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The Tale Of The Very First Wiki

The wiki is a multi-faceted beast. It’s used to power online encyclopedias and portals that reveal secret government documents. But you know what the very first wiki was used for? A software development hub, birthed 16 years ago today.

TSA Status Site Tells Whether Your Airport Actually Uses Their Body Scanners

The Transportation Security Administration has installed the new “backscatter” screening machines in many airports, but a good number of them aren’t actually used yet. One helpful site is compiling reports on which airports are still using X-ray/metal detector combinations.

Comedy's Reaction To The Wikileaks Cables

Wikileaks is serious business. So let’s make fun of it! Or at least, let’s check out Splitsider’s look at how The Daily Show, SNL, and (thankfully) Ricky Gervais have brought humour to this somber saga. [Splitsider]

PAYG SIM With Data Wiki Is A Travellers Dream Come True

No matter what network you’re with, global roaming rates for mobile calls are terrible. But nowhere near as bad as the rates for international data roaming. But thanks to the power of the interwebs, the Pay as you go sim with data Wiki is the ultimate resource for smartphone-toting travellers.

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