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Web Trumps Pits Site Against Site in a Card Game That Doesn't Need Internet Access

Based on a popular card game called Top Trumps created back in 1968, Web Trumps pits popular websites against each other in a card game that lets you see how your favourite site stacks up to the competition.

There's An Easy Way To Quickly Disable iOS 9's Content Blocking In Safari

If you’ve got that new and improved iOS 9, then Safari now includes content blocking capabilities. These blockers are enabled or disabled through the Safari section of Settings, but if you want to temporarily view a site in the way its makers intended then there’s a quick shortcut.

First Library To Offer Anonymous Web Browsing Stops Under DHS Pressure

A library in a small New Hampshire town started to help Internet users around the world surf anonymously using Tor. Until the US’ Department of Homeland Security raised a red flag.

Use Dropbox To Keep A Shared List Of Links Or Bookmarks

Dropbox is one of those services that’s always getting a minor upgrade or two in the background without anyone really noticing. One of the newest features added to the web interface is the ability to drag-and-drop links into a Dropbox folder for safe keeping — the feature’s rather rudimentary right now, but it’s a useful way of collecting a bunch of links together and (if you need to) sharing them around.

Author Bruce Sterling Testified To Congress In 1993 As A Time Traveller From 2015

In 1993, sci-fi author Bruce Sterling testified in front of a House subcommittee about the future of the internet — specifically, what “the Net” would look like in 2015.

Your Instagram Just Got A Major Design Overhaul On The Web

Instagram is almost aggressively mobile-focused — browsing Instagram.com often feels like being punished for not using the app. Today, Instagram announced a redesigned Instagram website that feels a little less like a half-abandoned hellscape afterthought.

Facebook's Messenger App Is Now A Full-Fledged Social Network

Facebook just checked off another step in its plan to turn Messenger into its own separate service — launching a distinct web version of its messaging app. If you go to Messenger.com today, you’ll see all your Facebook messages without dealing with Newsfeed.

What Is HTTP/2?

Have you heard? HTTP/2 is finally finished. That means that pretty soon webpages will load faster; connections will last longer; servers will respond to requests with more content. What’s not to like! But hold on a sec: What the heck is HTTP/2, again?

Second Coming: The First HTTP Update In 16 Years, HTTP/2, Is Finished

HTTP is one of the most fundamental standards on the internet. Now, after 16 years, it’s finally getting a facelift. Make way for HTTP/2.

30 Essential Shortcuts For Navigating Your Favourite Sites

It’s amazing the difference that a few keyboard shortcuts can make to your web surfing. We’ve picked out some of the most essential shortcuts for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Outlook and Netflix to help you get more done in less time. If you already knew about all of these beforehand, then you have our everlasting respect and admiration. If you don’t, prepare to get schooled.

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