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New Glasses Make You Invisible To Facial Recognition Software

AVG is a name well-known in the Windows world for its decent and free anti-virus software, but the company is apparently looking to expand outside of just software and protect people’s privacy in the real world now. At Mobile World Congress, AVG is demoing a concept pair of glasses that both foil facial recognition software, and make it difficult for someone to snap a photo of your face.

You Can Roll These Kitchen Towels Into Delicious-Looking Inedible Sushi

Having to wash and dry dishes by hand is a terrible chore, but it would be made even worse with a set of these patterned dish towels that will have you craving maki sushi, even right after eating dinner.

A Combo Flash Drive-Phone Cable Is The Most Useful Thing On Your Keychain

For the past couple of years, I’ve always carried one of those miniature fold-up flash drives on my key chain. It’s invaluable for those moments when then internet is broken and the world will stop turning if you don’t transfer those photos and that slide deck right the hell now. But if that flash drive would also serve as an emergency phone cable, I would be the happiest geek on the internet.

A Clever Push Pin Doesn't Make Holes

Push pins and a corkboard are the most basic organisational tool around, but they kinda suck for photos — in order to stick them up, you stab a tiny hole through your grandma’s face. This neat alternative tries to solve that.

A Single Cable With Swappable Connectors Wants To Replace All Your Wires

Travelling for work usually involves bringing along a small mountain of electronics, each with cables that need to tag along too. But a new Kickstarter promises to replace them all — power, video and audio — with a single multi-headed cord that can handle any connection that wireless hasn’t already replaced.

Mooch Power From Another Smartphone With This Tiny Charging Cable

It’s not uncommon to bum a smoke, a ride or a piece of gum from a friend, but if a new Indiegogo campaign is successful, you might soon be able to bum a little bit of power for your phone as well. The Juicer is a simple double-headed microUSB cable that lets you transfer power from one tablet or smartphone directly to another.

A Beautiful, Tiny PC Made Out Of Wood

It’s an unfortunate fact that most high-end desktop PCs are either bland to the point of extreme sleepiness, or so gaudy and neon-lighted that you have to throw a blanket over when you sleep (or have guests over). Small, sensible-looking PCs are virtually impossible to come by, with the notable (but non-Windows) exception of the Mac Pro.

A Coffee Table Book That Turns Into A Coffee Table Isn't The Worst Idea

We all laughed at Kramer’s transforming coffee table coffee table book on Seinfeld (or maybe it was just the laugh track), but it turns out it’s not actually a terrible idea. Or at least the version created by Mike Mak isn’t. Using a combination of traditional book-binding techniques and a paper honeycomb structure, the Bookniture can actually support up to 170kg so it can be used as a portable stool.

This Cable Charges Your Phone Faster - Sort Of

You might think that plugging a USB cable into a USB socket would mean your phone always juices up at the same speed — but you would be sorely mistaken. Charging your phone is a surprisingly complicated thing to get right, a problem that this particular crowdfunding campaign is on a mission to solve.

A Mt Hood-Bottomed Pint Glass Is The Easiest Way To Tackle A Mountain

With enough booze in your system, you feel like you can do anything — from singing like a Grammy-winning artist, to fighting a bouncer, to climbing a mountain. And while none of those are remotely even true, you can at least feel like you’ve conquered Oregon’s Mount Hood every time you down a brew from this hand-blown pint glass.