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I Just Watched My First Pewdiepie Video And Now I Feel Old And Irrelevant

Against my better judgment, I surrendered my credit card information to YouTube today so that I could watch the first episode of the first YouTube Red original series. It stars Pewdiepie, a Swedish man who’s become very rich and famous by playing video games on YouTube. Until today, I’d never watched one of his videos.

Use OttoPlay To Watch Netflix Like It's Old-School Cable

Are you a fervent acolyte of the on-demand video streaming revolution and yet still yearn for some of the old-school television charm? OttoPlay is an add-on for Netflix (and YouTube and Hulu) that brings back the old channel surfing feel, letting you skip across “channels.” It may be more rewarding than normal recommendations, at least.

Youtube Said To Be Working To Stream Live 360 Video

There’s no denying that 360 video is wonderful, immersive and, in some cases, almost exhilarating. But YouTube isn’t content: Apparently it’s building capabilities that will allow it to stream 360-degree video live.

YouTubers Realise Trademarking 'React' Was A Bad Idea, Firmly Backpedal

The internet duo Fine Bros managed to briefly steal Donald Trump’s mantle as the most-hated thing on the internet last week, when they revealed supervillain-style their plan to trademark the word “React”. Following the bad, uh, response to the plan, they’re cancelling everything.

Blogger Reacts To The Popular YouTubers Who Want To Trademark The Word 'React'

The Fine Brothers pissed off a lot whole lot of people when they announced a bold new scheme to trademark the word “react” last week. I’m one of those people, and I don’t even have any aspirations to be a YouTube star. I just hate greedy idiots.

Watch Tourism Australia's New 360-Degree VR Videos

There’s nothing quite like being there yourself, but these virtual reality 360 videos from Tourism Australia get you pretty close. Nine clips from some of the country’s most iconic locations make for excellent time-wasting viewing, especially if you’re on a smartphone and can move it around to get a 360-degree view.

Wefre Lets You Stream Free Music Online With No Ads

Just like that, another service of questionable legality has cropped up on the internet. Meet Wefre, the new free online service that lets you mainline Bieber without breaking a sweat.

Here's A Homemade Exoskeleton Jacking Up A Small Car

Video: There’s all sorts of expensive R&D facilities working frantically to make body-enhancing skeletons into actual things, but the research isn’t limited just to big companies. Two years ago, a YouTuber showed off his Elysium-inspired suit curling 77kg; last weekend, he decided to lift a Mini Cooper.

Netflix Just Bought Its Very First YouTuber

Following in the same vein as the PewDiePie announcement yesterday, today Netflix announced that it was ordering a series based on a YouTuber. This is the future of entertainment, everyone.

Watch Robot Koch's Trippy Music Video Filmed Entirely On An iPhone

German Electronica maestro Robot Koch has released a new music video for his track Dark Waves. What makes this clip interesting is that the whole thing was shot and edited on an iPhone 6S Plus. The result is an aquatic masterpiece that looks just like a professional surf video — with arty slow-mo bits thrown in for good measure.

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