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HTC HD Mini Review: A Really Lousy iPhone Nano

The HTC HD Mini is to the HD2 what the iPhone Nano would be to the original iPhone. It’s well-built and charmingly small, but its OS is too dated to ever enjoy very much.

The Rotting Corpse Of Windows Mobile: Goodbye Mobile Firefox

Mozilla’s officially abandoning development of Firefox Mobile for Windows Mobile in the wake of the shiny – er, matte – future of Windows Phone 7. Which they’re not latching onto, either, because there’s no native SDK.

Windows Phone 7 SDK Available Now, Free

You can download the Windows Phone 7 SDK right now from this link. Make us some good stuff, programmers. [Windows Phone Developer]

Netflix App Streams Gorgeously On Windows Phone 7

Here’s the first demo of Netflix running on Windows Phone 7. Keep in mind, it’s technically a prototype, but equipped with show subscriptions and 3G streaming, Netflix is super hot on the platform. We want this. Now:

Windows Phone 7 Apps: First Video

So this is how apps are going to look on Windows Phone 7: visually captivating, great animations, 3D transformations. It’s a very distinctive look and feel from iPhone apps, and may be just what Microsoft needs to establish themselves.

Windows Phone Marketplace Partners: Pandora, Foursquare, EA Mobile, AP and More

It’s not clear yet when Microsoft’s newly announced Windows Phone Marketplace is going to launch, but when it does they’ll have a bevy of partners already on board, ranging from the AP to Foursquare to Pandora. And they look good!

Windows Phone 7 Apps: Everything You Need To Know

Windows Phone 7 Series: It’s a thing! And it looks pretty great, so far. Last month’s announcement, though, left a lot of questions. Questions which will be answered here, in Gizmodo’s live coverage of Microsoft MIX 2010 keynote. Constantly updating.

Opera Mini 5 Browser Beta Out Now For Android

The latest beta version of Opera Mini for Androids is now out as of today, with a new interface and multi-tabs support thrown in. It’s not entirely dissimilar to Opera Mobile 10 on Symbian and WinMo, though.

This Windows Phone 7 UI Skin Makes WinMo Phones Feel Young

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The mobile OS running on this old Toshiba TG01 looks like Windows Phone 7 and it mostly acts like Windows Phone 7. But in reality it’s a clever user interface skin covering up Windows Mobile 6.5.

Windows Mobile Phones Out Now At The Evolutionary Dead End

General Manager for Microsoft’s Asia-Pacific Mobile Communications Business confirms it: There is no upgrading to Windows Phone 7, not even for the badass HD2. So! Every Windows Mobile phone out there’s officially dead in the water. [APC Mag via Techmeme]