This Machine Generates Electricity From Humidity

This silver cube looks like it belongs on a spaceship — but actually it’s way more exciting than that. In fact, it can create electricity from humidity, as water condenses on its internal surfaces.

The Surprising Science In A Single Drop Of Regular Ol' Tap Water

Tap water: we drink it, we bathe in it, we wash our clothes and dishes with it, and we cook with it. We probably take it for granted. But delivering clean, safe water to every kitchen and bathroom in the country is no easy task, as Wired explains in this eye-opening little explanation into the secret life of tap water.

Why Is Some Ice Clear And Some Cloudy?

Unless you happen to have a specialised ice machine in your home, it is practically guaranteed that the ice your freezer makes is of the cloudy variety. A popular and well-known trick to making clear(er) ice is to either boil the water first or use distilled water. However, even doing this won’t guarantee the kind of perfectly clear ice you’d find in a high-end bar or restaurant. This is because how clear ice is, is only partially dependent on the purity of the water you use, meaning even if you managed to procure the tears of a Saint and pass them through the world’s best water filter, you’d still likely end up with ice that was a little cloudy.

This Is Why You Should Only Drink Water With Impurities

Video: It may sound like a good idea to drink the purest water you can find, but as this video explains, that is not actually the case. Ultra pure water has no impurities — so absolutely no taste — but also in large quantities it will harm and even kill you, because it will leech the minerals from your body.

There Are Vast Reserves Of Ancient Freshwater Hidden Below The Ocean

When you’re drilling deep under the seabed, the last thing you might expect is freshwater. Yet Danish scientists on a recent expedition in the Baltic Sea suddenly found freshwater gushing up from their drill. In fact, undersea freshwater reserves are hidden all over the world, and some claim this could quench our thirst for decades to come.

How Fast Do You Have To Run If You Want To Walk On Water?

It’s possible to walk on water. I mean, you can skip a stone across water too, right? It’s just not exactly humanly possible. Water can theoretically support the weight of a human only if they have beyond enormous feet or if they can run stupid fast. How fast?

Why Do Ice Cubes Crack When You Drop Them In Drinks?

The sound of summer is ice cracking as you pour yourself a cold drink. Hearing that snap and pop cools everybody down. But why does ice crack? Periodic Videos explains the reason why ice straight from freezer suffers that sudden crack versus how ice left on a tray will just melt instead of crack.

A Water Filter You Won't Be Ashamed To Leave On The Dinner Table

I’m a tap drinker, but I understand if you’d like some filtration with your hydration. What I don’t understand is the use of crappy plastic pitchers to clean and store your water. Here’s a far more elegant solution.

Here's What It's Like To Plummet Down The World's Tallest Water Slide

This first-person footage shows that the world’s largest waterslide is nothing to trifle with. It’s scary. People will pretty much plummet straight down a 51-metre tall slide — which makes it the world’s tallest water slide — at thigh burning speeds to blast over a massive hill to ride another “mini” 15m slide. It doesn’t get any sicker than this.

How To Grow Food In The Middle Of A Desert Using Seawater

As conventional sources of clean water dry up, we’re looking ever farther, wider, and deeper. In a long feature on unusual sources of water, Nature leads us somewhere especially unexpected — into the middle of a desert. The Sahara Forest Project wants to prove we can green the desert, turning barren land into oases of cucumbers and melons. And the water? It will come from the sea.