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Our Favourite Android, iOS And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week

Instead of doing work on Monday, how about idly playing around with your smartphone instead? Make the most of it with these new apps.

Our Favourite Android, iOS And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week

The work week is over and the weekend is here. Here are the best new apps to check out this weekend, if you haven’t already.

Now Is A Great Time To Buy A Cheap Phone

If you’re the kind of person that wants a top-of-the-line phone, there’s never a good time to buy: there’s always something newer and shinier and more exciting coming out. If you’re perfectly content with a mid-range or entry-level handset, though, you’re spoiled for choice right now.

Favourite Android, iOS, And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week

You’ve made it through the bulk of Monday already. It’s all downhill from here. Have some apps as a reward.

Nokia's Lumia 630 Gets Bargain Australian Price, Launching This Month

Microsoft’s first phone to launch with Windows Phone 8.1 — not Nokia, not any more — is the Lumia 630. In five typically Nokia bright colours, the 630 is made for students and businesspeople and trendsetters alike, with decently powerful hardware and a 4.5-inch display. And it’s cheap, too.

Our Favourite Android, iOS And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week

It’s Monday. You’re about to work a whole week. Give your smartphone a few apps to help you get through.

Developers, Developers, Developers...

Briefly: Our pal Jason Howie asked Cortana, Microsoft’s answer to disembodied smartphone voice assistants like Siri and Google Now, what she thinks of recently-departed Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Turns out Cortana’s not afraid to poke a little fun at Microsoft’s sweaty, revved-up champion of developers.

Which Mobile Phone Has The Best Security?

As each new computer virus attack or vulnerability comes to light, millions instinctively check their computer to see if their anti-malware application is up to date. This is a good idea and they are wise to do it but a large number of us still forget about our smartphones.

Our Favourite Android, iOS And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week

It’s the weekend! We know you worked hard all week, and you’re ready to chill out, max and relax all cool. Make sure your smartphone’s ready too with our favourite apps of the week.

Microsoft Now Officially Owns Nokia

Almost eight months after the original announcement, Microsoft has now completed its deal to purchase Nokia’s devices and services unit. Microsoft no longer dominates just software: from today, it’s a hardware specialist too.