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Watching A Homemade Tank Get Built Is Totally Awesome

Video: If you have a dream, a workshop, a lot of free time and live in Russia, you can basically make anything with your bare hands. This is what I’ve learned from watching UFO Garage. They made a homemade MS-1 tank (the first Soviet designed tank). It’s totally unstoppable in any weather (look at it plow through that snow and slide through that ice) and looks like so much fun to drive.

These Gorgeous Buildings Showcase The Surprisingly Innovative Future Of Wood

Wood is the future. That’s the feeling you get after looking through the 2016 award winners named by WoodWorks, the United States’ wood building council.

Jewellery Made From An Actual SR-71 Blackbird Is Cool As Hell

Any old jerk can wear a fancy ring, but how many people can say their bling was made from materials that once flew at mach 3.2+ on the famed Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird spy plane? Now that’s some provenance.

Making A Hollow Wooden Surfboard Looks Like It's Totally Worth It

Video: The inside of a wooden surfboard looks like the skeleton of a fish. And it only gets more beautiful from there. The entire process of making a surfboard from wood (most surfboards are made from foam and fibreglass) is so fun to see. There is so much carving and shaping and clamping and an obscene amount of glue that you wonder why someone would bother to do this. But the hollow wood surfboard ends up being so beautiful and natural that you see that it’s totally worth it.

Watch How Nutcrackers Are Made From Blocks Of Wood

Video: How are those decorative little devils that are nutcrackers made? It involves a lot of wood, a bit a time on various lathes, a lot of glue, and a bit of artistry. Here’s the behind the scenes look of how those wooden dolls are put together. It’s actually pretty neat to see octagonal blocks of wood get fitted together into a creepy little man.

Look At All The Wonderful Wooden Gears Inside This Elastic-Powered Locomotive

The wooden laser-cut dinosaur skeleton is a staple of most museum and science center gift shops. But a company called UGEARS has turned those wooden puzzles into engineering marvels with more gears and moving parts than a Swiss watch.

Watch A Bat Get Hand Made From Three Planks Of Wood

Video: It’s a lot of fun to watch Darbin Orvar hand make a beautiful bat from maple and walnut planks. Seeing the separate pieces get merged together to form a block and then seeing that block get shaved down to reveal a cylinder and then to see that cylinder get turned and shaped into a bat is a really fascinating process.

A Wooden Macintosh Replica Proves The Original Deserved A Flashy Gold Keyboard

For years Love Hultén has been making gamers jealous of his woodworking and electronics skills with hand-crafted arcade cabinets, portable consoles, and handheld gaming units. But now he’ll be the envy of Mac fans too with a new replica of the original Macintosh he calls the Golden Apple.

Cutting Down A Tree To Make A Stool In The Woods Is Beautifully Peaceful

Here’s a good way to spend a day if you need to get away from it all: go to woods, chop down a tree, and then use the wood to make a stool. Not only have you successfully made something with your hands but you can now sit down and rest because you’re gonna be tired.

The Scientific Art Of Sound When Making A Guitar

Video: The Art of Sound is a short documentary by Rodgers Townsend that reveals a bit of the genius of Tom Bills and the painstaking precision that goes into his making of guitars. Equal parts science and art, every decision of every carving of every shape of every guitar is motivated by making the instrument sound as good as it can.

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