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Week In Review: Curiosity Rover's Upgrades, Mystery Islands, Lost Pyramids

If NASA can give the Curiosity Rover a software update from literally millions of kilometres away, why can’t I get phone coverage at my house? Also, mystery islands surfaced off the coast of New Zealand and Pyramids, once lost to time, have been spotted from space.

Week In Review: NBN Plans, Curiosity Lands And UFO Scans

It was an exciting week of space things here at Gizmodo Australia, but there were also a lot of other news, including some huge NBN news and a chance to go hands on with the Asus Transformer Infinity.

Week In Review: Optus 4G, Cloning Dinosaurs and AAPT's Data Breach

We saw some huge telco news this week, including a data breach from AAPT and Optus’ announcement that its 4G network is live around Sydney and Perth.

Week In Review: Tablet-tastic!

Week In Review: Tablet-tstic!

It was a big week for tablet news. From Microsoft’s Surface and Windows Phone 8 announcements, through to the Kogan Agora tablet hands on and Apple’s 4G iPad fine. All that and more in this week in review.

Week In Review: Portals, Doubles And A Dash Of Sunshine

Apple put on a show bright and early for WWDC, The Oatmeal went to war and we teamed up with science. Here’s what happened this week on Gizmodo Australia.

Week In Review: Space Features, Data Breaches and Goodbye Speeches

4G was explained, passwords were leaked and Mother Nature put on a show. Here’s what happened this week on Gizmodo Australia.

Week In Tech: Wozniak, BitTorrent Privacy, Giant Guns And Windows

Woz was Woz in Australia, Nokia showed off mobiles and really big guns were still being made perfect in this week’s top stories.

Week In Review: Galaxies, Grumpy Phones And CliffyB

The Galaxy S 3 finally arrived, we delved into CliffyB’s past and the mysteries of phone support were discussed in this week’s top stories.

Week In Review: Avengers, DRM, Browsers and Galaxies

The Avengers Assembled, Browsers battled and DRM was debated over the course of the week. Here’s the top stories from April 23rd to April 27th.

Week In Review: AFACT, Smartphones And Flying Drones

Drones flew through the air, Smartphones battled for supremacy and AFACT got slapped down by the High Court in this week’s top stories.

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