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Forging A Beautiful Sword From A Crowbar Is Smart As Hell

If you think about it, a crowbar already comes vaguely sword-shaped (or as sword-shaped as any long metal tool can be). You just need to hammer down the curved end of the crowbar to create a hilt and then sharpen the straight edge to create the blade. To add flair to the super simple concept, Miller Knives gave the sword a stylish curve. You can’t even tell the beautiful weapon actually started out as a lowly crowbar.

A Real-Life Version Of Doom's BFG Reveals Just How Gigantic It Really Is

Doom is known for being one of the original multiplayer first-person shooters that let you and your friends run around blasting each other to pieces. But most players probably instead remember it fondly for the BFG, the ultimate blaster upgrade that now exists in real-life, too.

Nerf's New Accustrike Blasters Use Redesigned Darts For Improved Accuracy

Given they’re just toys, Nerf’s blasters aren’t really known for accuracy. The best approach has always been to just send as many darts as possible at your target to improve your chances of hitting it. But with Nerf’s new Accustrike line, precision, patience and aiming are finally the better approach.

A Bowling Ball Slingshot Is Exactly As Destructive As You Hope It Would Be

Video: To celebrate reaching a million subscribers on YouTube, the internet’s favourite slingshot-building madman, Joerg Sprave, has engineered his largest creation to date: A massive elastic-powered weapon that turns bowling balls into flying projectiles.

A Katana Slicing Roses In Slo-Mo Is A Perfect Metaphor For Your Last Few Valentine's Days

Video: Does just the thought of February 14 fill you with dread? Did you spend the last couple of Valentine’s Days alone, in bed, eating ice cream straight from the tub? If this video of roses being sliced up with a katana blade in slow motion seems like the perfect metaphor for your love life, it might also make you feel a little better about the worst of the Hallmark holidays.

Transforming A Horseshoe Into A Super Sharp Knife Is Pretty Clever

Video: You can basically transform anything made out of metal into a working knife — if you blast it with enough heat, pound it enough times with a hammer and then sharpen it over and over again. Even an old horseshoe can become an implement of danger. Watch as Miller Knives uses the U-shape of the shoe to cook up a pretty looking blade with a bad arse curved handle. That bend is sweet.

Crazy Japanese Inventor Builds Lethal Water Gun

Video: When the Super Soaker was released 25 years ago, it stirred up a bit of controversy when some idiots filled the water guns with bleach. But that’s nothing compared to how dangerous this pressurised water gun that YouTuber Asp built. It’s capable of inflicting a tremendous amount of damage, even serious bodily harm if pointed in the wrong direction.

Anyone Can Go Rogue With Nerf's New Star Wars Blasters

Every new Star Wars movie means the fictional universe gets new characters, new storylines, new planets, new vehicles, and, most importantly, new toys. With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hitting theatres in just a few months, the film’s marketing onslaught is now officially underway, including new blasters from Nerf if you’ve got Death Star plans of your own to steal.

Brilliant Hacker Turned The Classic NES Zapper Into A Kickarse Toy Laser Gun

For the upcoming Hacked on Classics show being held as part of the Brighton Digital Festival in the UK this month, hacker Seb Lee-Delisle modified the classic NES’ Zapper accessory with LEDs, a green laser, the smoke-generating parts from an e-cigarette and a small blower to create the convincing effect of a functional laser pistol.

Forging A Badass Tomahawk From An Old Wrench Is Really Clever 

Video: Every wrench sitting in a toolbox wants to grow up to become a tomahawk. That’s because the locked jaw of a wrench actually makes for a pretty perfect axehead after it gets heated and treated and, well, hammered into shape.

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