The Game Of Thrones Theme Sung By Goats Is Hilarious

The Game of Thrones theme sung by goats, ladies and gentlemen. You can’t get more surreal and stupid than this. Well, actually, you can. But please don’t do it.

Flipping Smart Cars In San Francisco Is A Thing Now

Smart Cars are great. They’re made by Mercedes for squeezing around tight cities like San Francisco. But the shining jewel on the Californian coastline is now home to something more sinister for these novelty cars: people are flipping them over as a prank.

Whoa, This Skydiver Almost Got Hit By A Damn Meteorite

According to geologist Hans Amundsen — of the Natural History Museum in Oslo — you’re looking at the first ever film of a meteorite falling through its dark flight stage. The lucky guy who filmed it was skydiver Anders Helstrup, who survived the encounter unscathed.

This 187km/h Ride-On Lawn Mower Is A Real Thing

Honda and Team Dynamics have been working for some time on something pretty special. Not content with a ride-on mower you could simply zip around your garden on, they wanted something you could tear up the road with. Cue an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest ride-on lawn mower.

Watch This Guy Demolishing A Building By Jumping On The Ground

This was posted on February but got no attention until yesterday. While it may have been staged, I have no problem believing it — there have been many similar cases of rotten or fragile buildings falling under minimal vibration.

Dive-Bombing Hawks Force Florida Library-Goers To Cower Under Umbrellas

No less than six patrons of the Port Orange Library in Florida have been attacked by a pair of book-hating hawks over the past week. Now, the library is protecting its brave bibliophiles the only way it knows how — with umbrellas.

Where The F-Word Comes From

In its various incarnations, the F-word can be a noun, verb, adjective, and even an infix. The Crescent wrench of the English language, the F-bomb has been adding emphasis, vulgarity and spice to our conversations for longer than anyone can remember.

Watch The Chinese Air Force Bombing The Yellow River To Destroy Its Ice

The Yellow River has been completely frozen for weeks. So much that it doesn’t flow. China’s flood prevention authority decided that, before the snow melts and a huge clusterf*ck ensues, they should destroy the ice and make it flow again. So let’s ask the air force to bomb it because, fun!

Souped-Up Dinghy Racing Is How You Stay Entertained In Country Australia

You’re out in the bush. There’s no phone reception. No internet. Nowhere to charge your gadgets. Surely it’s a geek’s worst nightmare, right? Wrong: as long as you have a dinghy and a dangerously narrow riverbed, you’ll have the best day of your life.

Sushi Chef Makes Miniature Sushi With A Single Grain Of Rice

Sushi is at its most delicious when it’s simple. Obviously years of training is required to become a master sushi chef and details matter immensely but you can boil down the essence of sushi to rice and fish. Yum, however you slice it. But could you make sushi even simpler? One sushi chef did. He used a single grain of rice to create flavour packed nibbles.