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These DIY Illusions Will Leave Your Friends Dumbstruck

This YouTube channel proves the art of the parlour trick is alive and well. Brusspup has reeled in almost two million subscribers with optical illusion how-tos and science experiments. Here are a few you can try this weekend.

Turtle Attacks And Nightmare Centipedes: This Wild YouTube Channel Is A Gem

The world is full of gnarly animals, but it wasn’t until the magic of the internet that we could watch them from a safe distance — thanks to high-def videos like this one, in which a snapping turtle clamps down on a dude’s arm. Thank you, YouTube.

Old-School Computer Graphics And Games Were The Product Of Coding Magic

These days, we’re blessed with incredibly powerful graphics cards, with oodles of fast temporary RAM to store massively detailed textures and colour information. But it wasn’t always so easy. Ever wondered how old computers, with basically zero onboard memory, actually created genuinely complex and colourful on-screen graphics?

These Gorgeous YouTube Documentaries About Space Will Put You In Awe Of The Universe

Start your week off right: On the couch, with some popcorn, watching free documentaries about space that will rekindle your appreciation for the universe.

You Can Bring Back The Tags On YouTube For More Flexible Searches

Back in 2012, YouTube started hiding the tags associated with videos to stop people copying popular combinations. They can still be attached to clips — and they’re still factored into searches — but they’re not visible while you’re browsing around the site. If you find them useful, you can bring them back with the help of a simple Chrome extension.

How Michael Jackson Inspired One Of The Original YouTube Memes

An incredible thing happened on July 17, 2007. A video of several hundred inmates wearing orange jumpsuits and performing an immaculately choreographed dance to Thriller appeared on a small website called YouTube. Two years later, Michael Jackson was dead, and YouTube had changed history.

These Drone Videos Make Extreme Sports Look Even More Extreme

We’re all fans of jaw-dropping movies filmed by drones, but throw jet skis and dirt bikes into the mix and you’ve got sports footage that makes ESPN look like camcorder home videos.

YouTube's Finally Getting Rid Of Its Unnerving 301+ View Count 

In a tweet, YouTube has made it known that you’ll no longer see the odd “301+” page view count on videos. It’s the end of an era.

This Is Probably The Weirdest Bridge In The World

I haven’t seen every singe bridge in the world, so I’m not happy calling this bridge-ferry-gondola hybrid the weirdest. But it’s definitely top five, and makes me question (once again) the sanity of Wales.

Go Inside A Museum's Animal Dissection Lab, If You Dare 

There’s always a lot going on behind the scenes at museums. For example, in the basement of Chicago’s Field Museum, researchers prepare the specimens that will be studied and displayed at the museum — and then they post that gnarly goopiness on YouTube through a channel the museum maintains.

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