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Someone Invented The Champagne Gun

Just let that sink in folks. Yes, with all the world’s problems solved, one or more engineers tasked themselves with the last, great obstacle facing mankind: How does one efficiently spray another person with bubbly booze? Don’t panic, we figured it out.

Seeing A Bullet Shoot Out From A Homemade Quad Barrel Shotgun Is Unreal

Video: Wow. Let’s never ever be on this end of a gun barrel in real life, but seeing the slug shoot out from this homemade quad barrel shotgun is really, really impressive. The homemade weapon is pure insanity — like something only fit for a comic book villain — because its four shotgun barrels in one. Seeing it fire in slow motion is unreal. You can basically see the bullet dance in the air.

All The Largest Nuclear Explosions In History

Video: Nuclear bombs are the deadliest weapons we’ve ever created because of the destruction they have caused to human life and the damage they leave with radiation and the sheer magnitude of their explosions. The arms race led to more and more testing of bigger and bigger bombs. Here are the largest nuclear explosions in history.

Blacksmiths Recreate Xena's Impossibly Dangerous Death Boomerang

Video: Lets clear up a couple of things: Yes, I know they’re called chakram, and that they’re real weapons that come from India. I also know they don’t fly back to you when thrown, or separate into weird knives.

Beyond Gorgeous Video Shows The Making Of A Damascus Steel Sword

Video: Turn it up to 8K if you can (you can’t), because this truly awesome video of master bladesmith Tony Swatton working on a Roman Gladius Sword made from damascus steel is a treat to watch. Damascus steel is basically art in a material, the metal developing a wavy pattern as the layers get built. This sword is especially awesome because it combines a 93-layer damascus technique in the blade with a twisted grip.

Transforming A Hammer Head Into An Axe

Video: While most people see a hammer and just see a hammer, The Art of Weapons sees the potential to turn the brute hardened steel into an axe. Basically, the head of the hammer turned into the axe blade and the claw side of the hammer got forged together to form one spike. The whole process turning a blunt smashing object into a sharp cutting device is pretty fun to see.

This Home-Made Fireworks Rocket Launcher Will Literally Blow Your Socks Off

Dangerous. Absurd. Utterly mental. These words perfectly describe YouTube mechanic Colin Furze and his latest piece of gadgetry — a home-made rocket launcher designed for fireworks. Sure, accuracy and distance prove a bit of a problem, but otherwise, it does what it’s meant to.

Watch A Bowling Ball Get Shot Out Of A Cannon And Smashed Into Pieces

Video: Would shooting bowling balls out of a cannon make for good artillery? Sort of! The bowling balls whirrs out fast and strong and tries to strike everything in its way. It won’t break everything because if the ball comes in contact with a hard surface, it basically gets smashed into smithereens. Still, it’s a fun little trick to have in the arsenal.

The F-35 Has Big Radar Problems, The Fix Is Hilarious

Now, more than $US1 trillion into its development, the F-35 aircraft is experiencing glitches with its radar systems. US Air Force major general Jeffrey Harrigian explained the problem in an IHS Jane report: “What would happen is they’d get a signal that says either a radar degrade or a radar fail — something that would force us to restart the radar.”

This Net-Firing Cannon Can Take Down A Drone Without Destroying It

Behold SkyWall100, the latest in a string of new tools to neutralise problematic drones. This shoulder-mounted cannon can capture a drone with a net — and then land it safely with a parachute.

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