Yelp: The FTC Is Perfectly Happy With Our Reviews, Stop Complaining

Yelp has come under fire in the past for gaming reviews on its site and attempting to extort businesses that refuse to pay for ads. But now, it claims the Federal Trade Commission has finished a year-long investigation and found… precisely nothing to take action over.

Now You Can Book A Hipmunk Hotel Room Through Yelp

Researching a holiday but too busy to click through a hotel’s Yelp reviews to see if it actually has rooms available? Fear not, because starting today you’ll be able to book hotels through Hipmunk without ever navigating away from Yelp.

Yelp's Original Business Model Was To Just Berate People Over Email

In honour of Yelp’s 10th anniversary, Eater has published a fairly comprehensive history of its journey from startup to revenge vessel. The best part, though, comes at the very beginning of the journey, when Yelp’s entire business model consisted of sending out what were essentially chain letters. And then badgering those who refused to respond.

Yelp Now Lets You Message Your Grievances Directly To Businesses

In a move that will probably backfire instantly thanks to the always lovely denizens of the internet, Yelp is now allowing you to send messages directly to business owners. All of your questions, comments, and trolls can now directly filter into the inbox of the restaurant or plumber or day care you would like to express your appreciation or hatred toward.

Oh Good, Yelp Now Suggests Businesses Based On Emoji

Emoji is strangely useful, whether you’re recapping wildly popular TV shows or sending your friend a smiling pile of poo when real words fail you. Until now, this lexicon was probably inscrutable to machines. Those days are over: Yelp’s mobile app now suggests businesses when you type tiny pictures in the search bar.

Where Hipsters Eat, Visualised

You probably turn to Yelp to look for single, stand-out restaurants and businesses. But there’s a lot of data inside all those reviews, which can make for fascinating analysis — letting you spot trends across geographic locations.

Who Does Facebook Search Screw The Most?

Graph Search is a dramatic new way to browse Facebook. But its implications spill over its rivals — which companies lose the most?

Yelp Will Now Warn You About Paid Reviews

Think the overly generous five-star rating of that god-awful burger joint in your neighbourhood is a bunch of bull? If Yelp suspects reviews are paid for, it will now post a warning sign.

How Yelp Scores Make Or Break Restaurants

Smart diners rely on restaurant reviews to find good food. For the first time, a new study has investigated the complex relationships between online ratings and real-world success, and it reveals that losing just half a star can leave a restaurant in ruins.

Report: Apple Partners With Yelp For iOS 6 Maps

Bloomberg says Apple will include locational checkins with its new homemade Maps app, no extra app download needed. That’s actually very cool! Except it will allegedly use Yelp.