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New State For Water Molecules Behaves Unlike Any Solid, Liquid Or Gas

Water’s just plain old water, right? Not when you trap it inside a tiny channel, it seems, because then it behaves like no other solid, liquid or gas.

Watch A Queensland River Catch On Fire Because Of Fracking

Video: Mother Nature probably never wanted to wax a song about fire and water, but when fracking gets involved all sorts of wild stuff starts happening. This footage apparently shows a gas leak in a river near a fracking site in Queensland. There’s so much gas bubbling up that it easily catches on fire and sustains the flames for a very long time.

Giant Yacht Carrier Sinks Into The Water To Swallow Ships And Then Rises To Transport Them

Video: This is fun. Watch as this yacht carrier, the Super Servant 4, lowers its deck into the water so that tiny yachts, normal yachts and super yachts can all float and steer themselves on the water into their water parking spaces. And then watch the Super Servant 4 rise up and bring all the yachts out of the water. It’s a moving dock that transforms into a parking lot ship so that it can transport yachts to whichever other marina they need to get to.

How More Winter Rain Can Make Drought In The US Worse

It makes sense that a warming planet would have warmer winters with less snow and more rain. But a new report points to how a disturbing trend of increased winter rain is actually endangering the year-round water supply in some parts of the US.

See How A River Totally Changes Over Time In This GIF

Watch as satellite imagery shows how the windy Ucayali River in Peru changed its course over the span of 25 years. The sharp bends of the original river start moving around and then even merge at some points creating a whole new pathway, while the leftover bodies of water are just put out on their own. It’s just fascinating to see how dramatically things can change.

Coal Plants Use As Much Water As One Billion People Every Year

Add this to the very long list of why burning coal for energy is a horrible idea. The world’s coal plants are using enough water to easily fulfil the needs of a billion people for a year. What’s more, they’re often located in places where water is already scarce.

There's Lead In The Water Of 350 US Schools, And That's Probably Only The Beginning

After Flint, it’s been disheartening to discover that lead contamination is far more widespread than originally thought. A new investigative report by USA Today claims that 350 schools and day cares across the country have tested above the EPA’s “action level” for lead content in water.

Watch The Explosion That Happens When You Put This Piece Of Metal In Water

Video: Sodium, you know what that is. Water, you know what that is. Now watch one of the oldest chemistry class tricks, the combination of two things you already know for an explosion you might have forgotten: if you throw sodium metal into water, it basically sparks up real big and blows up nicely.

This Portable Shower Reuses The Same Water For Two Whole Weeks

Indoor plumbing and unlimited clean water aren’t available everywhere. That’s why this clever, compact shower that recycles the same water several times — after purifying it after each use! — seems very handy.

Australian Scientists Have Created A New Durable Superhydrophobic Material

Take a sheet of shrinkable plastic, like the stuff you find in Shrinky Dinks. Add a dash of of Teflon and — voila! — you have an incredibly simple new kind of superhyrdrophboc material.

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