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This New Ocean Simulator Will Test Marine Engineering To Destruction 

Ever wondered how engineers check if their designs — from ships to wind turbines — will fair against an aggressive ocean? With something like this new facility at the University of Maine, which uses 32 fans and 16 paddles to simulate the most fierce of marine conditions.

The Reservoir That Made The World Pay Attention To California's Drought

Do you remember where you were when you first realised the severity of the drought in the Western US? I would guess that you weren’t staring at a cloudless sky or a dry faucet. You were probably looking at a photo of Folsom Lake.

These Water-Filled Condom Raindrops Are Art To Raise Water Awareness

Image Cache: You’re looking at 3000 extra-large, extra-strength condoms that have been filled with blue water and hung above the head of the public, as part of an art installation designed to raise awareness of water use.

How One Collapsed Dam Changed LA Forever

Video: The water rights that govern how California’s water gets used are not the easiest things in the world to understand; working out how they came to be, and how they shaped Los Angeles, is an even trickier thing.

The Cool Trick Beetles Use To Breathe Underwater Like Scuba Divers

You see that bubble attached to the beetle? That’s basically an air tank that the beetle uses so that it can breathe underwater. Because they’re so small, they can use water’s surface tension to trap air in bubbles on their body so they can swim under water without having to constantly come up for air. Other beetles can trap air even cooler, like a force field around their entire body that acts as a space suit of sorts.

These Trampolining Water Droplets Seem To Defy Physics

Winter often brings with it inevitable flight delays as ground crews scramble to de-ice all those aeroplane wings before takeoff on cold wintry days. Wouldn’t it be awesome if all that moisture never had a chance to freeze, and instead just bounced right off the surface?

We Finally Know What Happened To Water On Mars

Mars today is a dry, frozen place. But this was not always the case. Ancient Mars was likely warm and wet, much like Earth. So what happened to change it? Thanks to brand new results from NASA’s MAVEN mission, announced today, we may finally know. Blame the Solar winds.

How To Desalinise Water Using Half The Energy Of Traditional Methods

In the next ten years, Earth’s population is expected to increase by one billion, and only three percent of our planet’s water is fit for drinking or farming. Most of that relatively small amount is trapped in frozen glaciers. But Egyptian researchers have developed a way of removing the salt out of sea water for our growing population in a way that’s super energy efficient.

Controlling Bubbles In Boiling Water Could Make Power Plants More Efficient 

The act of boiling water helps us brew coffee and cook pasta — and it’s also what fuels most of the world’s energy sources. But boiling is really all about the bubbles, and until now their formation had been seen as random and haphazard. MIT engineers say they can now control the formation of bubbles, which might change the way power is generated.

The Fun Sparkling Spiral Of A Spinning Ball Drenched In Water

Video: It’s always fun when the least complicated thing — this is just a ball soaked in water thrown in the air by the Slow Mo Guys — makes for such a spectacular visual in slow motion. The spiral of the foam ball is awesome as it jets out all the water it was holding inside. Plus, the droplets of water catch the sun just right and everything is sparkling.

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