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This Guy Bought A Crappy Jeep, Turns His Woes Into Amazing Aussie Rap

Chrysler Australia’s “I Bought A Jeep” campaign has been a massively successful undertaking for the struggling brand Down Under. One customer who bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee isn’t so happy, however. After multiple issues with his Jeep and no help from Chrysler Australia, he’s decided to put his troubled tale into song to smear the brand.

This Teenager Was Arrested For Making A Clock His Teachers Thought Was A Bomb

When 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed arrived at school on Monday morning with a digital clock he’d built from scratch, he was keen to show his teachers the fruit of his labors. Instead, he was pulled out of class and arrested for attempting to build a bomb.

John Oliver Watched Tony Abbott Eat An Onion And He Lost It

We already know that Last Week Tonight host John Oliver is permanently bewildered by Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, and that’s never been truer than this week. On Oliver’s Australian tour, the comedian watched that video of our fearless leader chowing down on raw onions, and he can’t even.

The Trippy Story Of A Japanese Rock Singer Turned Professional Killer

Karaoke, Japan, rock and roll, gummy bears, professional killers. I don’t really know what the hell I just watched but I couldn’t take my eyes out of it. The weirdness in this short film builds up and up and when you think it can’t possibly get any weirder something even more weird happens.

This Month In Australian Dashcams: You Can't Drive

If there’s one thing I love more than insane dashcam videos, it’s hearing what people are listening to in their cars when it all starts to go pear-shaped.

The World's Creepiest 'Smart' Watch Will 'Help' You 'Pick-Up' Girls

I am air-quoting so hard right now I could air-quote in the Olympics for Australia and walk away with all the goddamn medals. Why? Because this, ladies and gentlemen, is hardcore garbage that needs to be in the biggest, smelliest bin you can find. Meet the “Pick Up Girls SmartWatch”: a product that, if you wear it, promises to help you get laid while simultaneously being a massive fucking creep.

Siri Has Another Cool Feature: Saving Lives

If you’re ever trapped under a truck, the last person you’d think to call for help would probably your creepy digital assistant. But as Siri recently proved, even fake humans can sometimes save lives.

Tinder's Twitter Account Is Freaking The Hell Out

In a recent article, Tinder and the Dawn of the “Dating Apocalypse”, Vanity Fair writer Nancy Jo Sales threw seven kinds of shade on Tinder and everything it stands for. Rather than issue a tersely-worded statement upholding its belief in the sanctity of marriage, Tinder found the keys to the Twitter account, and let loose.

This Guy's Laptop-And-Music Stand Commute Setup Is Absurdly Wonderful

Falling foul of a deadline because your commute to work takes too long? Well, you’re just not doing it right. Meet “Techno Dad” (as I’ve just christened him). Nothing, be it the trials of parenting or public scrutiny, will keep him from his laptop. He is a new Giz office hero.

Aussie Motorcross Champ Goes Big Wave Surfing With A Motorbike In 4K. Your Life Is Meaningless.

What did you do this weekend? Make an amazing burrito? Go to an amazing party? It doesn’t matter. Short of curing cancer, nothing you’ve done in your whole life can compare to what Robbie Maddison’s been up to. He went surfing on a wave in Tahiti on a goddamn motorcycle and absolutely nailed it.

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