Microsoft Has Six Original TV Series In Production

Amazon and Netflix are doing it in style, Yahoo’s clamouring to join in, and now Microsoft apparently has at least six original series in production too. Bloomberg reports that Xbox’s TV studio, which is headed by ex-CBS exec Nancy Tellem, is working hard.

Adorable Five-Year-Old Discovers Bonehead Xbox Vulnerability

Five-year-old Kristoffer Von Hassel’s parents didn’t want him getting into the grown-up games on the family’s Xbox, so they put the gory stuff behind a password. But Kristoffer’s an inquisitive little guy, and he blew right past the parental safeguard — and discovered a pretty silly Xbox security flaw in the process.

A History Of Video Games In Commercials

It’s terrifying how long video games have actually existed. Utterly terrifying. Even more terrifying (and hilarious) are the commercials used to sell video games. Just for fun I decided to trail back through history to unearth almost a commercial for almost every single home console ever released. From the Magnavox Odyssey to the PlayStation 4 and everything inbetween: this is the history of video games in commercial form. Enjoy!

Nokia's Ex-Chief Stephen Elop Is Now In Charge Of Surface And Xbox At Microsoft

Former Nokia CEO and Vice President of Devices & Services, Stephen Elop, has been quietly hustled out of the Nokia camp to take the reigns at the unified Microsoft Devices & Studios branch, responsible for the software giant’s Xbox, Surface and game development divisions.

An Xbox One Media Remote Could Be Coming In March

You can control the Xbox One by shouting, waving your arms or — if you must — using a controller. But a leaked pre-order page suggests that a conventional remote is on the way too.

Dick Smith Is Discounting The Xbox One For Today Only

The console wars continue to rage: Kotaku is reporting that Dick Smith is offering a 10 per cent discount on the Xbox One for today only. That’s not a huge discount, but considering it’s such a new console, it’s surprising the retailer would bother discounting it at all. Game on! [Kotaku]

Rumour: Microsoft Is Building An Xbox Reader App

Clearly, the future is (possibly) all about reading. A new Microsoft job listing suggests that the company is looking to build “a groundbreaking interactive reading app on Windows, which incorporates books, magazines, and comics.”

Xbox One Will Be Way More User-Friendly After A Big Update On February 11

The Xbox One has a few problems, but it’s going to be ok now: there’s a big update coming on February 11. Here’s what you can expect.

Microsoft Is Paying YouTubers For Positive Xbox One Coverage

Microsoft has been outed by YouTube content generators, who claim the company has been offering to pay increased ad revenue to video producers who mention Xbox One in a positive light and include the relevant tag in their videos. Plus, in a particular shady move, content generators are required not to talk about being in the scheme in order to get their bonuses.

What Xbox One Trolling Looks Like

The Kinect isn’t always as responsive to voice commands as it needs to be — but if there’s one thing it always seems to pick up on, it’s when you tell it to sign out of your Xbox One. And that’s exactly what trolls like YouTuber video games try to take advantage of.