Recovered ISIS Laptop Reveals Terror Group's Bio-Warfare Plans

When fighters belonging to a moderate Syrian rebel force raided an ISIS hideout earlier this year, they could never have expected to come away with a haul as valuable as this. What they found wasn’t weapons or ammo or money, it was a laptop. A laptop filled with thousands of hidden files filled containing schemes, bomb-making instructions and research on building a homebrew biological weapon of mass destruction.

Captain America Should Use These Throwing Ninja Star Shield Weapons

Captain America’s shield is as iconic as comic book superhero weapons get but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement. Man at Arms: Reforged decided to give it an upgrade by turning the shield into throwing ninja stars. Captain America should definitely use them for his next movie.

The Newest Weapon In The Fight Against Land Mines Could Be...Plants

Land mines are not only explosive but also poisonous, leaking toxins into the soil that make plants sick. That’s unfortunate for the plants but fortunate for us — if we can figure out how to look for sick plants as harbingers of land mines. Aeroplanes equipped with a low-cost sensor that captures non-visible light might be the answer.

A Lightsaber Katana Is The Closest We'll Get To Star Wars In Real Life

I’m still holding out hope for lightsabers in the future, but with our world’s technological limitations and silly allocation of resources, the most beautiful deadly sword-type weapon we can create without lasers might be this mashup of a lightsaber and katana made by Man At Arms: Reforged.

The Supersonic Nazi Rocket Concept Designed To Bomb Any City In 1 Hour

When WWII ended, US engineers examined a trove of Nazi concepts for rocket-powered weapons and aeroplanes. One of the most terrifying was Eugen Sänger’s antipodal bomber, a manned supersonic plane designed to reach any city on Earth in one hour. Thankfully, it never worked.

Shooter Hits 900m Target In World Record 9mm Hand Gun Shot

Video: Legendary shooter Jerry Miculek used his special Smith & Wesson — created in his honour — to shoot a target 1000 yards (914.4m) away — a new world record. Notice that it takes about four seconds for the bullet to reach its target. Amazing. Jerry had to aim to the sky — 45m above the balloon — in order to hit it.

You're Halfway To Becoming A Superhero With A Wrist-Worn Crossbow

If you want to remain one of the most popular custom weapons builders on YouTube, you need to keep innovating and improving your craft. Patrick Priebe’s new WristBow Mk II is actually an update of his first wrist-worn crossbow that now features a semi-automatic reloading mechanism, allowing it to hold eight tiny darts in a clip for taking down multiple baddies — or watermelons.

This Giant Flamethrower Was The Most Terrifying Weapon Of World War I

You’re looking at a Livens Large Gallery Flame Projector in action, the mother and father of all flamethrowers, capable of torching everything as far as 40m away. They were deployed for the first time in World War I by the British Army and apparently they were quite effective.

Crazy Weapon Combines All Four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Weapons

What’s the best weapon from TMNT? Is it Leonardo’s katana, Raphael’s sais, Michelangelo’s nunchuks or Donatello’s bo staff? Or maybe it’s none of them because it’s actually all of them. Watch Man at Arms: Reforged combine all four weapons into one insane ninja weapon.

OK, This Paintball Machine Gun Is Simply Ridiculous

Most paintballers make do with semi-automatic markers — if you’re accurate enough and fast with the trigger, it’ll do a marvellous job of covering your friends in scintillating pink and green. For the professional however, sometimes you just need something bigger. And faster. And stupid. Like this 8mm Breda M37 replica that shoots paintballs… lots of paintballs.

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