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Daylight's End Trailer Proves Lance Henriksen Is Invaluable During A Zombie Apocalypse

Video: Daylight’s End looks like yet another zombie apocalyptic action movie, but it has a secret weapon: Lance Henriksen, who is pushing 80 but is still quite obviously 100 per cent badarse. He may have a supporting role here, but anyone in a doomsday plague survival situation would be lucky to have this Aliens veteran by their side.

Fear The Walking Dead Is Back With An Episode Unlike Any Other

Fear the Walking Dead returned as what felt like a very different show. It felt more like an episode of Lost, really, focusing on one single character — in this case Nick — and flashing back to reveal a significant piece of his past.

Zombie Romance Warm Bodies Is Getting A Book Sequel

This likely makes more sense if you remember that Warm Bodies, the 2013 film starring Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer, is based on a book by Issac Marion. Marion has announced The Burning World will be released in 2017, continuing the tale of R the zombie’s and Julie the living girl’s star-crossed (flesh-crossed?) romance.

Luke Scott Will Make A Movie About The Donner Party With 'A Walking Dead-Style Twist'

Luke Scott is about to release his much-anticipated debut feature, Morgan, and he already has another project lined up: The Hunger, which is not about sexy vampires but ill-fated pioneers. It’s based on a yet-to-be-written novel about the Donner Party, with what Deadline describes as “a Walking Dead-style twist”.

Dance Reminds Zombie Of Who He Used To Be In This Short Film 

Does this zombie short have a fair amount of gore and violence? Yes. It also has the incredible image of a lone zombie doing some amazing dancing in the middle of all the carnage.

The 10 Types Of Fictional Apocalypses (And What They Mean)

The Apocalypse rules pop culture. Half the biggest literary novels these days are apocalyptic, and meanwhile The Walking Dead is a huge hit. Post-apocalyptic stories are what space opera was in the Space Age. But what are they about? Here are 10 types of apocalypses, and what they each signify.

If Brad Pitt Gets His Way, David Fincher Will Direct The World War Z Sequel

Talk of a World War Z sequel has been lurching around Hollywood nearly since the hit zombie film’s 2013 release. But after new scriptwriter Dennis Kelly was brought in to work with director J.A. Bayona, the latter signed to direct Jurassic World 2. Now producer-star Brad Pitt has a reunion he’s hoping to make happen.

The Walking Dead Promises It Will Not End With A Cliffhanger In Season Seven

Good news for fans of The Walking Dead. TWD creator Robert Kirkman has announced the seventh season of the series will not end with a cliffhanger that infuriates virtually of its viewers. Probably a good decision, guys!

The Walking Dead's New Trailer Has Kingdoms, Tigers, Zombies And Zero Clues About Who Died

Video: I’m serious, this is a three-minute trailer doesn’t feature a second of new footage of any of the 11 characters that were last seen kneeling in from of Negan, waiting for him to choose which one of them he’s gonna kill. Instead, it has a ton of new stuff, including characters, locales and… yep, that’s definitely a tiger.

The Walking Dead Cast Can't Talk About The Future, But They Can Throw Glitter At Each Other

When season seven of The Walking Dead premieres in the US on October 23, we’re finally going to learn which character new villain Negan killed. It’s a secret the show is determined to keep until then, which made the panel at Comic-Con a little awkward.

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