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This Woodworking Wizard Turns A Single Block Of Wood Into A Chain 

Video: This is a really neat woodworking project from Matthias Wandel: turning a single piece of wood into a chain just by using power tools. It takes very careful planning and specific carving to transform the block of wood into links on a chain, but Wandel shows us his entire process in detail. The end result is really fun, because you still can’t believe how he made that (even though you saw him make it).

This Amazingly Cool Model Bridge Was Made By Year 3 Student

Video: OK, so he had a lot of help from his dad, but this Year 3 student’s school project — a wooden model of the Steel Bridge in Portland — is totally awesome. It has all the moving parts of the real bridge; both the lower and upper decks can be lifted to make way for boats on the river.

Watch The Making Of A Spinning Top That Can Spin Upside Down

Video: Watch as Matthias Wandel spins a block of wood on a lathe in order to make a Tippe top, a spinning top that can flip upside down and still spin. It’s a pretty fun toy, because when you think the top is about to fall over, it catches itself onto the surface and flips itself in a completely new direction and keeps on spinning.

Making Traditional Wooden Lacrosse Sticks 

Video: Here’s how a traditional wooden lacrosse stick gets made. You get to see how it’s done from the search for the right type of hickory tree; to the splitting of the wood into halves, quarters and eighths; to the steaming, bending, knitting and everything in between. It’s actually a humble process to make a stick for such a hoity-toity sport.

This Could Be London's First Wooden Skyscraper

Over the past few years, wood has emerged as an unlikely yet desirable material for the design of future skyscrapers. This is what London’s first tall timber structure could look like.

Fisher-Price's Gorgeous New Wooden Toy Line Will Make You Want To Have Kids

Mattel recently revealed it had named designer Jonathan Adler as the Creative Director for Fisher-Price. It’s part of a continued effort to breathe new life into the baby-focused brand, and if Fisher-Price’s new wooden toy line is any indication, it’s already on the right track.

Transparent Wood Could Replace Glass, Become Coolest Building Material Ever

Wood is a great material because it’s cheap, renewable and versatile. But this incredible transparent wood that scientists in Sweden brewed up is amazing. It could replace glass for some seriously eye-catching architecture, and even be used in cheap solar panels or windows.

The Reason Baseball Bats Break Is More Complicated Than You Think

Shattering bats might look cool, but they’re really dangerous for both the players and the fans. Why does that happen, and how come bats always seem to snap in the same way?

Transforming A Wooden Beam From A Railroad Track Into A Bench

Video: Those wooden railroad ties underneath the metal railroad tracks? Absolutely solid hunks of wood perfect for reclaimed furniture. Here’s one being transformed into a stable wooden bench that can fit a whole lot of adults. The build is pretty simple too – all you need is a saw, a drill and a chisel to pull it off.

Watching A Log Cabin Hand Built From Scratch Will Make You Want To Live In A Forest

Video: Technology has made many aspects of our lives easier, but at the same time incredibly chaotic with non-stop emails, social media posts and electronic alerts. If you’ve ever thought about walking away from it all, disconnecting and living a simpler life, watching this guy build his family a log cabin from scratch will be your tipping point.

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