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Watch An Entire Year Of Weather In One Video

Video: Thanks to all the satellites hanging out watching our planet these days, 24/7 coverage of the weather is basically a given. So it’s not surprising that a year’s worth of weather can be condensed into one eight-minute video, but it’s still a damn beautiful sight.

Don't Let These Horror Stories About Turbulence Keep You From Flying

The internet is filled with butt-clenching stories of horrifying plane turbulence lately. Is dangerously rough air becoming more common nowadays, or what? Well, yes and no.

A White Sands Lightning Strike Separates The Heavens And The Earth 

Dayshot: Mike Mezeul II took this incredible image of a storm in 2014 at White Sands National Monument. It’s a beautiful image that shows off the ferocity of nature.

Commander Scott Kelly Had The Best View Of The Blizzard Over The US

Image Cache: The crew onboard the International Space Station has the absolute best view of Winter Storm Jonas last weekend. Commander Scott Kelly snapped a couple of pictures as they passed overhead, showing off the sheer size of the storm.

America's Colossal Snowstorm Shattered Even More Records Than Expected

Blizzards. Floods. Ice storms. Thundersnow. Hurricane-level winds. Plagues of locusts. OK, maybe not that last one. But all the rest of these hit the US hard last weekend, breaking records just as predicted — and in some cases even more than predicted.

Why The Full Moon Could Make The US Blizzard Even Worse

All signs are pointing toward a record blizzard having hit the D.C. Metro area this weekend, and the snowpocalypse chaos is already setting in. To make the meteorological blockbuster even more ominous, Winter Storm Jonas coincides with a full moon. Quick, sacrifice a goat!

NASA Thinks We've Hit Peak El Niño

Turns out, El Niño is the worst kind of party guest: the kind that shows up late and ready to rage, only to stumble home puking an hour later. That said, according to NASA, the climate phenomena that’s caused so much wacky weather these past 12 months is probably on the downswing. We may have hit peak Niño.

Google's New Weather Update Will Prepare You For The Boiling Days Ahead

I’m not one to talk to my phone. I don’t use voice messaging, or ask Google Now “is the voice of Gollum also the voice of Supreme Leader Snoke?” (It is, btw.) Hell, I barely even use the phone as a phone. But the one thing I do ask every single day is “What is the weather like?” As of today, Google Now has a better answer.

Temperatures Rose Above Freezing At The North Pole Today

This week, temperatures around the North Pole were 10C higher than usual for this time of year — and today, they rose above the freezing point.

Next Year's El Niño Looks Eerily Similar To 1998's Incredibly Powerful El Niño

What will the El Niño weather look like in 2016? The answer is chaotic, powerful — and perhaps oddly recognisable.

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