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Lunchtime Deal: Sony Xperia S For $298

As a new season of Android smartphones launch to much fanfare, it’s worth remembering you can still get quite a modern smartphone for a great price. Try the Sony Xperia S for example, which today (with a coupon code) will set you back $298 (plus $15 shipping) from Mobileciti.

Sony Previews Xperia SL With A Screen That Might Beat The iPhone 4S

The Xperia S is a lovely handset, but it has the potential to be so much more. Thankfully, Sony has confirmed that the next generation isn’t far away in the Xperia SL — a 1.7Ghz smartphone with a killer 12-megapixel camera and a screen that may look better than the iPhone 4S’ Retina display.

HTC One X Vs Sony Xperia S Review Battlemodo

Two premium Android smartphones eye each other off nervously before entering into the Battlemodo arena. One sells itself on its insanely high resolution screen; the other on its insanely fast camera. Only one of them can be our preferred Android superphone — which one will it be?

Sony Xperia S Yellow Tint Problem 'Limited To A Small Number Of Units'

The Sony Xperia S is a very attractive phone — I’m testing one right now — but users overseas have complained that there may be defects that cause a yellow tinge to come across its otherwise gorgeous 342ppi display screen. Sony Australia’s commented on the issue, which it says affects only a “small number” of units.

Xperia S Coming To Australia In April [Updated]

The Xperia S is one alluring looking phone. Alluring but to date a little hard to pin down. Worry no more — it’s coming soon to just about every carrier and mobile phone store in Australia. Update: Optus has announced its contract plan pricing.

Sony Xperia S: Striking But Elusive In Australia

The Xperia S intrigues me. It’s Sony’s first phone since breaking up with Ericsson, packs a 1.5GHz CPU, 12MP camera — and though it runs Android 2.3 right now, should get Ice Cream Sandwich before June. Maybe that’s why Sony can’t pin down an Aussie date, despite booking a briefing with Giz next week. The highlight: a 4.3-inch (1280×720) ‘Bravia Reality’ display, which at 342 pixels-per-inch, bests the iPhone 4’s 326ppi ‘Retina’ display.

Sony Smart Watch Lets You Monitor Your Xperia From Your Wrist

Nobody’s ever really cracked the smart watch concept, but Sony’s new offering pairs with either the Arc S or Xperia S to let you check email and messages on the move without getting out your phone — and it actually looks pretty good.

Sony's New Xperia PlayStation Phones Hands-On: They Go Right For the Eyes

For a long time now Sony has made some of the best cameras out there. Love the iPhone 4S camera? Yeah, because it’s got a Sony Exmor sensor in it. Sony’s two new Xperias are also pushing the visuals mighty hard.

Xperia S Is Sony's Next PlayStation Phone

Having finally ditched the Ericsson partnership, Sony has shown off its second Playstation-certified handset, the Xperia S, at CES today. While no Aussie release details have been confirmed, it’s still enough to drool over.

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