You'll Feel Way Smarter After Watching These YouTube Physics Lessons

If you like the Explain Like I’m Five subreddit, which demystifies life’s mysteries in layman speak (like this one about why kids eat boogers), then you should bookmark MinutePhysics. It’s a popular YouTube channel that breaks down one of the more confounding branches of science by drawing cartoons with a Crayola marker.

How Project InnerTube Helped Pull YouTube Out Of The Gutter

Three years ago, YouTube had a big problem. People were watching YouTube videos on blogs, news sites and social media — everywhere but YouTube. As a result, the site’s 1 billion monthly viewers were only bringing the company $US4 billion in revenue, less than what Netflix was skimming off just 50 million subscribers. Here’s how they solved the problem.

Check Out This Crazy Video Of A Stunt Plane Almost Hitting A Boat In Argentina

The insane flyby in question is part of a famous fishing festival in Argentina. As hundreds of eager fishermen race to stake out a spot, they are buzzed by low flying stunt planes. Because why not?

The Most Brilliant DIY Tutorial Channels To Watch On YouTube Right Now

Years ago, wannabe engineers might have sat in a garage tearing up VCRs to concoct homemade electronics, pounding can after can of Tab to fuel their DiY compulsions. That’s still happening today — except with DVD burners, cans of Red Bull, and with millions of people watching the mad scientists on YouTube.

Apple Apparently Under Government Scrutiny Over Music Deals

Apple’s long-rumoured relaunch of the Beats music-streaming service is slated for June, and in preparation, the company is softening the beaches by playing hardball with record labels. And, not for the first time, federal trade commissioners in the US aren’t particularly happy.

Meet The Twisted YouTube Geniuses Who Destroyed The Apple Watch

I called Richard Ryan late on a Thursday evening. His voice through the phone was scratchy and you could hear these faint “pops” every so often. This wasn’t the fault of some piss-poor cell reception. This was something else. “Sorry about the explosives going off in the background,” he said.

What Was Your First Online Video Experience?

It’s been 10 years since the first video ever was uploaded to YouTube. Back then, it was hard to imagine YouTube as the behemoth it has become — a Google-acquired media entity so massive that some people make millions of dollars from the videos they produce. But videos have been on the internet much longer than YouTube. Let’s do a deep cut.

The Gloriously Inane First YouTube Video Was Uploaded 10 Years Ago Today

On April 23, 2005, YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim uploaded a masterpiece of mundanity to YouTube, his newly launched video portal. Behold.

(Almost) All Of CSI:Cyber's Cringeworthy Tech Buzzwords In One Video

CSI:Cyber is Gizmodo’s new favourite terrible tech-tinged procedural that may or may not be written by people who have never actually seen a computer. It’s great! This compilation of buzzwords from the fourth and fifth episodes of this season is a nonsense cacophony.

Get A Sneak Peek At YouTube's New Design 

YouTube’s player design has seen us through some tough video times. It was probably sitting there on your first viewing of Friday; the inaugural playing of Gagnam Style, and countless dashcam videos since then. The player’s getting an update soon, but with a little browser trickery, you can take a look right now.