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Xbook Duo Crams An Xbox One And Xbox 360 Into One Laptop

This is some seriously impressive hacking in a seriously ugly container.

Plex For Xbox One Makes It Easy To Stream Your (Pirated) Video To The TV

Following millions of user requests, Plex is finally launching Plex for Xbox. The popular media-streaming app is already available on a wide variety of platforms, it will soon be the easiest way to blast local (and pirated) content from your laptop or elsewhere onto your Xbox. The catch is that Plex costs $US5 per month (or $US50 per year or $US150 per lifetime).

A History Of Video Games In Commercials

It’s terrifying how long video games have actually existed. Utterly terrifying. Even more terrifying (and hilarious) are the commercials used to sell video games. Just for fun I decided to trail back through history to unearth almost a commercial for almost every single home console ever released. From the Magnavox Odyssey to the PlayStation 4 and everything inbetween: this is the history of video games in commercial form. Enjoy!

Kinect-Powered Security Cams Can Tell If You're Fighting

The skeletal recognition tech behind Kinect is useful for way more than just gaming. It’s good for sign language, cheating at pool and (duh) porn. But it could help stop violence, too. Thanks to Kinect, security cams could automatically know if they’re witnessing a beat-down.

The New Kinect Will Understand Two People Talking Simultaneously

If you weren’t convinced that the new Kinect was already amazing, here’s something that should change your mind: the new device will be able to discern between two people talking at the same time.

You Can Ditch Microsoft Points After The Next Xbox 360 Update

Microsoft Points are going away very soon. Like, as soon as the next Xbox 360 system update. You’ll be able to turn all your meaningless points into real money whenever that happens.

So Far, Next-Gen Is Being Won By Crap You Can Already Do

Progress! Turns out that what’s next is what’s now. After watching two big press conferences for two big consoles (Xbox One and PS4), it looks like the future is being decided by the present.

The New Old Xbox 360's Guts Shows What's Old Is New Again

The new old, curiously botoxed Xbox 360 was announced at E3 to a crowd of shrugs. Why add makeup and eyeliner to a walking zombie? Whatever. The ace surgical team at iFixit got their hands on the new old Xbox 360 to see if anything changed inside. Here are the guts.

Hey Look It's The New Old Xbox 360 Next To The New Xbox One

Microsoft, for some reason, decided to breathe new life into the ageing Xbox 360 by giving it another facelift. This time, it was done to match the design ethos of the Xbox One. But where the Xbox One looks bold and retro future and almost quietly intimidating, the new old Xbox 360 looks like a cheap mini PC tower. At least they match?

The New, Stylish Xbox 360 Is Available Today

While Microsoft certainly has its grand aspiration sfor the future of the Xbox One, it’s not leaving the trusty old Xbox 360 in the dust. The old box just got a new hardware refresh at E3, and it’s available today.

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