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Windows Turns 30: A History, Told Through Microsoft's Terrible Ads

Microsoft has just turned 30, and what a joyous occasion it is. Windows is once again a force to be reckoned with, and all it took was Windows 10 not being a complete dumpster fire of a UI. As the operating system has changed, so has Microsoft’s approach to sales — from one strain of crazy to another.

Microsoft's Plan To Port Android Apps To Windows Appears Delayed

In April, Microsoft excitedly announced its plans to port everything to Windows, including iOS and Android apps. Now, it looks like it may take longer than expected before you see any Android action on its operating systems.

What's New In Windows 10 Update Threshold 2?

The first major Windows 10 update, ‘Threshold 2’, has landed, bringing with it a bunch of tweaks, performance improvements and new features. It’s free to download right now, and here’s what you’ll get with it.

Photos: Inside Microsoft's Flagship Sydney Retail Store

At midday today, Microsoft will throw open the doors on a multi-million dollar gamble to win the hearts and minds of Sydney’s Windows users. This is what it’s like inside the first Microsoft Store in Australia, and the first flagship retail store outside of New York. (56K warning: 20MB of images!)

Every Tiny Apartment Should Come Standard With These Pop-out Windows

Industrial designer Aldana Ferrer Garcia also happens to be an architect, and she’s combined her skills in both fields to come up with some wonderful pop-out window concepts that lets those living in tiny, balcony-less apartments to get a little more exposure to the sun.

How To Do A Clean Install Of Windows 10

Windows 10 is finally here, and your computer will automatically prompt you to upgrade. But if you’d rather start fresh, you can do a clean install — you just need to follow a few steps in the right order.

Microsoft Windows 10: Getting Started

Gizmodo Video Guide: Windows 10 is here with lots of changes from Windows 8. Watch our handy video guide to make the most of Windows 10’s best new features.

Watch Acer's 'ReadyToSense' Windows 10 Announcement Here

At 5PM today, Acer is holding a joint press conference with Microsoft in Taipei to announce a bunch of different, new Windows 10 devices — you can watch it here with us.

Microsoft's Sydney Store Is Opening On November 12

If you’ve walked down Pitt Street Mall in the last couple of months, you might have noticed a giant conspicuous Microsoft logo on one of the vacant retail outlets. Now that store has an opening date — we’re six weeks from the grand opening of the first official Microsoft store in Australia, smack bang in the middle of Sydney’s shopping district.

The Ultimate Guide To Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

If you want to give the impression that you’ve been using Windows 10 for years, learning a few keyboard shortcuts is the best way to go about it — you can navigate around the interface, get apps in position, trigger events, change settings and more with a couple of taps on your keyboard. Here are the shortcuts we’ve been finding most useful.

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