A Website That Warps You Back To The Hit Songs Of Your Youth

Do you ever have flashbacks to that high school dance, the one where you slow-danced to All-4-One and had your first kiss under an elm tree while Quad City DJs closed out the night. (Not that that happened to me or anything.) A dead simple but super fun website now lets you travel back to those hit songs.

Every Episode Of Aussie Comedy 'Frontline' Is Now Free To Stream On YouTube

We’ve found something for you to do tonight: the entire three-season run of Frontline has just been uploaded to YouTube, and it’s free for anyone to stream!

8 Legendary Rock Concerts You Can Watch On YouTube Right Now

YouTube’s live music selection just got a massive shot in the arm: Music Vault has added over 12,000 clips from classic rock gigs, many of them full concerts, that you can watch for free. Here are eight of the best that you should watch as soon as you can.

YouTube Is Naming And Shaming Australian ISPs For Poor Speeds

Netflix has spent the last few months shaming slow ISPs for their terrible service and speeds, and now Google is out to do the same, expanding its ISP HD streaming report to Australia. The results aren’t pretty.

YouTube Is Finally Serving Video At 60 Frames Per Second

YouTube is about to get smoother: Google has announced that its video site is getting support for videos running at 48 and 60 frames per second. Slick.

Stolen Credit Cards, Drugs And More Are All Up For Sale On YouTube

There’s no need to go to the dark web to search for illegal products, YouTube has it covered. A 13-page report from a group called the Digital Citizens Alliance shows YouTube is lax when it comes to removing videos showing how to acquire illegal content including stolen credit cards, prescription drugs, fake passports, and how to find underage prostitutes from its service, with some of the videos having been up for years.

Google's About To Ruin YouTube By Squeezing Indie Labels

It’s official: Google is about to ruin YouTube. A company exec told the Financial Times it will start blocking videos from record labels that refuse to sign licensing deals for its forthcoming premium service, YouTube Music Pass. This is the dumbest thing Google could do, and it threatens the very heart of what has always made YouTube so special.

100 Ways To Hit Someone In The Groin In 80 Seconds

I didn’t know about YouTube comedy series Enter the Dojo, so when I first saw this absurd video on 100 ways to attack the groin, I thought it was real. I blame Karate Kid and its stereotypical portrayal of America’s suburban mall martial art gyms and the people that populate them.

Google Chromecast: Australian Review

There’s always something that you’ve seen on the Internet that you want to show your friends; there’s always some video or music on your Android phone that deserves a wider audience. Google Chromecast easily and simply enables that — it doesn’t do much more, but it doesn’t need to.

Reckless Biker Escapes Death Five Times In Just A Few Seconds

Those Russian kids may be crazy but, if they fall from the top of those buildings and towers, it will be their problem. One day, they may make a mistake, fall, splat against the ground, and that would be it. This reckless biker, however, is playing with his life and the life of others, at least missing five collisions in this video.