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The Walking Dead Adds Two New Characters Who Will Eventually Die Horribly

Whoever ends up dying in The Walking Dead‘s seventh season premiere, it might console him or her to know that the survivors won’t be understaffed for long. Two new characters have been added to the cast, and they seem to be exclusive to the TV series.

The Girl With All The Gifts Looks Like A New Kind Of Zombie Movie

Video: We were fans of M.R. Carey’s apocalyptic novel The Girl With All the Gifts when it came out in 2014, but avoided giving too much away about the plot. The UK trailer for Colm McCarthy’s film adaptation, however, doesn’t hold anything back. It’s zombies, guys. ZOMBIES.

The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman Does His Best To Justify That Cliffhanger

The Walking Dead‘s season six finale aired a full month ago, but its cliffhanger ending — who did Negan pick as his victim? — proved so controversial that fans are still fuming about it. Now, TWD comic writer and creator Robert Kirkman has addressed the issue, although it still might not assuage those fans who felt cheated by the finale.

The Cast And Crew Of The Walking Dead Are Lying Liars

The stars and executive producers of The Walking Dead have been doing some major damage control after the infamous season six finale=, promising that it was always supposed to be a (terrible) cliffhanger and that showrunner Scott Gimple hasn’t even determined Negan’s victim yet. So, um, why does former TWD star Tyler James Williams know who dies?

Which Major Walking Dead Character Is Negan Going To Kill?

Negan’s coming, and death is coming with him. The biggest and baddest of The Walking Dead‘s Big Bads will finally arrive in the season six finale, where he’s absolutely going to kill a major character with his baseball bat to establish his bona fides as a villain. But who will it be?

Watch A Wasp Turn A Cockroach Into A Zombie

Be honest, when you’re watching a tv show like The Walking Dead or going through some zombie movies, you imagine how you’d act and what you’d do in a world full of zombies. But alas, you’re only in the real world and safe from the zombie apocalypse. Turns out zombie world isn’t that far away though! A jewel wasp actually has the power to turn their prey into the living dead.

Biologist: We're Completey Unprepared To Handle A Zombie Outbreak

A zombie virus may not be at the top of your list of likely apocalypses, but I think we can all agree that it would suck to get caught unprepared. Unfortunately, we are. As proven by countless movies, TV shows, and novels, society is woefully unready to deal with an infectious, flesh-eating horde.

These Are The Best US Cities For Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse

Everyone knows you’re better off avoiding large cities in the event of a zombie pandemic. But if the outbreak occurs when you’re visiting America and you’re going to take the risk of living in a city anyway, which one has the best chance of making it through the apocalypse?

This Is How Plants Become Zombies

It sounds like a bizarre video game mashup, but farmers have reported “zombie” plants since the early 1600s: plants that took on a sickly yellow look and grew strange leaf-like structures or bushy growths instead of flowering and reproducing.

How The Walking Dead Uses Special Effects To Fake Gory Zombie Kills

Video: The Walking Dead is probably one of the goriest and grossest shows on television because all they do is kill zombies. And although zombies are not real (yet, at least), the blood and gore look real because of all the amazing special effects on the show. Here’s a reel from Stargate Studios showing their best work of VFX on The Walking Dead.

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