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What It Really Means When There's A 50 Per Cent Chance Of Rain

As a student and observer of meteorology, it constantly bums me out that people do not understand what it means when someone says there’s an “X per cent chance of rain” tomorrow. A 50 per cent chance of rain does not mean there’s a one-in-two chance that you’re going to get wet.

Unprecedented Flooding Leaves Baltimore Suburb Looking Like A 'War Zone'

Heavy flooding in Ellicott City, Maryland this weekend left two people dead and necessitated the rescue of 100 others, in what one county executive described as the worst destruction in generations.

America's Weather Is Pretty Insane Right Now

If you take a look at the weather the USA has been experiencing lately, there seems to be a clear message: the Earth doesn’t want us here anymore. It’s been politely hinting we’ve overstayed our welcome for some time, and now it’s resorted to throwing plates. We did this to ourselves. It’s time to bow out gracefully.

Watch A Crazy Storm Consume The Skies Above Phoenix

Video: Check out this a microburst near Phoenix, AZ, sas hot from Phoenix Sky Harbour international airport. According to Bryan Snider, the photographer who captured this terrorstorm sweeping across the rapidly-darkening Arizona sky, there was flash flooding in the area. Oh yeah, and lightning, high winds, and hail.

This Is What It Looks Like When Lightning Strikes The Empire State BuildingĀ 

Video: A lightning bolt and the Empire State Building. Here’s what it looks like when the two collide.

The Single Day Heat Record For The Eastern Hemisphere Has Just Been Shattered

Parts of the Middle East are getting absolutely scorched right now. Yesterday, the temperature in Mitribah, Kuwait soared to a blistering 54C. That’s a record for our planet’s Eastern hemisphere.

Clouds Reveal Features On The Surface Of Venus

Venus’s unusually thick atmosphere is typically regarded as a barrier that prevents us from gazing upon its tortured surface. By studying subtle shifts in weather patterns, however, scientists have learned that these clouds also offer important clues as to what lies beneath.

A Monster Typhoon Is About To Slam Into Taiwan

Taiwan is bracing as a category 5 super typhoon bears down on its coastline. Typhoon Nepartak is expected to bring torrential rainfall and enormous waves in its wake, meaning Taiwan, and subsequently mainland China, could be in for some serious flooding. This comes just days after central China experienced one of the deadliest flood-related disasters in its history.

NASA's Giant Super Balloon Mission Is Called Off Early

NASA’s most recent test flight of a super pressure balloon ended prematurely, but was still able to set some records along the way, including one for flight duration.

This Indestructible Camera Will Be The Only Thing Left To Record The Apocalypse

When you go to the trouble of installing a security camera in some hard-to-reach place, you want to know for certain it will survive with little need for maintenance. That’s what Panasonic is promising with this remote camera that keeps on recording even when the wind is blowing at preposterous speeds up to 210km/h.

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