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How Many Shots From An Assault Rifle Can A Ceramic Body Armour Plate Take Before Breaking?

Can body armour stand up to an assault rifle? Can a ceramic plate not shatter against the bullets of an AR-15 and AK-47 hybrid weapon? Demolition Ranch investigated by shooting the crap out of the body armour to see how long it takes for a bullet to pierce and penetrate through.

Making A Real Life Version Of The Grappling Hook Rope Launcher From Assassin's Creed

No one has as much fun making crazy inventions or real life versions of weapons from pop culture we dream about than Colin Furze. Here he is making the grappling hook rope launcher from the video game Assassin’s Creed. It’s part of his series in trying to make a real life version of the Hidden Blade. Seeing the rope fire off is pretty damn cool.

Watch A New AHS Krab Howitzer Fire Its Powerful Cannon

Here’s a short clip of the latest Polish howitzer design, the AHS Krab, firing its 155mm calibre cannon. The smoke shroud that’s created after the shot is impressive but I love seeing how the cannon retracts the kickback from firing its gun into its own arm.

Previously Unreleased Footage Of 1955 Atomic Bomb Testing, In Glorious HD

Atom Central recently published these four unreleased videos of atomic bomb testing in 1955. The footage, taken from Operation Teapot at the test site in Nevada, is in glorious HD so it’s pretty incredible but watch out for the blinding light. Even in a small little YouTube window, it hurts.

Legend Of Zelda Shield Backpack Must Be How Link Carries All That Gear

It’s always been a bit of a mystery how a child could carry a vast arsenal of medieval weapons, bombs, potions, and instruments in nothing but a tunic. But we might finally have an answer if it turns out Link’s shield was secretly always really a backpack.

This Ridiculous Gun Was Made To Shoot 100 Birds At Once

If you happen to think killing two birds with one stone is a bit inefficient, or you have found your way into a zombie apocalypse, you might be interested in a special type of gun known as a “punt gun,” that used to be somewhat common among commercial waterfowl hunters. What’s so special about this gun? It is capable of killing upwards of 50-100 birds in a single shot.

How Many Gun Shots And What Calibre Of Bullet Does It Take To Actually Bust Open A Lock?

We see it in movies all the time — somebody needs to get passed a locked door. Shoot up that padlock with your gun and boom, you’re clear on the other side. But does that actually work in real life? Demolition Ranch attempted to find out, with different guns and different calibre bullets and a whole lot of shooting to find out.

How Does 45 Layers Of Bulletproof Glass Stand Up Against A Firing RPG?

Can 45 layers of bulletproof glass — 45 layers that combine to make a 40 centimetre thick bullet stopping wall, mind you — survive against a RPG-7 rocket launcher? The idea is to find out if it’s possible to use bulletproof glass to armour a tank against anti-tank weapons such as a RPG.

The Best Thing About Nerf's Modular Dart Gun Is Buying Spare Parts

This is ridiculous. Nobody needs this much Nerf gun. But the nice thing about Nerf’s new Modulus blaster is that you get to pick just how much Nerf gun you want.

The Golden Glittery Fireworks Of A Grenade Launcher Captured In A Photo

Image Cache: It looks more like a flamethrower or a firework shooter or a glitter dust bomb gun but it’s actually a firing M32 grenade launcher. It’s a picture of Marines training Malaysian Armed Forces during a non-lethal weapons seminar. What perfect timing it must’ve been to capture this shot.

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