How To Find The Perfect Camp Stove

Now that campfires in many places are a thing of the past, it’s looking like camp and backpacking stoves are going to be the sole means we have to fry bacon and boil water for coffee. Here’s how to find the right one for you.

Turning A Chunk Of Wood Into Something Beautiful Is Satisfying To Watch

Here is Alan Holland performing his craft: woodturning. He takes a big chunk of wood, spins it on a lathe and shaves and cuts it down into something much more detailed. It’s painstaking work, but it looks absolutely rewarding. Getting to the finished product is like discovering something that was hidden underneath.

Making Snowboards By Hand Is A Beautiful Process

Video: Here’s a video that shows the full custom build process for Kindred Snowboards. They plan the design, get the wood, glue parts together, shave it down, add materials, press it together, clean up the edges and do so many things to one board that it may sound boring when you read it but is incredibly riveting to watch.

The Natural Moss On This Wooden Bookcase Is Preserved Forever In Resin

Your usual piece of wooden furniture — cut, sanded, painted — bears little resemblance to the tree it came from. So to create the Undergrowth bookcase, Italian design duo Alcarol deliberately took the opposite tack, preserving the unhewn edges of their lumber — moss and lichen and all.

Here's Wood Assembling Itself Into Furniture Like A Transformer

Video: I wish all furniture could assemble itself like this lawn chair by Frank Howarth. It sure would save a lot of time and prevent a lot of blisters. Sadly, it’s just a super neat video by Howarth. He removes himself from the video and makes these stop-motion animations that look like they’re straight from Transformers.

Gorgeous Topographic Tables Look Like The Earth From Above

Don’t you wish your furniture looked more like the surface of the Earth? No? Well maybe you should, because holy crap — it is beautiful when done well. And designer Greg Klassen does it well.

Hidden LEDs Give This Wood-Faced Watch A Digital Display

Watch faces have been made from some strange and wonderful materials, but can anything beat the natural beauty of wood? The folks at Tokyo Flash don’t think so — they have figured out how make a digital watch display disappear under a wood veneer.

Bosnian Man Carves VW Beetle Entirely Out Of Wood

Briefly: What do you do if you’re a retired VW employee with a bit of spare time on your hands? Spend 18 months hand-carving almost every piece of a Beetle using those hands — that’s 78 weeks of toiling away morning, day and night.

This Table Slides Together Without Screws, Dowels Or Glue

Shigeru Ban has had a big season, what with winning architecture’s highest prize, building disaster housing in the Philippines, and unveiling a huge luxury penthouse. The Japanese architect has many fans, including the designer of this wooden table, who says it was inspired by his low-tech cardboard buildings.

A Gorgeous Wooden Kitchen Scale That Masquerades As A Cutting Board

Successful baking requires strict adherence to a recipe and precise measurements, which is made easier with a scale at your disposal. But if the last thing you want is another ugly appliance cluttering up your kitchen counters, feast your eyes on the lovely GKILO scale (pronounced kilo) which when not in use looks like another wooden cutting board.

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