How To Disable Notifications By App Or Time In Windows 8.1

We’re a month away from Windows 10, but while you wait for Microsoft’s newest OS to come down the pipe there are still plenty of tricks to learn for Windows 8.1 (and they will stand you in good stead once the next version does appear). Here’s how to take more control over system notifications.

Lenovo's Ideacenter Stick 300 Is A Windows PC On A Stick For $US140

The computer-on-a-stick is not a new — nor always terribly successful — idea. But that hasn’t stopped Lenovo, which has announced its own stab at the concept: the Ideacenter Stick 300.

Microsoft Finally Decides: No Free Windows 10 For Beta Testers

In a masterpiece of confusion and deception worthy of a Russian dictator making holiday plans, Microsoft spent the weekend thoroughly confusing users of the Windows 10 beta over whether they’d get a free copy of the final version. But in the latest (and hopefully final) post on the matter, Microsoft has settled matters: no freebies.

Microsoft Can't Decide If It's Giving Away Windows 10 For Free

In an announcement on Friday, Microsoft dropped the unusually generous news that it is giving away free copies of Windows 10 to anyone who participates in the beta Insider Program for Redmond’s latest OS. Sound a little too good to be true? You bet.

Get Longer Battery Life From Your New Laptop: Everything You Need To Know

Tired of your laptop running flat in the middle of class or an important meeting? Time to shape up and manage your portable power better. These tips will get you started.

Here Are The Features Microsoft Is Cutting From Windows 10

Windows 10 is fast approaching and while there’s no immediate need to upgrade from 8.1, or even 7, odds are you’ll want to make the jump eventually. Before you do, you’d best check out the Windows 10 “feature deprecation section”, to make sure your favourite features aren’t being cut from the latest release.

How Android Is Becoming The New Windows

It’s more nuanced than you think. Last week at Google I/O, one of the striking themes of the keynote was Sundar Pichai’s focus on Android as the future of Google. Android isn’t just the core of Google’s booming smartphone and tablet business; it’s also core to the company’s next phase, as they move into what Pichai described as “connected devices” or the internet of things. He imagined a world of hardware devices that do everything from monitor traffic to track your heartbeat, all brought together by Google’s prize operating system.

Six Reasons It's Worth Being Cautious About Windows 10

Don’t get us wrong, we are super excited about Windows 10 and will be upgrading right away. But there are still a few things that are worth being concerned about.

Six Things We're Looking Forward To In Windows 10

After early builds, rumours and leaked pricing, we finally know that Microsoft 10 will be out on July 29. Here are the features we are most looking forward to from the new OS.

Why Yes, That Creepy Icon *Is* Your Free Copy Of Windows 10

All around the world, Windows users are discovering a new icon in their notification trays — an offer to reserve a free copy of Windows 10. Sounds too good to be true, yes? Except Windows 10 actually is a free upgrade, and this really does appear to be the way you’ll get it.

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