Helsinki Blasted Out An Underground Lake To Water-Cool Its Buildings

If you’ve visited Helsinki, you’ve probably spent time in its leafy Esplanade Park at the center of the city. Now Helsinki has turned the ground below the park into a subterranean lake which can keep buildings and other civic operations cool as part of a growing network that replaces traditional air conditioning systems.

US Officials Say People In California Are Stealing Water Under The Cover Of Night

A fire hydrant or a spigot in a park might seem like innocuous civil courtesies, but in our drought-consumed future, they’re dangerous weak spots in the infrastructure that protects our precious natural resources. Public officials in California say their water is being siphoned off illegally — and it may be indicative of a growing black market for water in the US.

These Walking Fish Raised Out Of Water On Land Help Explain Evolution

We know that hundreds of millions of years ago that fish left the water and eventually evolved into land animals. But what if we could see it happen right now? We sort of can. Scientists are raising fish to survive outside of water and to walk on land and they’re changing right before our eyes.

This Guy Can Control Water By Shooting Vortexes With His Mouth

It looks so effortless for him. And not only can freediver David Helderle blow underwater bubble rings as easily as you and I blink, he can control those mini vortexes to make fun designs and spin rings. It’s like Aquaman decided to become an artist or something.

This Turquoise Gem Is What Summer Looks Like In Southeastern Alaska

Briefly: This turquoise gem is what summer looks like in southeastern Alaska. From an altitude twice that of commercial jets, NASA’s arctic research aeroplane ER-2 — a civilian version of the Air Force’s U2-S reconnaissance plane — captured this view of a summertime melt pond atop a glacier on July 16, 2014. [NASA Earth Observatory]

Giant Goliath Fish Punks A Fisherman And Then Steals His Fish And Gun

Video: This goliath grouper sure isn’t happy about sharing the waters with us humans. It grumpily swims over to the man spearfishing, intimidates him with a little head butt and then steals the fish he caught. Even worse, he took the guy’s gun for a little joy ride. It’s like stealing someone’s date right in front of them.

Watch Guys Do Push-Ups On The Surface Of The Water

We don’t run fast enough to walk on water, but aeroplanes and boats can whip us along at speeds so fast that we can ski barefoot and even do fun workout tricks like push ups without sinking. Yeah. After seeing these guys do push ups on the surface of the water, walking on water is so passé.

Watch Water Doing Crazy Stuff On Hydrophobic Surfaces

Video: There are a lot of great applications for materials being developed that display extreme water repelling properties, inspired by nature and particularly desert life. This video doesn’t explain any of them and that’s fine — I just like to watch all those crazy water droplets doing crazy stuff.

This Machine Generates Electricity From Humidity

This silver cube looks like it belongs on a spaceship — but actually it’s way more exciting than that. In fact, it can create electricity from humidity, as water condenses on its internal surfaces.

The Surprising Science In A Single Drop Of Regular Ol' Tap Water

Tap water: we drink it, we bathe in it, we wash our clothes and dishes with it, and we cook with it. We probably take it for granted. But delivering clean, safe water to every kitchen and bathroom in the country is no easy task, as Wired explains in this eye-opening little explanation into the secret life of tap water.

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