Man, The Price Of Being A Superhero Sure Has Gone Up A Lot

Seeing as how it’s an unbreakable metal, the adamantium that laces Wolverine’s bones is probably hella expensive. But, cripes, it costs a whole hell of a lot more now.

The Wolverine Review: Logan De-Clawed

The first standalone Wolverine film committed the most cardinal of superhero movie sins: it was decidedly mediocre. Forgettable characters, a paint-by-numbers plot and occasionally wonky special effects all conspired to make it one of the worst Marvel comic book movies to date. I was subsequently a bit leery of this belated follow-up. Would we be getting an epic blockbuster worthy of fandom’s favourite Canuck? Or another toothless disappointment?

The Complete Visual History Of Wolverine's Suit

Oh, that yellow spandex with beautiful blue trunks. As classic as that suit was, I have no beef with Wolverine’s badassery tossing that away in the movies (plus, with a body like Hugh Jackman’s…). But still, it’s nice to see the Wolverine we all loved as a child again. Here’s the full history of all the suits that Wolverine has ever worn.

Wow, This Guy Made Insane Wolverine Claws That Destroy Everything

On the list of comic book hero abilities I dream about magically waking up with one day, Wolverine’s claws were probably squeezed right between Superman’s flying and Bruce Wayne’s women. One of those have practically become reality. These steel Wolverine claws are so fantastically perfect that you could fight Wolverine himself with it. And maybe even win.

Electrified Wolverine Claws Are Fabulously Ill-Advised

I think it’s safe to say that we all want Wolverine claws. Sure, working out some of the logistics would be tough at first, but come on. You would feel invincible! And you could open plastic packaging really easily. To this end, Master James made a set of great looking claws at a machine shop. But they weren’t awesome enough. So he electrified them.

This New Trailer For The Wolverine Makes It Seems Very Watchable

Bad prequels and sequels seem so easy to make. Look at X-Men Origins: Wolverine for example. Now there’s a new Wolverine movie coming and the trailer actually makes it look incredibly watchable. Check it out here.

Real-Life Wolverine Helps People During Catastrophic Explosion

He may not be a mutant with regenerative healing powers, animal senses, superhuman agility, and Adamantium-laced skeleton and claws. He may not even be an expert in martial arts or speak fluent Japanese, but 22-year-old Ricardo Fuentes is a hero just like the Wolverine. One who, instead of running away in panic, helped people during last week’s deadly explosion at Pemex’s headquarters in Mexico D.F.

Superhero Noir Captures The Bleakness Of Do-Gooding

The life of a superhero is a solitary one, no matter how fantastic the four. The powers that make them unique are the same that isolate them.

Fiskars Cuts+More Scissors: Wolverine Worthy

I love my knife; I carry it everywhere. It’s nothing fancy, just a sturdy little lockback – but for most household chores it’s more than sufficient. Well, it was more than sufficient, until I got my hands on the new Fiskars Cuts+More Scissors.

Titanium Foam Builds Wolverine Bones

Eat your heart out, Wolverine. The X-Men superhero won’t be the only one with metal fused into his skeleton if a new titanium foam proves suitable for replacing and strengthening damaged bones.