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These Inductive Batteries Keep Your Power Tools Perpetually Charged

It’s almost impossible to think of a time when you had to wrangle a long cord while working with power tools. But as convenient as cordless tools are, they’re useless if their batteries are dead. So, later this year, Bosch will be introducing batteries with inductive charging that simply need to be placed on a base station for the power to flow.

New Wireless Power Setup Charges 40 Smartphones From Across The Room

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you never had to plug in your phone? Well, a team of Korean scientists say that they’re one step closer to making that fantasy a reality with new wireless power transfer technology that works from over 4.5m away. And it works pretty damn well too.

There's Yet Another Wireless Charging Standard (That Might Have A Shot)

Like the Beta vs VHS and HD-DVD vs Blu-ray battles of years gone by, wireless charging technology has had a difficult time establishing itself thanks to duelling standards. But a new challenger, the Alliance 4 Wireless Power and its consumer-friendly Rezence brand, might finally have what’s needed to take wireless charging mainstream.

These Unbelievable Cells Turn Wi-Fi Signals Into Usable Electricity

Forget about stealing your neighbour’s Wi-Fi to surf the internet. Using cheap everyday materials, researchers at Duke University’s Pratt School of Engineering have developed a remarkable device that can convert microwave signals, like those used to wirelessly transmit the internet, into usable electricity. So ,in the future, you might instead be able to use your neighbour’s Wi-Fi network to power your home.

These Incredible New Buses Are Charged Wirelessly By The Road Itself

Imagine an electric vehicle that can travel endless distances without ever needing to stop at a recharging station. That sounds impossible, right? Because electric vehicles run on batteries, and at some point, you need stop and charge those batteries. Not this one.

Power Transferred Through Concrete Could Mean Electric Cars That Charge As You Drive

One of the biggest issues preventing the electric car from taking over the roads is their incredibly limited battery life. But researchers at the Toyohashi University of Technology in Japan have demonstrated a new system that could let electric cars constantly recharge while they’re being driven.

Sound Powered LEDs Turn Screams Into Power

Using a regular speaker blasting out a narrow beam of sound, researchers have developed an LED that can actually be powered by nothing but audio. Providing a new way to deliver wireless power to devices from greater distances.

MIT Wireless Power Discovery Proves Two Is Better Than One

Wireless power? Nothing new. It’s been around for at least 100 years, although only recently has it reached the point where a truly wireless future was believed possible. Now, an update of sorts from MIT WiTricity means it’s even closer.

Sony Getting Closer To TVs With No Cables Whatsoever

This TV has absolutely no cables connected to it. No video cable. No audio cable. And no power cable. How’s this wicked sorcery possible? Thanks to Sony’s new Wireless Power Transfer technology, which can send 60 watts over the air.

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