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Watch A Water Droplet Wrap Itself In A Sheet Of Plastic

Fluid dynamics is never not cool. Here we see ultra-thin sheets of polystyrene wrap themselves around shrinking water droplets.

Watch A Candle Burn Underwater

Here’s a fun little thing that you think shouldn’t be able to happen but totally understand why it happens after you see it happen. If you stick a candle in a bowl of water and let it burn, the flame will actually be able to be under the water level for a good amount of time. It’s underwater fire!

Watch This Magical Concrete Slurp Up 3,785 Litres Of Water In A Minute

A new kind of concrete from the UK building materials company Tarmac instantly soaks up litres and litres of H20 — simultaneously preventing flood conditions while also conserving water by cycling it directly back into the ground.

California's Drought Is Now Threatening Its Millennia-Old Sequoias

The drought crippling the American West is the worst it has seen in 500 years — and maybe even in 1000 years. It’s so bad that it’s taking a toll on the region’s oldest and largest residents: California’s stately sequoia trees.

New Satellite Images Show Just How Parched California Is

It’s been a hot, thirsty, fire-ridden summer in the western United States. But to really understand the severity of the drought, we need to look beneath the parched vegetation and deep into the ground. Spoilers: It’s looking awfully dry down there.

Watch A Stone Skip A World Record 88 Times Across A Lake

One of the two best feelings a kid can have is that immediate king of the world, I’ve got this life thing all figured out of learning how to skip a stone across a body of water (the other is the freedom of learning of how to ride a bike, I think). But that smug satisfaction of throwing rocks that jump like 2-4 times would be crushed if you knew the world record for skipping stones was 88. 88!

This Stunning Aerial View Of The Coast Is Like A Moving Painting

Brendan Lim’s latest, Adrift, shows a beautiful view of the cliffs and the rocks and the waves and the ocean in a perspective that combines all of those features into a moving painting of sorts. When the camera soars right on top of everything, the edge of the world has never looked better.

Lettuce Is The Bottled Water Of Groceries

Another day, another story about what we should consume when confronted with a water-scarce future. On today’s chopping block: Lettuce, should you eat it? Let us begin with this provocative statement: A head of iceberg contains the same amount of water as a bottle of Evian, it’s wrapped in lots of plastic, and shipping it around the world is just as awful for the environment.

Greenland's Ice Sheets Are Getting Cooked By Warm Ocean Currents

The retreat of Arctic sea ice has been so dramatic over the last few years that atlases are being changed. Now it turns out Greenland’s ice sheets are also melting faster than we thought — not on the visible surface, but due to currents deep below the ocean.

10 Cool Tricks And Illusions You Can Do With Liquids

You can do so much with just water and other liquids. Like glycerin can make bottles disappear, water can start fires, honey does a good job at real life slow motion, a glass of water can reverse arrow signs and so forth. Brusspup, the YouTube illusionist extraordinaire, shows us 10 fun things you can do with liquids — and some of them will make you question the secret powers of water.

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