Don't Watch This If You Suffer From Claustrophobia 

Video: When I first bumped into this clip, my mind refused to accept what my eyes were seeing. And, to this moment, my brain still doesn’t fully understand how these people managed to squeeze their bodies into such a minuscule hole. One thing is clear: If these guys suffered from claustrophobia, this video wouldn’t exist. Really Wants You To Stop And Think Before You 3D-Print A Human

In an interview with Dezeen, is boldly pushing a new, completely batshit agenda. “3D printing humans may sow our moral destruction” he warns, calling for new laws to stop it BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

The Crazy Science Behind A Proposed Human Head Transplant

An Italian neuroscientist who has been advocating for head transplants now wants to make one actually happen. He’ll be announcing a project at a surgical conference later this year. Here’s a human head transplant will work — supposedly.

What The Hell Did I Just Watch?

Video: I can’t really tell you much about this Swedish short film without spoiling it. I’m just going to say that it’s hilarious and completely nuts.

Mad Russian Shoots His Friend In The Head To Test A Bulletproof Helmet

This insane video shows a Russian guy shooting a pistol to his friend’s head to test the quality of the K6-3 — a titanium helmet with bullet-proof glass used by Russian special forces. Some commenters think this could be fake. If that’s the case, these guys did a great job tricking me.

This DIY Solar-Powered Death Ray Can Even Melt Metal

Burning ants with a magnifying glass is a long-accepted childhood pastime and possible indicator of sociopathy. But when Kevin Moore and Grant Reynolds at the Science Channel got the idea to more effectively harness the sun’s destructive heat, they decided to go big…like 800 degrees Celsius.

Watch How A Vicious Barracuda Eats Half Of These Fishermen Catch

A few days ago, these guys were fishing in Alfonse Island, Seychelles, when a giant trevally bit the lure. As soon as they started to reel the fish in, a vicious barracuda appeared and ate half of it leaving the fishermen — and myself — in shock.

The Original Internode Logo Kind Of Looked Like A Bong

Briefly: Look at this Internode logo. Very futuristic. Now look at the original logo for Internode Systems as it was known back then. By Simon Hackett’s own admission, it kiiiind of looks like a bong.

This Guy Jumped Off A 10-Storey Building While On Fire Because Why Not

I shouldn’t have to say it, but I’m going to anyways — do not try to jump off a building while on fire.

Holy Crap, I Never Realised Bowling Balls Had This Weird Stuff Inside

Video: I’m sure that professional and semi-professional bowlers know that high end bowling balls are not solid but contain weird-looking cores that are supposed to make your game better. I don’t know how much science is there, but you can listen to the explanation on this marketing video by ball manufacturer Storm.