This May Be The Most Dangerous Toilet In The World

That port-a-potty you are seeing perched atop that massive metal structure may be the most dangerous toilet in the world, installed on the precarious structure of the new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings. Here’s a photo from afar so you get the idea (and some vertigo):

Man Spends Two Years Building Amazing Megacity In Minecraft

This is madness. What you are looking at is not a screenshot of Simcity. It is a megalopolis made entirely in Minecraft using 4.5 million blocks over the course of two years on an Xbox 360 (!) Its name is Titan City and yes, it’s completely insane, especially when you get up close:

The Legs On This Puppy-Sized Spider Are 30cm Long

Have you had any nightmares, lately? Would you like some? Then you’ll love the South American Goliath birdeater. This furry spider is the size of a puppy, and thanks to hard claws on the tips of its foot-long legs, it makes a horrifying clicking sound when it scampers through the forest.

A Spider Apparently Crawled Inside This Australian Man's Body For Three Days

An Australian man’s holiday to Bali took a dark turn last week after he discovered a painful red line forming above his belly button. At first, doctors told 21-year-old Dylan Thomas that it was just an insect bite. Then the line started to grow. It was apparently a spider burrowed into his belly.

Hilariously Absurd Carl Sagan Video Proves That LSD Is Starstuff Too

I don’t what is this re-edit of the Mars episode of the original Cosmos. I don’t know who made it. And I don’t care. I just want more of it and I know that Dr Sagan would have approved.

Realistic Japanese Doll Dispenses Drinks When You Squeeze Her Breasts

Video: Check out the latest hit at Japanese parties: $5000 latex dolls that pour drinks from their nipples when you squeeze their boobs. It looks disturbing. What’s going to be next, Japan? Male and female android fountains wandering around parties serving drinks from their lower naughty bits? But of course.

Top Gear Crew Violently Chased Out Of Argentina

Top Gear — the motoring show millions love and millions others love to hate — had a hell of a time last week. The hosts and the crew were reportedly chased out of Argentina by an angry mob of protestors after what started as a pretty insensitive joke delivered via a Jeremy Clarkson novelty license plate. Details are beginning to emerge over the conflict, and it sounds downright terrifying.

Noodle Chef Tries To Hook Customers Using Opium Poppy Shells

The South China Morning Post reports on a noodle shop chef who was secretly adding opium poppy shells used for the creation of opium and heroin. His hope was that the ingredient would make customers addicted to his food but, while the ingredient triggered a drug positive, it only landed him in jail.

Is This The Most Ridiculous Scientific Discovery Of All Time?

This is Gary Dryfoos demonstrating one of the 2014 Ig Noble prizes: Use bacon “to stop uncontrollable, life-threatening nosebleeds”. Seriously, it’s a real research paper and it has already saved lives. Watch the ceremony to see the most ridiculous — but sometimes crucial and enlightening — scientific research of 2014.

A Man Used Whisper To Live-Update His Standoff With Police

A Whisper user used the anonymous social app to give live updates on his standoff with police in Grand Prairie, Texas. He is now in custody.

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