The US Army Is Testing A Ray Gun To Kill Electronics In Battle

The Army’s M4 assault rifle usually has a singular, deadly purpose: sending 5.56mm chunks of copper at things you don’t like very much. But according to Defense One, the US Army is working on an attachment for the M4 that would pretty much turn it into a ray gun.

I Can Hear The Sound Of Artillery Firing In This Photo Of A Howitzer

I’m not a gun nut, but I love badass machines and this photo of US Marines firing a howling M777 Howitzer is mechanical awesomeness dripping with badassery. I can almost hear the thumping blast of the Howitzer firing from just looking at the picture. It’s, yep, pretty badass.

Making A Real-Life Version Of Loki's Sceptre Weapon From The Avengers

Recreating the Chitauri Sceptre, also known as Loki’s badass, brain-controlling staff from The Avengers, in real life might be the most impressive build that Man At Arms has ever done. The detail is unbelievable: melting glass and glass casting to create the right infinity stone, perfectly cutting out the design of the sceptre and beautiful brass covers for the staff.

A Collapsible Rubber Cone Lets This Tiny Slingshot Hide In Your Pocket

Although most commonly thought of as a toy for young troublemakers, the slingshot can also be a useful survival and hunting tool in the right hands. And the Pocket Shot, an unorthodox but compact and highly portable take on the slingshot, is easy to keep on hand whether you’re heading out for some camping, or just out to cause trouble in your neighbourhood.

Slow-Motion Video Of Firing An RPG Shows The Massive Back Blast-Off

Video: Here’s footage from Vickers Tactical showing what firing a RPG-7 looks like in slow motion. It’s like a rocket launch, only turned horizontal. The back blast-off is so huge that it might be just as bad to stand directly behind the RPG as it would be to stand it front of it. OK, maybe not. But still.

The UN Will Debate Whether To Ban Killer Robots

Whether or not to preemptively ban killer robots will be a debate point at a United Nations meeting next week. And yes, “killer robots” sounds like a sci-fi cliche. But this is the reality of the future of warfare, and this debate is unlikely to do much other than highlight how sinister military tech may become.

Trying To Make Game Of Thrones Valyrian Steel Sword With Real Materials 

Nothing reigns consistently in Game of Thrones (and George R.R. Martin’s “Song of Ice and Fire” book series that inspired it) except Valyrian steel, a magical sword material. Valyrian steel is, of course, extremely not real. But materials scientist Ryan Consell took a look at its chemistry anyway.

Making A Real-Life Version Of Arya Stark's Needle From Game Of Thrones

Video: Man at Arms is at its best when it makes real-life versions of the weapons we see in our favourite movies, TV shows, comic books and video games. Turning something that lived in our dreams into something in real life is always fun. This video has the guys artfully making Arya’s Needle sword and nailing every little detail on the tiny, deadly sword.

Stop And Stare In Awe At A Chainsaw-Powered Marble-Firing Machine Gun

His true passion might be designing and building some of the most ridiculous slingshots the internet has ever seen, but even Joerg Sprave needs to stretch his creative wings from time to time. Which is why Joerg’s most recent creation is an insane chainsaw-powered wooden machine gun that can decimate a target firing nothing but marbles.

What's Inside A Shotgun Shell And Why

A shotgun shell can achieve anything from lightly peppering a clay target at close range to taking down a deer at 32m. And that huge variance in capability can all come out the business end of a single gun. That’s because you can precisely tailor what’s inside a shell to your specific needs. Here’s how.

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