10-Umbrella Salute to That Dastardly Nor’easter

10-Umbrella Salute to That Dastardly Nor’easter

For all of you stuck in the middle of this crappy April showerama (or down under, preparing for winter), here are 10 umbrellas we have covered over the past year or so. Surprisingly, not all of them are lightsaber-themed.

1. A projector in an umbrella, so you can collide with even more people than usual

2. This one glows different colors to tell if it’s raining or not, in case you couldn’t already tell

3. Is there an umbrella with a built-in MP3 player? Why, of course there is!

After the jump, you get seven more.

4. Another inevitability, an umbrella that’s Made for iPod TM

5. Aerodynamic umbrella makes you the Lance Armstrong of walking in rain

6. Nanotech means one shake and it’s dry

7. Umbrella for uncomfortable-looking couple

8. Umbrella for uncomfortable-looking dog

SW freaks, you’ve been very patient. So here you go:

9. Lightsaber Umbrella Number One

10. And finally Lightsaber Umbrella Number Two

There you go. Happy puddle jumping!

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