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YouTube Star Makes Money Bullying People With Learning Disabilities

YouTuber LeafyIsHere mocked a man with a learning disability, describing him as “looking like he went through five different strokes” among other things, in an almost 11-minute rant that begins with Hitler jokes. Sadly, this is far from the first time he’s punched down at small-time creators.

Yes, All American Alcohol Has To Be Radioactive

Video: America has a long and storied history with regulating alcohol, which has left them with a high drinking age and a very strange requirement that all alcohol be slightly radioactive.

M83 Just Put Its Entire New Album On YouTube, Which Is Pretty Damn Cool

M83 released a new album, Junk, today, and although the band has been tweeting out links for how buy it or listen to it using streaming services, they have also made the unusual move of uploading whole damn thing for free on YouTube.

YouTube Reportedly Building Periscope Alternative Called Connect

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. That may be just what YouTube is doing according to a new report from VentureBeat, which suggests the video company is building a Periscope competitor that will be called Connect.

Why YouTube Isn't Going To Run Out Of Video IDs

Video: IPv4, the internet address system born out of the birth of the internet, serves as a cautionary tale to always plan ahead: no-one thought there would ever be more than 4.3 billion devices connected to the internet, only to be proved horribly wrong 30 years later. But YouTube planned ahead.

YouTube Quietly Releases Secret Blurring Tool For Videos

Did you know there’s a basic video editor built into YouTube? One of the features quietly added in recent weeks is the ability to blur out faces, licence plates, and anything else you like. Here’s how to protect your privacy (and everyone else’s) while still sharing your movies with the world at large.

What Happens When You Pour Molten Tar On An iPhone 6s?

Video: There is no shortage of gadget mutilation videos on YouTube. Especially videos of iPhones. And especially on TechRax’s channel: The dude’s run an iPhone over, shot one, boiled one and torched one. This time, he’s pouring smoking black tar all over a shiny new device. As you watch the scorching liquid of doom cascade onto the phone, knowing that it’s expensive and knowing that millions of people have bought one is what makes is so satisfying. The waste! The excess! Poor iPhone.

Every Movie Ending Is Improved By That One Stupid Dire Straits Song

Even if you don’t know the Dire Straits song “Walk of Life” by name you’ll recognise it immediately when you hear it. Fun fact: It’s the perfect song to end any movie.

YouTube Launched Its Gaming App In Australia Today

In August 2015 YouTube launched a dedicated platform just for gaming content. Today the YouTube Gaming app has been launched on iOS and Android in Australia, with the desktop version scoring an upgrade as well.

“YouTube Gaming is an app that keeps you connected to the games, players, and culture that matter to you, with videos, live streams, and the biggest community of gamers on the web—all in one place,” said Ines Cha, Head of YouTube Gaming Content & Partnerships, Asia Pacific.

YouTube Co-Founder Launches Questionable Streaming Service For Internet Chefs

Nom is the new pet project of YouTube co-founder Steve Chen. People are calling it the Twitch for internet chefs. The only problem? Filming a chef is a lot harder than filming a video game.

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