporates the shiny chrome of a ’57 Chevy with a face that looks like the front of that Honda Aibo robot’s helmet.

The SF 71 has mildly respectable specs that could’ve been reflected from the burnished aluminum of its LG counterpart, where it’s just about the same height, has Bluetooth and microSD card support, a 320×240 screen and a 2-megapixel camera. It does take a baby step further with an additional VGA camera, but it’s got a bit of baby fat, too, at 19mm to the LG’s svelte 13mm thickness. Follow us inside for a peek at the SF71 opened up for all to see.


Nobody’s talking about when the BenQ Siemens SF71 will be available yet, or at what price.

BenQ Siemens SF71 [Unwired View]