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What It's Like To Walk Against 100 MPH Winds

Video: Going up against winds over 161km/h? You’re going to lose. Watch as weather observers Mike Dorfman and Tom Padham from the Mount Washington Observatory goof off on the observation deck off the mountain in New Hampshire to show us what it’s like to stand, walk, and jump against 175km/h winds. The wind is so strong it pretty much acts like an invisible physical barrier.

The UFO Circling The Earth Really Is A Weather Balloon This Time

This is what NASA’s super pressure balloon looks like floating in the air at night. Perhaps you’ve already spotted the problem.

How Extreme Is The Weather On Other Planets In The Universe?

Video: Storms that go on for 400 years. Falling molten glass rain. Temperatures jumping from 500C to 1200C in just six hours. The weather in our universe is wild.

We Finally Know Why This El Niño Was Such A Monster

The strongest El Niño ever seen is finally gone. But before it left it had plenty to throw at us: Storms, droughts, blackouts, thousands of kilograms of dead fish. And we finally know just what it was that made El Niño so furious.

The Largest Cyclone Ever Recorded In The Indian Ocean Is Scary Large

It’s been a wild six months for megastorms. In October 2015, Hurricane Patricia became the most powerful ever measured, with winds topping 322km/h before being downgraded near the coast of Mexico. In February 2016, there was Winston, the most potent cyclone recorded in the Southern Hemisphere, which made landfall on Fiji. Now meet Fantala, the strongest storm measured over the Indian Ocean.

The US National Weather Service Is Writing Forecasts More Conversationally So People Will Read Them

FOR DECADES. . .THE US NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE. . . HAS ISSUED ITS FORECAST DISCUSSIONS IN SHOUTY CAPITAL LETTERS. . .USING FRAGMENTED SENTENCES. . .SEPARATED BY ELLIPSES. Yesterday it was announced that the National Weather Service will switch to mixed-case type and conversational language to provide a more user-friendly experience — and potentially save lives.

Loki Drops In To Local Weather Update To Blame Thor For Tornadoes

Video: Chicago’s Fox 32 was reporting on some extreme weather that was headed their way, and had a guest stop by to lend them a hand: Tom Hiddleston.

El Niño Might Deliver After All Thanks To 'Miracle March' Storms In The US

If there’s one thing we’ve come to expect from El Niño, it’s that we should expect pretty much anything. After a dry, hot February convinced everyone that El Niño had left the building — or ditched California completely — a new set of storms have provided a glimmer of great wet hope.

Recent Drought In Eastern Mediterranean Was The Worst In 900 Years

A new NASA study found that a drought that ended in 2012 was the worst in nearly a millennium for a huge swath of the planet.

Oh Great, Now 'Anti-El Niño' Is On Its Way

The latest forecast for El Niño is out, and it’s looking like we’ve seen the worst of it already. But as it fades, there’s something new coming up on the horizon. Are you ready for anti-El Niño?

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