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A Stroller Trailer Lets You Run With A Kid In Tow

Kids are already a pretty fantastic workout since they require constant attention, but if you find your fitness routine hindered by having to deal with a cumbersome stroller, you’ll probably be intrigued by the KidRunner. It’s a new take on the stroller that’s pulled instead of pushed, letting you easily bring your kids along for a run or a jog by strapping a mini U-Haul trailer to your belt.

This Lighter Works Like A Taser To Start Fires Without A Flame

If you need more than 10 fingers to count the number of times you’ve burned yourself while trying to light a candle at the bottom of a tall glass container, the Illume ArcLighter will probably seem like the greatest invention since the wheel. Instead of a flame, it produces a glowing electric arc that can light everything from candles, to gas burners, to even kindling.

This Transforming Scooter Is The Ultimate Mobility Aid For Any Age

It’s assumed that electric scooters are a tool designed for those with mobility issues or the elderly, but the creators of the transforming ILY-A concept see it as the perfect solution for commuters, travellers or anyone who occasionally just doesn’t feel like walking.

In A Perfect World, Every USB Plug Would Also Be A USB Port

If those nesting USB plugs look familiar, you’ve been reading Gizmodo for a long time. Back in 2010, the stackable USB plug wasn’t much more than a big-spoon/little-spoon concept, but now it’s almost real — by which I mean it’s on Kickstarter.

Parents Become Human Jungle Gyms While Wearing This Rope Vest

It’s generally assumed that once you become a parent you’ll do anything for your kids — anything. And apparently that now includes swallowing your self-esteem and pride, strapping on this rope vest, and letting your children climb all over you like a human jungle gym.

Just Toss This Digitised Notebook In The Microwave To Erase Every Page

When a paper notebook also doubles as the archive for all of your hand-written notes, it makes sense to buy a new one once it’s full. But when that paper notebook can be easily digitised and backed up to the cloud using a smartphone, there’s no reason not to reuse it. So the Rocketbook notebook can be easily erased by just tossing it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

New Glasses Make You Invisible To Facial Recognition Software

AVG is a name well-known in the Windows world for its decent and free anti-virus software, but the company is apparently looking to expand outside of just software and protect people’s privacy in the real world now. At Mobile World Congress, AVG is demoing a concept pair of glasses that both foil facial recognition software, and make it difficult for someone to snap a photo of your face.

You Can Roll These Kitchen Towels Into Delicious-Looking Inedible Sushi

Having to wash and dry dishes by hand is a terrible chore, but it would be made even worse with a set of these patterned dish towels that will have you craving maki sushi, even right after eating dinner.

A Combo Flash Drive-Phone Cable Is The Most Useful Thing On Your Keychain

For the past couple of years, I’ve always carried one of those miniature fold-up flash drives on my key chain. It’s invaluable for those moments when then internet is broken and the world will stop turning if you don’t transfer those photos and that slide deck right the hell now. But if that flash drive would also serve as an emergency phone cable, I would be the happiest geek on the internet.

A Clever Push Pin Doesn't Make Holes

Push pins and a corkboard are the most basic organisational tool around, but they kinda suck for photos — in order to stick them up, you stab a tiny hole through your grandma’s face. This neat alternative tries to solve that.