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Obama's $300 Million Proposal For Water Security Could Change Everything

With his 2017 budget heading to Congress this week, US President Obama has been busy making policy announcements. While an oil tax and autonomous vehicle plan are getting all the attention, a smaller element of the budget will have much greater impact: a proposal to make sure all Americans have access to clean, safe water.

White House Wants $1.8 Billion To Fight Zika 

The White House is asking Congress for $US1.8 billion to combat the Zika virus, both within the United States and abroad. This request is a heartening sign that the Obama administration is taking Zika seriously. But don’t worry, it’s not a sign that the US is bracing itself for a local mass outbreak.

Obama Pledges To Double Spending On Renewable Energy Research By 2020

President Obama will be sending his budget to the United States Congress this coming week, and in it, he’s announced that it will double the investment in research for clean and renewable energy sources.

Obama Wants To Tax Oil Companies And Give The Money To Green Transportation Projects

Oil is at its lowest price in decades, which has many people worrying about what burning all that cheap oil will do to an already crippled planet. Now US President Obama is proposing something pretty ambitious: Taxing oil companies to pay for cleaner transportation infrastructure.

You Can Now Take A Really Boring Virtual Reality Tour Of The White House 

Video: “Tour the White House in virtual reality.” That sounds unbelievably cool, but maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that it’s really not that exciting.

What The Oval Office Looks Like Empty

The Oval Office has a very pretty floor! You’d never know it based on most photos of the White House’s most famous non-square-shaped room, but the president spends his days walking on a Reagan-era design. It’s a heck of an improvement over the wood-grain linoleum of the Johnson years.

The White House Interns Have Pretty Good Taste In Music

Yo, President Obama, you have great taste in music. I know this because you have posted a few playlists on a newly-created White House Spotify account. You see? Barry Obama is just a regular guy who isn’t afraid to put Coldplay on a public playlist.

And Now, A Tweet From The White House's Official Iran Deal Twitter Account

It’s rare to see a Twitter exchange where the use of “memetacular” is the least upsetting part but here we are.

Everything You Need To Know About Obama's Clean Energy Plan

Last month, scientists at a UN conference delivered a sobering warning: To prevent catastrophic warming of the planet, we must reduce all carbon emissions to zero by the end of the 21st century. Today, the Obama administration announced its plan to get there.

White House Responds To Petition To Pardon Snowden With A Hard Pass 

Two years after 167,000 US citizens filed a petition to pardon Edward Snowden, the White House finally answered. The answer: Strong “no.” In a belated response, Homeland Security advisor Lisa Monaco accused Snowden of “running away from the consequences of his actions.”

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