17 Glorious Minutes Of The Ferrari F40

Cars these days are safe. They can still be very fast, but they’re also constrained by stringent crash regulations and emissions regulations and pedestrian safety standards. In the late ’80s and early ’90s, most of those restrictions weren’t in place. That’s why the world was blessed with vehicles like the Ferrari F40.

India Can Now Download YouTube Videos. Why Can't We?

In the next few weeks, YouTube users in India will be able to save videos offline and watch them anywhere, any time, without a data connection.

This YouTube Mashup Confirms That Music Is Better When Played Together

Musician and YouTuber Kutiman is a mashup master of sorts. However, he doesn’t deal with the common music fodder that most Frankenstein-type musicians use. Instead of stitching together popular verses and choruses from mainstream music, Kutiman pulls from an entirely different source — amateur YouTube videos.

La Blogothèque Is The Best Way To Watch Music On The Internet

For eight years, La Blogothèque has been creating the best way to watch music on YouTube. Its Take Away Shows follow independent and mainstream artists around various French locales and capture what they do best: make music. This week, Jack White reminded us why this series is so amazing.

Fan Funding Lets You Directly Donate To Your Favourite YouTube Stars In Australia

Very, very few YouTube video creators make any real money off of those pre-roll ads, but that might soon change. Google has launched Fan Funding in Australia, a new way to tip your favourite YouTube stars directly from the video.

Watch This Guy Desperately Try To Save His Dying, Water-Bound Drone

Keeping your gadgets charged is important. More and more our very lives are stored on our smartphones. If they die, we’re cut off our friends, work email, and Reddit. There’s also the nightmare of realising your drone’s battery is dying while it’s 50-feet above a body of water.

Report: Amazon's Trying To Buy Twitch Out From Under Google (Update: Sold!)

According to The Information (paywall), Amazon is in “late-stage talks” with Twitch over a possible acquisition. This is particularly shocking since it’s been previously reported that a YouTube and Twitch team-up for $US1 billion was pretty much a done deal.

Swimming Manta Rays Look Like Sci-Fi Underwater Space Ships

Manta rays are just amazingly cool. This GoPro footage of a school of giant oceanic manta rays off the coast of Maui proves that in mesmerising detail.

Google Wants Your Children...To Be Safe On The Web

Internet services want users, and much like religions and smartphone ecosystems, it’s best to convert them when they’re young. But a string of federal regulation, including the last year’s overhauled COPPA rules, provide necessary restrictions and protections for youngling web surfers. But Google isn’t giving up and is working on a legal and kid-friendly solution.

Making GIFs From YouTube Videos Has Never Been Easier

There’s a wealth of YouTube-to-GIF services out there, but the newest kid on the block makes the barrier to entry a mere three keystrokes and a click or two. With GIF YouTube, you’ll be throwing around bespoke reaction GIFs in no time.

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