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Why Haven't These Dirty Piles Of Snow Melted Already?

Over the winter, the Eastern US was blanketed in blizzard after blizzard. As a stark reminder of Mother Nature’s bitchiness, two snow-plowed piles of that record snowfall lingered well into summer in two different cities. One of them is still frozen — a mud-caked sno-cone slowly oozing in the sun.

I Went Storm Chasing With NASA

It’s a dark and stormy night, 8.5km over the Midwest. Just after 10:30 PM, I’m standing aft of the cockpit of a NASA DC-8, while lightning flashes outside the cabin windows. A team of scientists recently took to the skies over Kansas and Nebraska to study how nighttime thunderstorms form over the Great Plains. The mission was called Plains Elevated Convection at Night, or PECAN. I was along for the ride.

A Lightning Storm Captured In Slow Motion Is Like An Electric Ballet

Video: Even as a little kid who wanted lightning to strike me so I could get superpowers, I’ve always loved seeing the electric bolts get speared down from the clouds. Seeing lightning was always cool, it was the lagging and crackling thunder that was the scary part of any storm. That’s why this video of slow motion lightning is great, no thunder, just bolts of lightning tagging the ground.

Stunning Timelapse Video Of The Sky Reveals Its Staggering Beauty

This timelapse video, Edge of Stability by Jeff Boyce, is fantastic. It captures the ferocity of the clouds, the sky and the phenomenons that happen up there, and it’s just stunning. Taken across 15 US states and Canada, some of the shots look absolutely unreal.

2014 Was The Warmest Year On Record

Do your recent weather memories include an unnaturally high number of heatwaves, droughts, and record-breaking temperatures? It wasn’t just your imagination: 2014 was one of the hottest years experienced by nearly everyone currently living on the planet.

Australian Snow Is So Rare We Don't Have Tools To Measure It

As a new climate report concluded this week, our planet is definitely getting warmer, which leads to more extreme temperatures around the world. Now Australia is seeing its coldest temperatures in decades, and many Australians saw snow for the first time in their lives last night.

It's Snowing In Parts Of Australia And The Photos Are Great

Schools are closed; trains are cancelled: snow is falling around New South Wales and parts of Queensland, and the photos are awesome.

US Coastlines Will Change Dramatically When Earth Warms By 2C

At a UNESCO climate conference last week, scientists declared (once again) that climate change is already happening. The evidence is our wacky weather — even Paris, where the conference was held, was broiling in a historic heatwave. But the biggest red flag is the rise in peak global mean temperatures: Which means rising sea levels will almost certainly be a reality, too.

This Trash-Covered Glacier Is A Monument To Boston's Godawful Winter

Over the course of last winter, Boston’s snowploughs moved thousands of tons of snow (and trash) into ‘snow farms’ around the city, where it sat waiting to melt in warmer weather. Well, the warmer weather’s still here, and so is the snow.

'Very Strong' El Niño Is Coming: But Will It End The Drought?

NOAA’s El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) discussion centre released its latest predictions for the gigantic weather event today. Wet weather is almost totally certainly heading to the western US. The question is, how much?

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