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YouTube Is Putting Its Money Where Its Mouth Is On Fair Use

YouTube announced today that it’s going to cover the legal costs of copyright lawsuits facing a few videos that they believe are strong examples of fair use. This is one of those situations where good PR and good work actually coincide.

YouTube Music Is Breathtakingly Pointless

The new YouTube Music app is a failure. YouTube is quietly one of the most powerful forces in digital music, and this — THIS! — is the app that’s supposed to change everything. It changes nothing.

Twitch Is Streaming People Painting Now

Today, Twitch announced it’s channeling a new service which lets users zone out as they watch videos of artists making art. It’s called Twitch Creative.

YouTubers Are Up In Arms About YouTube Red 

The past 24 hours have been a tortured 24 hours for YouTube professionals and their fans. The famously free video site announced a new paid service called YouTube Red, and nobody’s really sure what it means. But some YouTubers are already making end-time predictions.

YouTube Red: $10 Per Month For Video With No Ads, Plus Streaming Music, Plus Original Content

YouTube’s taking big steps towards transforming itself into a media service that you pay for like you pay for Netflix. Fancy YouTube! Aren’t you psyched?

YouTube Gaming Gets Updates As Australia Watches From The Sidelines

We won’t be able to take part in the reindeer games, but the US and UK are getting some pretty meaty updates to Youtube Gaming, including one that aims to take Patreon out of the equation.

You Can't Watch This Awkward Comedy About A Fake Computer Show Without Squirming 

Computer Show” is my new favourite thing. An apparent spoof on PBS’s infamous “Computer Chronicles,” the YouTube series takes place in 1983 but features guests from the present-day wowing awkward hosts with incredible technology we take for granted.

Google's Using Neural Nets To Make YouTube Thumbnails Suck Less

YouTube thumbnails can be dreadful — but Google’s been teaching its algorithms to improve the previews they generate by using neural networks.

Simulating A Universe With A Computer: Yes, This Is Complicated

The EAGLE Project isn’t some neo-Nazi project to bring a cloned Hitler to life; rather, it’s trying to simulate a universe inside a supercomputer. Yes, it’s exactly as complicated as it sounds.

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