Amazon Kindle eReader Gets More Details: Pricing, Time Frame, Features

Details have been scarce on the Amazon Kindle eReader since we first saw it last September, but some publishers have actually gotten to play with it now that we're nearing the spring release date. First, the price is going to be above $400. Seeing as the Sony reader is fetching somewhere around $300 to $350, that's not a good place to start.

However, the Kindle is actually a step up in terms of functionality from Sony's reader.

It has a screen display that's just as good, and will be using Mobipocket to supply titles. The release date is spring, which is pretty darn soon.

What's more, the Kindle will have online functionality from its EV-DO connection to buy eBooks directly from Amazon. Despite the device not looking that great from the shots we've seen before, the features do seem to place this as quite a nice alternative to Sony's offering.

Amazon Kindle this spring for above $400 [Mobileread]

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