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Electronic Sensor Tattoos Can Now Be Printed Directly Onto Human Skin

Thanks to the same people that brought us the stick-on electric tattoo and stretchable battery, we’re now looking at a future of electronic sensors that can be printed directly onto human skin.

Google's Talking Shoe: Because Wearable Computing Or Something

Wearable computing! Yeah! Woo! Glasses! More (probably non-existent) glasses! Watches! Shoes? Shoes!

Apple Is Probably Messing Around With A Curved Display, iOS-Powered Watch

The tablet revolution has arrived and stabilised and now everybody’s scrambling for the next big thing. Google’s quite publicly doing its whole glasses thing, but Apple’s been characteristically quite about any fancy new digs. Now, the New York Times is reporting that Apple’s got an iOS watch in development, but deep, deep, deeeeep under cover.

Under-Your-Clothes Vibration-Feedback System Improves Your Posture

Chronic slouchers and hunchers, listen up. Risr is a new technology that uses safe vibration feedback to correct poor posture, a special vest made of a delicate network of wires and vibrating sensors.

Valve Is Testing These Crazy Gaming Goggles

The New York Times has a great feature on Valve and some of the things they’ve been up to recently, including these crazy wearable goggles.

You Might Unlock Google Glasses By Simply Rolling Your Eyes

Google has earned a patent for screen unlock that uses eye-tracking information, meaning when you finally get your hands on a pair of its augmented reality specs, you could access them with an eye roll. Just don’t let your mum see you do that.

Would Your Rather Wear A Computer On Your Face Or Your Body?

When it comes to interacting with computers in unorthodox ways, Google Glass is the first thing that comes to mind. But it’s not the only concept; there’s also the computer integrated into our clothing, fitness and health concepts that can provide bio-feedback, and others that can control your MP3s. But what about a fully programmable shirt?

Apple Patents Its Own Wearable Computer

Move over Google Glass, Apple wants some room on the wearable computer shelves too.

HP's Future Computing Vision: Flexible Displays And Super-Fast Storage Circuitry

HP has a long history of spending money on research and development, but as with most companies the curtain is rarely drawn back on what’s imminent from such research. In Shanghai, HP gave Gizmodo a sneak peek at its flexible display and circuit plans.

The OmniTouch Makes Any Surface Interactive

For all the power and connectivity that modern mobile devices offer these days, why are we still typing on screens (or, God forbid, numerical pads) barely three fingers wide? A new wearable GUI system aims to turn any surface within arm’s reach into an input device.

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