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Lettuce Is The Bottled Water Of Groceries

Another day, another story about what we should consume when confronted with a water-scarce future. On today’s chopping block: Lettuce, should you eat it? Let us begin with this provocative statement: A head of iceberg contains the same amount of water as a bottle of Evian, it’s wrapped in lots of plastic, and shipping it around the world is just as awful for the environment.

Greenland's Ice Sheets Are Getting Cooked By Warm Ocean Currents

The retreat of Arctic sea ice has been so dramatic over the last few years that atlases are being changed. Now it turns out Greenland’s ice sheets are also melting faster than we thought — not on the visible surface, but due to currents deep below the ocean.

10 Cool Tricks And Illusions You Can Do With Liquids

You can do so much with just water and other liquids. Like glycerin can make bottles disappear, water can start fires, honey does a good job at real life slow motion, a glass of water can reverse arrow signs and so forth. Brusspup, the YouTube illusionist extraordinaire, shows us 10 fun things you can do with liquids — and some of them will make you question the secret powers of water.

How Did A Rare, Vomit-Inducing Parasite Infect The Water Supply For 300,000 People?

More than 300,000 households in Lancashire, England have been warned to boil their water recently to kill any traces of Cryptosporidium, the BBC reports. The nasty livestock parasite, which surfaced last week, probably came from a rotting animal carcass or faeces, according to The Guardian. Lovely.

LED Guides In These Goggles Keep Open Water Swimmers On Course

Swimming from one end of a pool to the other in a straight line is a lot easier than trying to stay on track when swimming in a lake or open water. But a new pair of swim goggles can keep track of what direction you’re heading and help keep you swimming in a straight line using a pair of subtle LEDs.

EPA Knew Of 'Blowout' Risk At Gold King Mine

Internal documents released late Friday show that managers at the Environmental Protection Agency were aware of the potential for a catastrophic “blowout” at Gold King Mine, The Associated Press reports.

Hydrophobic Sand Turns To Goo In Water And Magically Back To Sand When Dry

Video: Hydrophobic sand isn’t something new. But seeing the effects of in action is always impressive. Just watch it go from sand into this metallic goo once it sinks into a cup of water. And even cooler, watch it transform back from goo into grains of sand once it exits the water.

I Flew With NASA To Study The California Drought From The Sky

It didn’t look good. Dark sapphire pools dotted the bare grey peaks of the Sierras, ringed in too many concentric circles of sediment to count. As I flew above the mountains with NASA scientists on a tricked-out DC-8 plane, the effects of four years of drought were painfully evident to the naked eye. But it’s what we couldn’t see that we were here to study.

Drink A Book To Purify Your Water, Why Not

You’ve probably never thought “maybe I’ll drink a book today,” but apparently that’s just for lack of imagination. Scientists, inventive weirdos that they are, have upended reality once again, creating a book with pull-out, nanoparticle-coated pages that can filter 100 litres of drinking water each — enough to supply a single person’s water needs for up to four years.

California Is Pumping So Much Groundwater That It's Sinking

The Mad Max plot playing out in California is causing all sorts of problems, not least for farmers, who have turned to pumping groundwater to irrigate crops. According to NASA, all that pumping is having an effect: in some places, the ground is sinking by two inches per month.

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