The Pirate Cinema Is Just Endless Torrenting And I Can't Stop Watching

The Pirate Cinema turns worldwide torrent traffic into art. The results are equally beautiful, chaotic, inspiring, maddening, and there’s a slight chance that I can feel my brain melting.

Wait, There's A 'Dead Rising' Movie Now?

The Dead Rising games started out as a simple concept: you’re trapped in a shopping centre with loads of zombies, and everything you touch can be made into a weapon. Like most games, it had problems and it all got a bit ridiculous in the end. Now though, there’s a Dead Rising movie in the works, which looks equally ridiculous.

Have You Seen Foreign Minister Julie Bishop's Earring?

Briefly: Twitter is a powerful tool, used by powerful people. News breaks on Twitter and it has been used to help topple governments in the last few years. So surely one of the world’s most powerful social networks can help find Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop’s missing earring, right?

Who Would Win In A Fight Between A Dragon And An Apache Helicopter?

Video: The Smithsonian Channel just uploaded this very silly but pretty cool animation of an hypothetical battle between a mighty dragon and an AH-64 Apache helicopter. Who do you think it will win, the mythical fire-breathing creature or one of the most lethal machines created by men?

High School Yearbook Photoshops Girl's Face Beyond Recognition

An all-girls high school student claims that her yearbook photo has been heavily altered to change her face in the name of “beautification”. Apparently, removal of blemishes like zits is normal practice nowadays, but this goes way beyond that, with face thinning, eyebrow reshaping and skin recolouring.

What The Hell Is This UFO Ejecting An Orb Filmed Today?

This unidentified flying object was captured on video over Southern California. The UFO — which is producing a corkscrew tail that seems to indicate rotational movement — ejects some round thing that flies into another direction at a faster speed than the object itself. What can it all be?

Guy Invents Device To Turn 4 Revolvers Into A Machine Gun Using A Drill

Video: While our favourite crazy weapons inventor Joerg Sprave made this drill-powered machine gun using cap guns, he says that you can easily use any .22 revolver because the trigger resistance is the same.

Watch The Almighty Kim Jong-un Allegedly Flying A Plane By Himself

To celebrate the New Year, the national North Korean television network has broadcasted this footage of the supreme leader flying a plane. According to local media, the almighty Kim Jong-un piloted and landed the aircraft by himself — with the help of his two assistants.

Topless Boba Fett As A Bear Is... Wait.. WHAT?

Toys: It’s genuinely hard to know where to start with this one. How about the $239 asking price?

A North Carolina Town Drops A Possum At Midnight On New Year's Eve

Over in the US, New Year’s Eve countdown balls tend to be large, sparkly. What they tend not to be are arboreal marsupials. Not so for Brasstown, North Carolina. In the “possum capital of the south,” possums are the traditional marker lowered into a cheering crowd to symbolise the end of the year.

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