YouTube Music Key Hands-On: Streaming Music Has Never Been Easier

Last week, YouTube announced its new streaming music service, which is finally rolling out in beta form. It comes complete with out-of-app background listening, cacheable videos, ad-free music, and a 6 month free trial. It turns YouTube into a great little music player. I just tried it out and so far, so good.

Google Just Gave You A Good Reason To Quit Spotify With Its New Streaming Service

I signed up for Spotify three years ago, the day the service launched in the United States. $400 in subscription fees later, I’m still a member, and I’ve never regretted the money for a second. But for the first time since joining, I’m actually tempted to leave. YouTube Music Key might just win me over.

Around Australia, Google Takes Street View Underwater And Out Into The Bush

Want to look around underwater at the Great Barrier Reef? Feel like taking a wander through the Montague Island Nature Reserve? Google has a bunch of new walking and swimming tours via Street View, all around Australia.

YouTube Is Launching A Subscription Streaming Service

YouTube is launching a subscription music service called YouTube Music Key, with the beta version coming next week. You’ll be able to pay $US10 per month for mercifully ad-free music and videos.

Report: Key Indie Labels Sign On To YouTube's Rumoured Music Service

The Financial Times reports that YouTube’s rumoured streaming music service has hit a crucial milestone this week by locking down a deal with Merlin, the network that represents the licensing rights for a huge swath of indie labels.

Cool Interactive Ad Lets You Choose Between A Plain And A Badass Story

Video: This interactive ad is actually two commercials in one. If you let the video roll, you’ll end up with your average car commercial. But if you press R in your keyboard while watching it, you’ll see a badass action film. Of course, the combination of the two makes it even cooler. Watch the full ad here.

How To Use The Internet To Get (And Stay) In Shape

Even if you can’t afford a swanky gym membership but can’t stand packing in among the masses at 24 Hour Fitness, you’ve got no excuse for letting your body go to pot over the winter. With these websites at your disposal and a bit of sweat equity, you’ll be ready for beach season.

How Close Are We To Real-Life Tractor Beams And Sonic Screwdrivers?

Last May, researchers from the University of Dundee in Scotland proved that creating a tractor beam with sound was possible. This 10-minute video, recently posted by YouTube user whentheappledrops tries to simplify the science behind this discovery and suss out a definitive answer to the question: is this really possible?

Destiny Honest Trailer Targets The Lack Of Story, Repetitive Gameplay, And Peter Dinklage

Destiny is great fun, don’t get me wrong. But it’s rather simple fun, whether you’re a casual mostly single-player gamer like myself or whether you like to team up with friends and tackle larger missions. It just needs a bit more going on in its world, and a bit more back-story going on in the actual game instead of on Bungie’s website. In this video, Honest Game Trailers on YouTube has a friendly dig at the current state of 2014′s biggest gaming “eh”.

Hacker Controls This Rave-Approved LED Suit With An NES Power Glove

The Power Glove was the quirkiest little peripheral ever devised for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Although if found only limited use on that platform, modern day tinkers with access to cheap and simple microcontrollers can now turn these 25-year-old video game artifacts into futuristic wearables.

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