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The White House's Fence Upgrade Looks Straight Out Of Game Of Thrones

From toddlers to truly deranged adults, the White House has seen its share of intruders this year. Now, the Secret Service and the Parks Service are upgrading the fence that so many crazies have scrambled over. And they’re using millennia-old defence techniques.

Slightly Radioactive Drone Spotted On Japanese Prime Minister's Roof

There are plenty of things you might welcome on your roof: squirrels, tasteful weathervanes, Santa. But a radioactive drone probably isn’t one of them. Disturbingly, that’s exactly what was found atop Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Tokyo office Wednesday morning.

US Secret Service Wants To Build A Replica White House

The US Secret Service hasn’t been doing an awesome job guarding the White House lately, so Joseph Clancy, its director, plans to ask the House Appropriations Committee for $US8 million so that the US President’s guard can build a replica White House on the Secret Service training grounds in southern Maryland.

That Drone That Crashed Into The White House? Dude Was Drunk

Remember how the White House was in lockdown yesterday morning after a rogue DJI Phantom drone crashed into the lawn? According to The New York Times, the perpetrator was National Geospatial Intelligence Agency employee who’d been drinking and droning at a nearby apartment. Which, hey, it happens.

The White House Says Net Neutrality Laws Aren't Necessary

As the FCC prepares to finalise its net neutrality rules, the US President has become increasingly aggressive in its posture about how the process should work. On Thursday, the White House pushed back at the new Republican-led Congress by saying that net neutrality laws wouldn’t be necessary. It should be up to the FCC.

YouTube Stars Will Interview Obama After His State Of The Union Address

Tweens! What are they thinking? What apps are they using? What drugs are they doing? Who are they voting for? Technically no one, because that’s illegal — but Obama doesn’t care. As with everything else in life, he just wants the tweens to like him. And to accomplish that, he’s going to be interviewed by three tween-approved YouTube stars in the days following his State of the Union address. Really.

Obama Wants Hacking To Be A Form Of Racketeering

In the wake of the Sony hack and yesterday’s CENTCOM shitshow, President Obama just announced new cybersecurity legislation and related proposals for “securing cyberspace“. This is a good thing, because America’s cybersecurity kind of sucks. It’s also a worrisome thing, since cybersecurity legislation like this stands to stomp on our civil liberties. Or at least it has historically in the form of CISPA.

White House: Enough With The Damn Selfies Already

US President Obama had a meeting with Prince William in the Oval Office today. Sitting under the a portrait George Washington, the two men chuckled and acted like old pals. They did not, however, take any selfies. And neither did any of the reporters present, because they were explicitly asked not to take selfies in the Oval Office.

Google X's Vice President Just Got A Spot In The White House

The White House has announced Google X’s vice president Megan Smith as the next chief technology officer in the US, filling the void vacated by former CTO Todd Park last month. The CTO position was officially created by Obama back in 2009, when he was much more worried about the crushing Great Recession and bloated government spending was under more scrupulous attention.

The Phones On Air Force One Look Like Iron Man Accessories

Despite Harrison Ford’s best attempts to enlighten us, Air Force One remains a mysterious place. Pretty much the only time you get to see the inside of the president’s awesome aeroplane is when the White House photographer offers a peek. Ever notice how weird the phones look?

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