Crazy Weapon Combines All Four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Weapons

What’s the best weapon from TMNT? Is it Leonardo’s katana, Raphael’s sais, Michelangelo’s nunchuks or Donatello’s bo staff? Or maybe it’s none of them because it’s actually all of them. Watch Man at Arms: Reforged combine all four weapons into one insane ninja weapon.

OK, This Paintball Machine Gun Is Simply Ridiculous

Most paintballers make do with semi-automatic markers — if you’re accurate enough and fast with the trigger, it’ll do a marvellous job of covering your friends in scintillating pink and green. For the professional however, sometimes you just need something bigger. And faster. And stupid. Like this 8mm Breda M37 replica that shoots paintballs… lots of paintballs.

These Badass Wolverine Claws Would Be Perfect For Batman's Armour

The ever creative guys of Man At Arms: Reforged created Wolverine claws that Batman would wear, which means Wolverine’s blades have been replaced with super-sharp batarangs, and the whole rig is armoured and blacked out just for the dark knight.

Self-Guided Bullets That Change Course Midair Are Now Terrifyingly Real

The military masterminds at DARPA have just changed everything you think you know about bullets. Meet the Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance, or EXACTO, a .50-cal bullet that manoeuvres itself mid-air to stay locked on target. Here’s footage of the first live test: it sure as hell looks like the technology works.

Iraq Rebels Have Seized 40kg Of Uranium

According to Reuters, Iraqi rebels have stolen 40kg of uranium compounds that were being used for scientific research at a university in the city of Mosul.

If Einstein Had Never Been Born, Would We Still Have Nuclear Weapons?

Albert Einstein and his equation E=mc² are famously connected to the modern atomic age. But as nuclear historian Alex Wellerstein writes in this counter-factual account of history, the great physicist mattered less than you’d think in the invention of the nuclear bomb.

France Is Still Cleaning Up 100-Year-Old Bombs From The First World War

A century ago today, the first shots of WWI were fired. It was the first modern conflict, fought with fatally efficient technology. Even today, crews must safely destroy bombs left untouched for a century. Erik Olsen traveled with one of those crews for The New York Times, bringing us a video glimpse at the delicate task of cleaning up history.

These DIY Office Supply Weapons Definitely Won't Get You Fired, Nope

You graduated from high school and found your way to a desk job, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave rubber-band-powered projectile launchers behind. YouTube’s mist8k is here to show us how to build three weapons of mass distraction, using stuff you’ve already got at your desk. Now (goofing off at) work can be fun!

Google Glass Could Let Soldiers Shoot Around Corners

Google Glass is finding a place on the mean city streets, but it could also prove useful in the battlefield too. Soon, Glass could allow soldiers to shoot round corners, using the HUD to take aim while behind cover.

How To Make All The Sci-Fi Weapons You Can Imagine With One Nerf Rifle

This video is a promotion for a special audio and visual effects plug-in company, but I’m a sucker for sci-fi eye candy. It shows how to make all the sci-fi weapons you can imagine using a Nerf rifle, a can of black spray paint and the magic of Adobe After Effects.