This Guy Is Driving A Batcycle Around Japan In A Perfect Batman Costume

Briefly: Apparently there’s a crazy dude going around in Japan in full Batman uniform driving a batcycle. And that’s perfectly fine by me, quite honestly. Go Batman, go!

Slow-Motion Video Captures People's Faces As They Get Hit With Tasers

Photographer Patrick Hall took a series of portraits of people getting hit with a 300,000-volt taser. What’s even better: He also made a super-slow-motion video of the process for our enjoyment.

A British Pilot's Artificial Arm Came Off, Almost Caused Crash Landing

The pilot of a Flybe flight from Birmingham to Belfast City Airport managed to get himself in a bit of a mess last year — when his artificial arm somehow came off during a landing.

Slip Into The Sweet, Ambient Sounds Of Science Fiction

A specific number of variables need to be in place so I can shrug off procrastination and get some real work done. Chief among them is setting the right aural mood. Now, I love listening to music, but the kind of audio I consume — mostly hardcore and post-punk rock — is only a distraction. It’s hard to focus on the words in front of you when a band screams its existential crises and unending nihilism straight into your ear canal. I need something more nuanced.

This Yo-Yo World Champ's Skills Are Mesmerising

When I was in second grade, Duncan, the well-known yo-yo maker, came to my school with a cadre of talented teenagers in tow. They shot the moon, walked the dog, and cats cradled their way into my heart. Although I’m sure Duncan was just there to hawk some merchandise (in which they totally succeeded), the art of yo-yo is fascinating.

Crazy Ivan Climbs Atop The Frozen Crane Of The 632m Shanghai Tower

Ivan Kuznetsov doesn’t care that the world’s highest construction site — atop the 632m Shanghai Tower, the second tallest building on Earth — is full of ice and it’s slippery as hell. His compatriots did it before himwithout ice, so he had to best them. Here are more of his adventures for you to scream.

This Guy Built A Toll Road Just To Avoid Construction Delays

When life hands you landslides, make your own private toll road detour. (Haven’t you heard the saying?) Since February, a landslide has closed the A431 highway between Bristol and Bath in England, adding an extra hour to the commute. So one enterprising local guy built a road through a private field — the UK’s private first toll road to open in more than a century.

Drone Crashes While Smuggling Weed Into US Prison

These days, there’s no need to stuff drugs up your butt to get them into a prison — you can just drop them in from your trusty drone. Unless you crash it, that is.

The Coolest, Nerdiest Lotto Result Ever Just Happened: 9 10 11 12 13 37

I thought this was some kind of joke, but it’s actually the results for the German Lotto — called Lotto 6 as 49 — for today’s draw: 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 37 (notice the extra nerd bonus: 1337!) What are the chances of this happening? 1 in 15,537,573.

Two New Mysterious Giant Holes Found In Siberia, Scientists Puzzled

Scientists have found two new mysterious giant holes in Siberia, like the one that appeared in Siberia two weeks ago. The new craters are smaller than the first, but they share a similar structure. Scientists are still puzzled by the origin of these formations.

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