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Here's What The Aftermath Of A Snowstorm Looks Like To A Satellite 

Image Cache: Sure, satellites can track storms and precipitation — but they can also measure snowfall on the ground.

This Year's Godzilla El Niño Could Be The Worst Ever Recorded

We already knew the Godzilla Cthulhu Sauron El Niño of 2015 was gonna be bad. But exactly how bad are we talking? According to the World Meteorological Organisation, this year’s El Niño is among the three strongest in the past 70 years, and it may become the worst one ever recorded.

How NASA Tests A New Weather Satellite Using Mules And Sensors

When you launch a new satellite, how do you know for sure that its measurements are accurate? It’s a lot harder than you’d think — and NASA is heading to the Pacific Northwest to do it. Pack animals are involved.

Yemen Is Bracing For Its Second Major Cyclone In A Single Week

Yemen is not known for its tropical storms, yet the desert country is now facing its second major cyclone within a single week. Ravaged by civil war — and still recovering from Cyclone Chapala — Yemen is once again preparing for a bout of rainfall and flooding.

This Wall Of Clouds Creeping Over Bondi Beach Is So Ominous

Video: If I saw these clouds coming at me like this, I would drop everything, turn around, and start running. It’s absolutely what I envision the end of the world looking like. These shelf clouds popped up and rolled into and over Bondi Beach yesterday and look absolutely terrifying. Nothing really happened but it totally looks like a tsunami made of clouds.

The US Is Finally Heeding Warnings About A Monster Solar Storm

We’re all too familiar with the dangers posed by earthquakes, droughts, and hurricanes. But there’s another natural phenomena that represents a growing threat to our tech-driven society, and that’s space weather. And at long last, the US government seems to be taking the issue seriously.

This Is What The Strongest Tropical Cyclone Ever Recorded Looked Like From Space

Yesterday, NASA’s Suomi NPP satellite passed over Hurricane Patricia, the most powerful tropical cyclone ever measured, and captured this stunning image in infrared.

This Year Looks Just Like 1997's Insanely Terrible El Niño

This year America’s winter “will definitely not be normal,” NASA has said. It is, however, awfully familiar.

Proof That The Sky Is Both A Magical Being And A Terrifying Force Of Nature

My favourite parts of Mike Olbinski’s Monsoon II isn’t the terrifying bits where the sky turns evil dark monster and decides to pour lightning and strike water down onto the ground but when it dances around like a balletic being and then notices that we’re watching and moves its clouds so it envelopes us all. What a world to look up to.

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