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White House: Enough With The Damn Selfies Already

US President Obama had a meeting with Prince William in the Oval Office today. Sitting under the a portrait George Washington, the two men chuckled and acted like old pals. They did not, however, take any selfies. And neither did any of the reporters present, because they were explicitly asked not to take selfies in the Oval Office.

Google X's Vice President Just Got A Spot In The White House

The White House has announced Google X’s vice president Megan Smith as the next chief technology officer in the US, filling the void vacated by former CTO Todd Park last month. The CTO position was officially created by Obama back in 2009, when he was much more worried about the crushing Great Recession and bloated government spending was under more scrupulous attention.

The Phones On Air Force One Look Like Iron Man Accessories

Despite Harrison Ford’s best attempts to enlighten us, Air Force One remains a mysterious place. Pretty much the only time you get to see the inside of the president’s awesome aeroplane is when the White House photographer offers a peek. Ever notice how weird the phones look?

Why The White House Is Spending Millions To Promote Wood Skyscrapers

The Department of Agriculture doesn’t usually meddle in architecture, but this week at an event at the White House, it announced an unusual project: A $US1 million competition for high-rise buildings built out of wood — and another million that will go to educating architects about it.

Barack Obama Will Announce NSA Reforms On January 17

It’s really happening, folks. On January 17, US President Barack Obama will remark on “the outcomes of the work that has been done in the review process” for reforming the country’s intelligence practices, US Press Secretary Jay Carney said Friday.

Obama's NSA Advisory Board: No More Phone Records, No More Backdoors

The wait is almost over! Despite having said it would come out in January, the Obama Administration hustled and released a report from the advisory committee set up to recommend changes to the NSA. And, my, are those changes many.

Obama Was Unaware Of NSA World Leader Spying

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Obama was unaware that the NSA was spying on world leaders — until an internal White House review revealed that the operation existed.

The US Government Wants To Create Cybersecurity Insurance

Ever nervous about the looming threat of a devastating cyberattack, the US government is redoubling its efforts to get companies that operate critical infrastructure to buy into its cybersecurity plan. It’s so committed, it may even make sure participants get reimbursed…if they get attacked.

The White House Picks The Perfect Stars For Its First Vine

Breaking: The White House has Vined. The White House has Vined! It’s a predetermined fact that all political entities will eventually seize to every form social media in an effort to “speak to kids”. And the communications people over there totally killed it in selecting the subjects of its first Vine.

What The White House Looked Like In 1950 After It Was Totally Gutted

In 1948, the White House was almost abandoned. After it had been burned by the British in 1814, and endured the stress of the addition of modern amenities like plumbing and electricity, it was on the verge of being condemned. Staircases were sagging, a fresco in the East Room was held in by scaffolding, and it was actually dangerous to be inside. In fact, the 1948 social season had to be cancelled (gasp!).