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Telstra Shows Off Its Windows Phone 7 Skin

Telstra is no stranger to customising the crap out of mobile phones. So what will their customised version of Windows Phone 7 look like? Gus over at Lifehacker managed to sneak a peek at the upcoming Telstra integration for WinPho7, and it must be said that it actually looks OK.

Unnamed HTC Smartphone Shown Running Windows Phone 7, Sans Sense UI

Seems there’s at least one mystery HTC smartphone making the rounds today that’s bucking the company line and not running the Sense UI in any way shape or form, “augmented features” be damned.

iPhone OS, Android And Windows Mobile In Perfect Harmony

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See, a guitar made up of phones isn’t just about the music. It’s about bringing people together. And by “people” I mean mobile operating systems. Presenting two Android and WinMo devices and an iPod touch, united to play Cracklin Rosie.

Windows Phone 7 Series ROM Spied Running On HTC HD2?

That luscious HTC HD2, the near-perfect mobile that had it going on in all the right places, save the WinMo 6.5 OS, is seen here doing the impossible: Running a Windows Phone 7 Series ROM.

Mobile Phone Overshare

In Taiwan, there are more mobile phones than people. About 7 per cent of all mobile data goes to movie information. Google owns nearly 100 per cent of the mobile search market. These, and more fun facts in this handy infographic!

This Windows Phone 7 UI Skin Makes WinMo Phones Feel Young

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The mobile OS running on this old Toshiba TG01 looks like Windows Phone 7 and it mostly acts like Windows Phone 7. But in reality it’s a clever user interface skin covering up Windows Mobile 6.5.

Microsoft To Introduce Windows Phone 7 Monday At MWC

The WSJ has confirmed that Mic will introduce their newest mobile phone OS on Monday at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona. WinMo 6.5 is dead; long live Windows Phone 7.

Windows Phone 7 Rumours: Zune-like Interface, No Multitasking

PPCGeeks is offering up a whole bevy of rumours regarding Windows Mobile 7 and what will be revealed at MWC next week. What they’re referring to as Windows Phone 7 has a Zune-like interface and Xbox integration but no multitasking.

What's In Windows Mobile 6.5.3

The first and only time I saw Windows Mobile 6.5.3 in action, it was a grim scene. But according to Mary Jo Foley, the OS, which is now shipping on a single device, it’s more than a questionable makeover.

Samsung Omnia Pro Lands On NextG

Not sure why anyone would want a Winmo phone with a Qwerty keypad, but if you do, Samsung and Telstra just dropped the Omnia Pro on NextG.

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