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What To Expect From Google I/O 2016

It’s once again time to learn about all the fun things Google’s planning for the next year. Google I/O 2016, which starts on May 18, will be the company’s first developer conference under Alphabet, and this time around, Android likely won’t be the major focus of the big announcements — at least not the Android on your smartphone.

YouTube Red Is Now Available In Australia

Available in the US since November 2015, YouTube Red is YouTube’s premium paid ad-free service with original platform-funded content and offline access — and it is launching in Australia today.

Not content with just one launch, YouTube are taking it a step further and releasing its dedicated YouTube Music app, too. Taking advantage of the huge amount of music content already on YouTube, the app is designed to make discovering, watching, and listening to it easier. Here’s everything you need to know.

These YouTubers Are Going To Gaol For Terrorising The Public

Danh Van Le is a YouTube star whose more recent viral exploits have made him a menace to society. On 5 July 2015, Van Le and some cohorts shot museum heist hoax videos at two separate galleries in London for his YouTube channel Trollstation. One woman reportedly fainted while onlookers ran from the scene. Today, England’s courts weren’t laughing, sentencing Van Le to 12 weeks while the four other Trollstation members received sentences as long as 20 weeks behind bars for two charges of “intent to cause fear” or “provok[ing] unlawful violence”.

YouTube Forgot To Send This Guy His Award, So He Made His Own

YouTube rewards channels for how many subscribers they have. Passing 100,000, gets you a Silver Play Button award. But seven months after hitting that benchmark, Cody from Cody’s Lab got tired of waiting for YouTube to send him one and decided to make his own.

Star Wars Has Its Own Official Show On YouTube, And It's Surprisingly Fun

Shows debut and disappear on YouTube every day, but there’s a new series you probably want to check out, and not just because it’s about a galaxy far, far away. The Star Wars Show premiered today, and not only is it fun and funny, it’s clearly going to be a significant source of Star Wars information.

YouTube Star Makes Money Bullying People With Learning Disabilities

YouTuber LeafyIsHere mocked a man with a learning disability, describing him as “looking like he went through five different strokes” among other things, in an almost 11-minute rant that begins with Hitler jokes. Sadly, this is far from the first time he’s punched down at small-time creators.

Yes, All American Alcohol Has To Be Radioactive

Video: America has a long and storied history with regulating alcohol, which has left them with a high drinking age and a very strange requirement that all alcohol be slightly radioactive.

M83 Just Put Its Entire New Album On YouTube, Which Is Pretty Damn Cool

M83 released a new album, Junk, today, and although the band has been tweeting out links for how buy it or listen to it using streaming services, they have also made the unusual move of uploading whole damn thing for free on YouTube.

YouTube Reportedly Building Periscope Alternative Called Connect

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. That may be just what YouTube is doing according to a new report from VentureBeat, which suggests the video company is building a Periscope competitor that will be called Connect.

Why YouTube Isn't Going To Run Out Of Video IDs

Video: IPv4, the internet address system born out of the birth of the internet, serves as a cautionary tale to always plan ahead: no-one thought there would ever be more than 4.3 billion devices connected to the internet, only to be proved horribly wrong 30 years later. But YouTube planned ahead.

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