Here's Woz On A Segway, Filmed By A Drone

The punditry talks a lot about a concept called “convergence”, which can be neatly summarised in the GIF above: Woz, Segway, drone. All things tech and joy, all at once.

Steve Wozniak Was So Good At Tetris He Got Banned From Nintendo Power

In our article about Tetris’s 30th anniversary, the one and only Steve Wozniak dropped by to regale us with tales of his long reign as America’s #1 Tetris champion. He was so good, Nintendo Power magazine stopped accepting his score submissions. So Woz had to get crafty.

Woz: I Wish To God That Apple And Google Were Partners

If there’s one man who talks tech sense it’s Woz — and never more so than in a recent interview with the BBC. Woz would love it if Apple and Google played friendly, and he makes a very, very good point.

Five Things Woz Would Change About Apple: iTunes On Android, Less Lawsuits And More

Steve Wozniak, the benevolent genius who co-founded Apple, answered a few questions over at Slashdot today and though many of the answers were consistent with his awesome easy-going, open-sourced, tinkering self, he actually had some interesting advice for Apple. Here’s free advice for Apple from Woz.

Steve Wozniak Is Becoming An Australian Citizen

Woz loves Australia. He’s said so every time he’s been down here. One assumes that he says that to every crowd in every town he goes to, much like a rock band playing a particular city would. “We love you [City Name Here]!!” kind of thing. But Steve Wozniak genuinely loves Australia, so much so that he has applied to become an Australian citizen.

Woz On Innovation, Robots And What Apple Does Wrong

In the second session of his Woz Live tour in Sydney today, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak opined on what you need for genuine innovation, why he doesn’t read reviews, and why he loves certain hotel rooms.

Woz On Design, Apple And Fun

Steve Wozniak is arguably the more universally loved of the Apple founders, having been instrumental in Apple’s early successes while still retaining an engineer’s perspective on how he runs his life. Here’s what he’s got to say about design, fun and why Microsoft may have been responsible for the pre-OS X version of Mac OS running so badly. Giz AU reports live from Sydney…

Steve Jobs And Woz In A Crazy Apple Ghostbusters Spoof

It seems all of Apple’s secret 1980s propaganda videos are leaking out of Cupertino. Just a week after we saw Steve Jobs bizarrely masquerading as FDR, here’s another super-corny cameo-ridden treat for you. Apple’s 1984 Ghostbusters spoof, called Bluebusters, takes the fight to IBM.

Woz Got His Galaxy Nexus From Google HQ

You gotta hand it to Steve Wozniak, he’s his own man. When there’s a new toy he wants, it doesn’t matter if there’s an Apple on it or not, he’s going to get it. He’ll go straight to Google if necessary.

Why The Woz Really Is The Ultimate Geek Superhero

He’s done everything from Dancing with the Stars to dating Kathy Griffin to being the unofficial spokesperson for the extreme sport of Segway Polo. But Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak still has the time for the little guy, as Brisbane web company Creative Intersection learned during Woz’s latest trip to Australia.

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