China Finally Suspends Its Ban On Foreign Game Consoles

After 14 years of prohibition, the Chinese government has lifted a ban on the sale of foreign consoles inside the country’s border. This opens the door for Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony to tap in the multi-billion market — though the companies have already admitted it won’t be easy.

PS4 Owners Watch Three Times As Much Porn As Xbox One Owners

According to online porn rental service SugarDVD, three times as many PS4 users as Xbox One users signed up for the site’s console app. The data was taken from the month of December, and as Buzzfeed points out, while there were 3.4 million PS4s sold in comparison to the 2.4 million Xbox Ones, that still doesn’t explain such a huge disparity in the groups’ predilections for porn.

13 Teens Bitching About Teens Bitching About Christmas Gadgets

Christmas time has come and gone, and it brought its fair share of iPhones and Xboxes and PS4s and MacBooks and gadgets galore. And of course, also some spoiled teens who weren’t too happy about the (awesome) stuff they got:

PlayStation 4 Versus Xbox One: The Comparison We Had To Make

Two new gaming consoles. Both very powerful. Both very ambitious. Both about to meet head to head… and do battle for your time, money and attention, as well as the fate of the universe!

The PlayStation 4 Will Have Barely Any Media Apps In Australia At Launch

The PlayStation 4 is for gamers, while the Xbox One is for gamers and home entertainment lovers. That has never been more apparent than right now, as we gaze at the tiny selection of content apps available for the PS4 at launch on Friday.

Sharing Cuss-Filled Videos On Xbox One Can Get Your Account Suspended

Everyone who’s played so much as a 15 minutes of Candy Crush knows that, aside from mechanics, graphics, and all that other good stuff — swearing is a crucial part of playing games. Swear too much at your Xbox One in gameplay footage though, and your account can get suspended if you upload it.

Tips For Using The Xbox One

So you have a new Xbox One. Now what? “Xbox, do something!” We’ve got some advice.

You Know What? I'm Getting A Wii U

In this corner, the Xbox One, with its (mostly) all-knowing Kinect. In the opposite, the PS4, with hardcore gamer cred to spare. If you listen to most pundits — including us! — that’s the full reckoning of the battle for your console dollars. Me? I’m buying a Wii U. And maybe you should too.

Xbox One Teardown: Plenty Of Room To Breathe

The Xbox One is (almost) here, and it’s a magical future machine — when it’s working. But inside that behemoth box iFixit found something there’s not so magical or futuristic: a bit of empty space.

Xbox One Australian Review: How I Friend-Zoned This Next-Gen Console

Consoles become part of your life. You’ll build a home together, share experiences. You will change, you both will. Your expectations will evolve. As the years drift past you’ll become different people; the initial passion will fade and transform into something more rewarding. You will become inseparable and you will learn to love each other’s flaws.