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These Wackily Colourful Rainbow Bagels Are Breaking My Eyeballs

Video: The rainbow bagel looks like a Willy Wonka creation crossed with used Play-Doh set in a reality that I’m not quite prepared to live in. It exists at The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, New York and is topped with a smear cream cheese and sprinkles, made with cake mix and is something you can eat. Sure, it’s visually impressive and by all accounts, edible, but it goes against all of nature’s generous warning signs for poisonous food and is just too damn cheerful to be a breakfast item. And yet it is.

Big Shark Eats Little Shark In Aquarium

Video: It doesn’t get any badder than the savagery that is a big sand tiger shark eating a little banded hound shark even though they’re both being properly fed because they were both inside an aquarium in South Korea. There’s food and yet cannibalism.

US Missile Mysteriously Turns Up In Cuba And No One Knows How It Got There

A Hellfire missile that the US shipped to Europe for NATO training purposes last year somehow wound up in Cuba. As far as straight up losing sensitive military technology goes, this is one of the biggest screw-ups of its kind.

Watching A Truck Towing A Boat Drive Over A Flimsy Wooden Bridge Is So Stressful

Video: I don’t know if these wooden planks can be considered a bridge or if they just constitute a poorly made death trap but I know that I wouldn’t even want to walk on the thing. And yet, this guy drives a truck that’s towing a boat over it! Nervousness alone would make me crash it right into the water below, destroying everything that remains of this so called “bridge” in Brazil.

This Giant Squid Looks Like A Robot Missile Lurking In The Ocean

Video: This Giant Squid looks almost embarrassed at how big it is. Spanning over 4m long, with scary tentacles that can spray open, it is definitely something I wouldn’t want to see in the ocean. It’s totally creepy. CNN got this footage of the Giant Squid from Diving Shop Kaiyu “on a pier in Toyama Bay in central Japan”.

Shoplifting On Hoverboards Is The Future Of Lazy Crime

Briefly: Auto-balancing skateboards, incorrectly but widely known as hoverboards, are this year’s must-have novelty toys for people bored of their selfie sticks. But it would seem they also have use for shoplifters who can’t be bothered to walk. London’s Metropolitan Police published a video of a young male shoplifting a case of Lucozade energy drink from a supermarket in south-west London. The crime is not significant in any way, apart from that the suspect rolls in and makes his escape on an LED-illuminated hoverboard. The video has since been taken down, but we managed to grab this screenshot. Welcome to 2015, everyone.

This Guy Bought A Crappy Jeep, Turns His Woes Into Amazing Aussie Rap

Chrysler Australia’s “I Bought A Jeep” campaign has been a massively successful undertaking for the struggling brand Down Under. One customer who bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee isn’t so happy, however. After multiple issues with his Jeep and no help from Chrysler Australia, he’s decided to put his troubled tale into song to smear the brand.

This Teenager Was Arrested For Making A Clock His Teachers Thought Was A Bomb

When 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed arrived at school on Monday morning with a digital clock he’d built from scratch, he was keen to show his teachers the fruit of his labors. Instead, he was pulled out of class and arrested for attempting to build a bomb.

John Oliver Watched Tony Abbott Eat An Onion And He Lost It

We already know that Last Week Tonight host John Oliver is permanently bewildered by Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, and that’s never been truer than this week. On Oliver’s Australian tour, the comedian watched that video of our fearless leader chowing down on raw onions, and he can’t even.

The Trippy Story Of A Japanese Rock Singer Turned Professional Killer

Karaoke, Japan, rock and roll, gummy bears, professional killers. I don’t really know what the hell I just watched but I couldn’t take my eyes out of it. The weirdness in this short film builds up and up and when you think it can’t possibly get any weirder something even more weird happens.

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