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Japan Is A Sunkissed Paradise In This 4K Drone Footage 

Summer’s zooming by. Wish you could teleport from your cubicle to a sandbar in turquoise waters? Well, there’s no Hyperloop yet — but thankfully, drone-shot 4K movies of Japanese paradise can make you feel like you’re there.

Dog Science Is The Best Science

Science is always fun, but when said science explains the intelligence and bottomless love of man’s best friend, it’s even better.

This YouTube Trove Of Amazing Flight Videos Is An Aviation Nerd's Dream

Because of their ubiquity, it’s easy to forget how impressive aeroplanes are. But this treasure trove of videos on the YouTube channel JustPlanes, full of old and new footage alike of flights and pilot POVs, reminds us of the awesomeness of those big metal birds.

Watch: Samsung's Gear VR Combined With YouTube's 360 Degree Videos

Nothing beats going on an actual holiday, but is there anything wrong with enjoying the visual experience from the comfort of your own home, even if it’s fleeting? Armed with a Samsung Gear VR and an assortment of vehicles and locations, 360-degree video specialists Immersive Media decided to bring the world to you — via YouTube.

YouTube Is Making Vertical Video Less Awful Because Humans Never Learn

Because we can’t be trusted to do anything right, YouTube is alleviating our long-standing pain and anguish over watching vertical videos in landscape by finally giving us the option to watch those horizontally-challenged bits of cinema in full screen on Android phones. And there was much rejoicing.

US Authorities Are Investigating A Teen Who Weaponised A Quadcopter

Earlier this month, a 14-second video entitled “Flying Gun” was posted on YouTube. It shows a flying quadcopter outfitted with a handgun firing four shots. Now, it’s become a Federal Aviation Administration investigation.

4 Videos That Explain How Technology Can Actually Change Your Brain

BrainCraft is a YouTube channel exclusively devoted to (zombie voice) braiiiins. It explains “through psychology and neuroscience why this fleshy mass makes you act the way you do”, whether that means our compulsive Googling or our love of Tetris.

How Much Energy Does The Internet Use? And Other Science Explainers

If you love a good explainer, you’ll love SciShow, a prolific YouTube channel (nearly 700 videos) that tackle science and technology questions in bite-sized primers, usually around three minutes long. Here are a few to jumpstart your cocktail party small talk for this weekend.

Burning Wood With Electricity Is My Kind Of Modern Art

I’m not saying this is the most dangerous thing I’ve ever seen on the internet, but it does do a good job of making the Anarchist’s Cookbook look like a Health & Safety training manual.

How The Hell Are These Crazy Continuous Lifts Still A Thing?

I religiously maintain a list of ‘dangerous machinery that wants to eat my limbs’, and having watched this video, Paternoster lifts — that is, lifts with continuously moving carriages that you jump in and out of — just went straight to the top.

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