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Microsoft Maps Put Melbourne In The Sea (But It's All Wikipedia's Fault)

If you searched on Bing maps last week for Melbourne, you would have instead been re-directed to a spot in the North Pacific Ocean, off the East coast of Japan.

How did this happen? Bing was using inaccurate information from Wikipedia, namely, Wikipedia didn’t include the all-important South on the co-ordinates.

On Wikipedia, Pokemon GO Is A Bigger Deal Than The Bible

My kids aren’t playing Pokemon GO yet, but the older one had heard enough about it that he started reading up about it. When I looked at the screen after he’d been on the computer, I encountered this incredible wall of text.

Wikimedia Is Running An Australian Photo Competition

Over 1200 amateur snappers have already submitted images to Wikimedia Australia’s Wiki Loves Earth photography competition, which also serves as a conduit for Wikipedia to populate its massive catalogue of Australian articles. There’s a week left in the competition, and a few small prizes are up for grabs alongside the general good karma of helping out the world’s largest repository of knowledge.

Jimmy Wales Got Censored At A Chinese Internet Conference 

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is familiar with people putting made-up bullshit online. As I mentioned, he founded Wikipedia. But this is on another level: Wales’ words got changed on a Chinese conference website to make it sound like he was pro-Chinese government surveillance.

How A Simple Wikipedia Edit Got A Guy Backstage Gig Passes in Melbourne

In the 21st century, you don’t need a record label connection or sexual favour to get backstage. All you need to know is how to edit a Wikipedia page.

This Page Transforms Live Wikipedia Edits Into Music

If you have data, you can find a weird and wonderful way to visualise it. Take real-time changes to Wikipedia, something that would normally be presented in a rather dry, analytical form, has been transformed into a live musical performance composed of additions, subtractions and new user registrations.

English Wikipedia Just Broke Five Million Posts

After fifteen years of providing 11th-hour copy+paste material for high schoolers, the English-language version of Wikipedia has just hit a milestone: five million articles.

This Beautiful Timeline Lets You Explore Wikipedia's World History

This amazing visualisation brings together the world’s history from Wikipedia into an interactive timeline stuffed with information and images. If only history lessons at school had been this much fun.

Wikipedia Bans Hundreds Of Editors Who Extorted Users For Cash

Wikipedia is no stranger to scandals, but a quiet update on its administrators’ announcement board reveals a big problem. The site’s CheckUser team recently banned 381 editors’ accounts for “undisclosed paid advocacy”. In other words, these Wikipedians were secretly shilling for brands and even resorting to extortion.

Oxford University Press Plagiarised Wikipedia, Now Who The Hell Should I Believe? 

It’s not only lazy students and Buzzfeed editors who steal from Wikipedia.

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