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Aussie Hands On With Kinect Voice And Zune Pass [Video]

Yesterday Microsoft announced Kinect Voice and Zune Pass for Australian consumers. What’s the voice and music experience like? There’s only one way to find out.

Now You Can Grab An Unlimited Zune Pass For $US150 A Year

Without fanfare, Microsoft now offers Zune fans an all-you-can-eat yearly subscription for $US150 (previously, you were limited to $US15 month-by-month access). Like the incremental plan, you’ll still be able to keep 10 tracks per month. [Ars Technica]

Microsoft Might Lower Zune Pass Price To Keep Up With Competition

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft might be considering lowering the price on its Zune Pass service in order to better compete with Apple and RealNetworks. Currently the service gives you unlimited music streaming and 10 song downloads for $US14.99/month. [Bloomberg]

How To: Play Zune Pass Music On Your WinMo Handset

For $US15 a month, a Zune Pass subscription is a pretty great deal. The only catch, seemingly, is that you also have to pony up a couple hundred bucks for a Zune. Except: turns out you don’t.

Microsoft: There's Still A Sliver Of Hope For Zune On Apple Products

Microsoft’s all about letting little nuggets loose this fine afternoon: a Microsoft rep just told Mary Jo Foley that the company is mulling “port[ing]the Zune software and services to other platforms, including Apple’s”. Hey, yes! Do that!

How I Plan to Taste Music

I haven’t attained new music very regularly in years since the days I actually respected FM content. Between the modern choice—buying tracks, subscribing to a service or stealing it—I’m just not getting enough exposure to try before I download. Last night, things changed in a way that I hope paves the way for the future of buying music.

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