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Ask Giz: Textual Intercourse, Flabby Gamers, Online Scams

This week: a relationship ruined by text messages, an out-of-shape gamer looking for an easy way out, and a broke-ass gent with an eye on Craigslist. Three sad souls, three desperations – three readers in need.

NSFW: Bald Man Humps Pillow For Android Exercise

Getting in shape is hard. Some people need motivation. Others need motivation.

Wii Rowing Machine: Like A Regular Rowing Machine, But More Gimmicky

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The Rowing Machine for Wii is a cheap-looking rowing machine that has a spot for a Wiimote in the handlebars. It should make playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 next to impossible.

Aerobic Step For Wii Fit Raises Your Balance Board To Make You Sweat

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The Multi Function Aerobic Step is designed to raise your Balance Board by an extra three, four or six inches so that you can get more out of your Wii Fit exercise routine. It’s simple, but does the trick.

Wii Balance Board Push Up Bar Will Make You The Biggest Loser

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If you partake in Wii fitness regularly, you probably know that there is only one thing keeping you from having a full-fledged, muscle-building, vein-popping work-out experience: limited range of push-up motion. Thankfully, this push-up bar attachment lets you dig deep.

Riiflex Wii Weights Finally Available For $US30

It’s been a long road from conceptual render to final product, but the Riiflex Wii weights (for Wii Fit, or any other game) are available now for $US30/pair. Me? I’m too lazy to even waggle a stock Wiimote. [Riiflex]

On October 4, Lose $US20 And A Few Kilos On The Wii Fit Plus

Brian will be one happy boy come October 4. That’s when the Wii Fit Plus (about which we heard rumours at E3) will be arriving. Good news: looks like it’ll be only $US20 if you don’t need a Balance Board.

5 Things That Should've Been at E3 But Weren't

All of the major E3 keynotes from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony are over. While 2009 is now officially the year of motion controls, there’s still something missing. Here’s what we expected to see at E3, but didn’t.

Nintendo's E3 Keynote Liveblog Archive

Nintendo’s E3 press conference hasn’t even started, and they’ve already slammed Sony. Impressive! The conference kicks off at 9AM PT—noon ET—but our liveblog is getting fired up now. Besides the New Wii Fit Motion Music Plus New Play Super 64, what do you want to see?

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