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The Ambitious $US55 Million Plan To Replace The Lead Pipes In Flint Will Only Take A Year

Today, Flint’s mayor announced an ambitious plan to replace the damaged and dangerous drinking water infrastructure below the city’s streets — and work can begin as soon as next month.

California's Most Famous Empty Lake Is Full Again, Thanks To El Niño

El Niño’s been very busy blasting the US West Coast with storms. Now Folsom Lake, one of the most famous lakes to be depleted by California’s drought, has surpassed its average water level for early February and will soon reach capacity for this time of year.

Dystopia: When Walmart Is Supplying Your City's Water

Anything is better than drinking lead-poisoned water. But when Walmart, Coca Cola, and Nestlé are the only ones stepping up and offering alternatives, the future looks pretty grim.

Flint Mayor Knew About Bad Water's Direct Connection To Legionnaires Disease Outbreak

Just as Flint residents began to realise the severity of their water crisis, US public health officials became alarmed about an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease, which ended up killing nine people in the city. Emails just made public show that Michigan leaders were made aware of the connection between lead and the disease almost a year ago, but did nothing to take action for many more months.

Way To Go Everyone, We Ruined Almonds

Great job, internet. Remember all that shit-talking you did about almonds sucking up too much of California’s drought-plagued water? Now the price of almonds is way down, and people just aren’t grabbing America’s nuts like they used to, causing serious damage to the industry.

Do Not Use Amazon Prime To Send Bottled Water To Flint

Michael Moore says don’t send bottled water to Flint. The group that pushed to have Flint’s water tested in the first place says don’t send bottled water to Flint. But still, people are using their Amazon Prime accounts to send pallets of bottled water to Flint. Don’t do this.

What Happened In Flint Doesn't Mean You Should Stop Drinking Tap Water

Lead poisoning the drinking water of Flint, Michigan, is the worst possible disaster — it’s a breakdown of urban systems that could’ve been avoided. It’s an instance of smarmy politicians lying to their constituents. It’s one of the scariest stories I’ve had to write about in some time. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trust the water coming out of your tap.

Flint Mayor: Water Still Showing Lead Levels Beyond What Filters Can Remove

After lead poisoned the drinking water in Flint, residents received filters they were told would make their tap water safe. Now, tests over the last 24 hours are showing that lead levels in some homes are still too high for a filter to handle.

There's An Inflatable Life Jacket Hidden Inside This Comfy Shirt

It doesn’t matter how amazing a swimmer you are, going out on a boat, or kayak or paddle board without wearing a life jacket is a stupid idea — accidents can always happen. But convincing people to wear a life jacket could be a lot easier when they’re as comfortable to wear as a favourite shirt.

Michael Moore: Don't Send Bottled Water To Flint

The lead contamination crisis in Flint has resulted in a tidal wave of bottled water being shipped to the state to provide emergency drinking water for residents. Flint’s most famous resident, Michael Moore, recently pleaded with the world: Please, do not send any more bottled water.

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