Windows 10's Coolest Features In Five Animated GIFs

Microsoft put out the first Windows 10 preview right after its first big announcement. But now — following all of Wednesday’s chaos — there’s a new one. Here are some of its most notable features in GIF form.

An Illustrated Guide To Why Windows 10 Actually Impressed Me

Here is a tablet. A Surface Pro 3, to be exact. I’ve never really wanted a Surface Pro 3, but Windows 10 is making me reconsider. Let me show you why.

Windows 10's Big Step Back Is Actually A Huge Step Forward 

Microsoft has made mistakes. It knows this. But as the company proved today at its Windows 10 HOLOGRAPHIC GOGGLES launch event, it’s also not going to stop pushing user interface design into the future. It’s just getting smarter about it.

Here's How Windows 10 Apps Will Run Across PCs, Tablets And Phones

Microsoft claims Windows 10 is the operating system that finally unifies all your computing devices. One OS to rule them all. What does that actually mean in practice?

Project Hololens: Microsoft's Audacious Plan To Make Anywhere A Holodeck

VR? Meh. Microsoft is going the holodeck route with something called Project Hololens. These are holographic glasses and they will be coming out around the same time as Windows 10. Man, this sure looks awesome and cool, and it’s probably also janky and questionably useful! We’ll find out first-hand soon though; Microsoft will be showing off the tech to attendees later today.

Microsoft's New Xbox App Brings Game DVR And Chat To Your PC

Windows 10 is about universal apps, and getting everything on all your devices. That includes the new Xbox app, which you’ll find on PC, Xbox and mobile. It will let you text and chat and do everything you love on Xbox Live across every Windows device you have. The biggest and best news? It will let you stream your Xbox One games to any Windows 10 device.

Microsoft Office Will Be Free On Windows 10 Phones And Tablets

Microsoft will bundle the all-new Office, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint as part of Window 10 for phones and tablets, Joe Belfiore announced during Microsoft’s two-hour-long Windows 10 event. However, there was no mention whether this generous app gift-giving would extend to the desktop.

This Is What Windows 10 Looks Like On A Phone 

Last September, Microsoft pulled the curtain off Windows 10, its new digit-skipping operating system for phones, tablets, computers, everything. We’ve seen bits and pieces of the new desktop through Microsoft’s preview program, but nothing on the mobile side. Until now.

Windows 10 Is A Free Upgrade For The First Year

Want Windows 10? You got it: for free. This is a sea change in Microsoft’s strategy when it comes to upgrades. Gratis upgrades will be available for Windows 7, 8.1 and even Windows Phone 8.1 users for a full year.

Windows 10 Has Cortana Voice Commands Baked Into Every Cranny

Microsoft’s Cortana voice-assistant is coming to Windows 10 as we expected. Now you’ll be able to speak commands and ask questions throughout the operating system. At its core, it’s similar to the assistant we’ve seen on Windows Phone, but this a whole new kind of experience.

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