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Western Digital Has An Unlimited Personal Cloud For All Your Stuff

Yesterday, Western Digital unveiled its first My Cloud storage solution for Australian consumers. The WD My Cloud is a personal cloud drive that allows users to remotely access and backup content across all of their devices. It’s essentially a cross between a traditional NAS and a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive with nearly unlimited storage potential. All data is stored on your own private device with no monthly fees to worry about.

Seagate Laptop Ultrathin HDD: At 5mm, Its Thinnest Yet

The hard disk wars rage on, pitched squarely at the next generation of super-thin tablets and laptops. Western Digital now has the world’s thinnest 1TB hard disk (7mm). And Seagate today unveiled the Laptop Ultrathin HDD: Up to 500GB of capacity in 25 per cent less space than its 7mm predecessor.

World's Thinnest 1TB Hard Drive: Just 7mm Thick

If you’re in the market for slimline storage, Western Digital has just the hard drive for you: it’s latest offering, WD Blue, crams 1TB into a case that’s just 7mm thick.

Lunchtime Deal: 2TB Western Digital Hard Drive For $98

Over the course of the year, you’ve probably filled up all of your hard drives and need some more space to play with. Don’t fret: 2TB Western Digital drives are $98 each at Harvey Norman right now.

Lunchtime Deal: Western Digital Elements 2TB For $99

Western Digital seems to be trying to get the 2TB Elements hard drive out the door this week. Both JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman have it on sale for $99. We’re all for it here at Lunchtime Deal, so here’s where to get at them. [JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman via OzBargain]

Here's A Humongous New 8TB Thunderbolt Hard Drive

Western Digital is really getting in bed with Thunderbolt. It already has a 2TB 10,000RPM monster, and now it has an 8TB external drive with Thunderbolt.

Helium-Filled Hard Disks: Less Drag, More Storage

Western Digital is planning to launch a range of helium-filled hard drives. Not to make them lighter or higher-pitched, though: with a density one-seventh that of air, the gas reduces internal drag, in turn boosting performance.

Western Digital's My Passport Edge Fits 500GB Of Storage In Your Pocket

If your MP3 collection has maxed out your ultrabook’s SSD right out of the box, Western Digital has a pair of new slim external drives designed to complement your laptop’s sleek profile. There’s one for Mac and one for PC.

Of Course You Need A 2TB 10,000RPM Hard Drive With Two Thunderbolt Ports

Cloud storage is great, but sometimes you still need fast, humongous local storage. How fast and humongous? How about, say, 2TB at 10,000RPM with two Thunderbolt ports.

Western Digital My Book Thunderbolt Duo Review: It's A Giant Gorilla

Western Digital’s inevitable Thunderbolt offering is missing solid state guts — and that hurts it a lot. But what it lacks in speed it makes up for in capacity. It’s an enormous vault with more space than most humans will ever need.

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