Archos Wireless HD-Downloading Handheld Player Forthcoming


Archos is up to something, and the company's teasing us with talk of wirelessly browsing and downloading HD movies. The breathless prose in an emailed event tease goes so far as to blurt out that this upcoming Generation 5 product line will include "the most innovative products ever introduced from Archos."

Downloading high-definition movies sounds great, as long as Archos can figure out a way to get the major motion picture studios and content creators interested in the idea—unless, of course, those HD movies have taken a somewhat circuitous route unbeknownst to the studios. Can Archos pull this off?

Well, Archos calls itself "the inventor of the portable video player," and the company has actually been rather innovative with its handheld video devices. And it's high time someone gave us the ability to wirelessly download and watch HD clips on a handheld player, so maybe it's time for Archos to invent that, too. Look for the product line's "private debut" on June 14, followed by a public launch this fall.

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