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Five Weird Things We Learned At TechEd

You might think Microsoft’s TechEd conference is nothing but IT geeks hanging around and talking about new Windows features, but there’s a lot more going on. Team Lifehacker has been in New Orelans for TechEd North America 2013; here are some of the odder happenings from the event.

All The Technology Announcements From Microsoft TechEd 2013

While Gizmodo Australia has been drowning in motherboards at Computex, Lifehacker Australia has been knee-deep in Windows at TechEd North America. Here’s the key news so far from the show, from Windows 8.1 enhancements to a range of fancy new hardware.

Want A Good IT Job? Master Big Data

Maximising your earning potential in IT means developing the right skills. “Big data” — identifying trends from the masses of data that are created by everything we do online — remains a highly in-demand area, with Gartner suggesting that demand for those roles will far outstrip supply over the next few years.

Sydney IT Pro Meetup: Sign Up For A Night Of Trivia, Beer And Prizes

Fancy an evening networking with your peers, beer, food, trivia and prizes? Thanks to the Microsoft Windows Server 2012 team, Gizmodo’s sister site, Lifehacker, is hosting a one-off meetup for IT professionals in Sydney this Thursday November 15!

How To Avoid The Fear Of Change

Why would you get a philosopher to open a conference for IT enthusiasts? When his topic is awe and the fear of change, as Jason Silva’s was at the opening of TechEd Australia 2012 yesterday, it suddenly makes sense.