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A Colorado Town Is Freaking Out About THC In Its Water

A tiny Colorado town made national headlines this week after authorities told residents not to use the water, citing concerns that it had been contaminated with THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

The Fjords Of Norway Are So Pretty That They Seem Magical

Video: Escape to the fjords of Norway, and imagine the still beauty of seeing inlets surrounded by cliffs. You can pretend you’re in a different world where work doesn’t exist, but magic just might. That’s where I want to be right now.

Florida's Slime Coast Is A State-Sponsored Disaster

Image: Maddie Stone The smell hit me as soon as I opened my car door — like rancid milk mixed with dog shit. I gasped for breath as humid air descended, filling my pores with the putrid odor.

It's Going To Be Tougher To Find Drinkable Water On Mars Than We Thought

Explorers hoping to find easily accessible liquid water on Mars may be out of luck. A new study questions the source of recently discovered surface water on the Red Planet, a revelation that may force Martian colonists to settle in the arctic regions where ice is plentiful.

Rowers Will Literally Paddle Through Shit At Rio Olympics

Imagine training every day of your life for one big moment, only to find that the moment will be marred by wading through shit-infested water. That’s exactly what members of the US Olympic rowing team will feel when they head into the polluted waters of Rio de Janeiro at the 2016 Olympics. The team will be competing in water that literally has fresh poop dumped into it every single day.

A Great White Shark Got Caught Napping On Camera For The First Time Ever

Video: Do you know what a sleeping great white shark looks like? It’s never been seen before. Until now. A robotic submersible captured the first-ever footage of a great white taking a nap, and you can see it innocently catch some zzzs with its mouth hanging wide open. It looks maybe seven per cent less frightening than a great white that’s awake.

Researchers Just Found A Giant Cache Of Water Underneath California

Last year, researchers estimated that California had lost 238 trillion litres of water over the course of 18 months of drought. Now, a huge reservoir of underground water — three times bigger than engineers thought — has been found under California. But it still won’t solve the state’s drought troubles.

This Opal-Studded Meteorite Offers Clues About The Origins Of Life On Earth

Opals are beautiful gemstones, supposed harbingers of bad luck and perhaps the only thing to come out of Australia that won’t kill you. According to new research from a team of British researchers, however, they’re also adding some sweet bling to a meteorite recently found in Antarctica. Beyond looking cool, the opal-studded meteorite also offers new clues about the origins of life on Earth.

Holy Crap, This Is A Lot Of Freaking Sharks

Video: Smithsonian Channel’s Secrets of Shark Island is a wonderful documentary about the ecosystem in the waters around the Revillagigedo Islands, a group of four volcanic islands 386km off of Mexico. Because it’s “the only natural juncture for miles” in the Pacific Ocean, there’s a lot going on around there. Most scarily, a shit ton of migrating sharks. My God, just look at all them.

Michigan Sues Two Companies Over Flint's Poisoned Water Crisis

Michigan’s Attorney General Bill Schuette has filed charges against two companies over the public health disaster that has unfolded in Flint’s water supply over the last few years. The charges include negligence, public nuisance and fraud.

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