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The Single Day Heat Record For The Eastern Hemisphere Has Just Been Shattered

Parts of the Middle East are getting absolutely scorched right now. Yesterday, the temperature in Mitribah, Kuwait soared to a blistering 54C. That’s a record for our planet’s Eastern hemisphere.

Clouds Reveal Features On The Surface Of Venus

Venus’s unusually thick atmosphere is typically regarded as a barrier that prevents us from gazing upon its tortured surface. By studying subtle shifts in weather patterns, however, scientists have learned that these clouds also offer important clues as to what lies beneath.

A Monster Typhoon Is About To Slam Into Taiwan

Taiwan is bracing as a category 5 super typhoon bears down on its coastline. Typhoon Nepartak is expected to bring torrential rainfall and enormous waves in its wake, meaning Taiwan, and subsequently mainland China, could be in for some serious flooding. This comes just days after central China experienced one of the deadliest flood-related disasters in its history.

NASA's Giant Super Balloon Mission Is Called Off Early

NASA’s most recent test flight of a super pressure balloon ended prematurely, but was still able to set some records along the way, including one for flight duration.

This Indestructible Camera Will Be The Only Thing Left To Record The Apocalypse

When you go to the trouble of installing a security camera in some hard-to-reach place, you want to know for certain it will survive with little need for maintenance. That’s what Panasonic is promising with this remote camera that keeps on recording even when the wind is blowing at preposterous speeds up to 210km/h.

Is It Safe To Eat Snow?

Quick! Something white, cold, and flaky is falling from the sky. Should you start eating it, perhaps by the spoonful? Maybe — but, more likely, maybe not.

Brits Are Mad Because Facebook Told Them It's Summer

Not that anybody needed a Facebook “it’s summer” reminder to begin with, but Brits are doubly annoyed that they got the greeting when it’s pouring rain outside.

A Massive Heat Dome Will Smash Records Across The US This Weekend

It’s not even summer yet, but it’s damn hot. A very large portion of the country is currently simmering in heat of 100 degrees or higher, and it could get even hotter.

What It's Like To Walk Against 100 MPH Winds

Video: Going up against winds over 161km/h? You’re going to lose. Watch as weather observers Mike Dorfman and Tom Padham from the Mount Washington Observatory goof off on the observation deck off the mountain in New Hampshire to show us what it’s like to stand, walk, and jump against 175km/h winds. The wind is so strong it pretty much acts like an invisible physical barrier.

The UFO Circling The Earth Really Is A Weather Balloon This Time

This is what NASA’s super pressure balloon looks like floating in the air at night. Perhaps you’ve already spotted the problem.

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