Martin Carujo's Sci-Fi Recycled Lamps


You crazy people love lamps, whether they're the coolest lamps ever by Frank Buchwald, or these pretty darn cool recycled lamps by Martin Carujo. Martin creates each lamp individually from junk he finds, and gives them the "work of art" touch that puts them over and above standard cool lamps you buy at the store.

If you're interested in getting one, send martin an email at [email protected] From his two samples above, you can see that they've really got that '50s era Sci Fi look to them. Which may make a great present for Father's Day if your dad's an old school Sci Fi geek. And if so, it's a wonder he managed to bag a lady and conceive you.

Martin Corujo's lamps' [Treehugger via Nerd Approved]

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