This DIY Fog Catcher Harvests Water From The Air

Fog-catching technologies have been used for centuries to gather moisture in deserts; we even explored the possibilities for mitigating the effects of drought earlier this year. But the issue with introducing them into our cities is a matter of scale: fog catchers need to be particularly large to catch a significant amount of water, and it’s not like we can go draping the city in tarps just to harvest a few trickles.

The Los Angeles River Will No Longer Be A Speedway For Terminators

You’ve likely seen plenty of footage of the Los Angeles River — in Terminator 2, Grease, Drive… shall I go on? But unless you’ve poked around the famous watershed in a kayak, or travelled the path that runs alongside it by bike, you probably haven’t seen it like this.

You Can Still Find Groundwater In California, But It Will Cost You

So your taps have run dry in the drought and you desperately need more water for your family. Why not just dig another well? For starters, the cost of digging a well might be more than you paid for your house. And then there’s another issue: No matter how deep you dig, someone with more money is going to dig one deeper than yours.

Seeing A Giant Stingray Eat A Crab Is Like Seeing A UFO Abduct A Person

Video: And here I thought stingrays were jolly surfers of the ocean. Not to crabs! Watch as this giant stingray catch a spider crab and vacuum suck the poor crab right into the stingray’s mouth. It’s like one minute the crab is there, the next he’s been vaporised. Poor crab was too busy moulting to realise the UFO of the sea was about to abduct it.

How Much Rain Would End The Drought In North America?

What’s the best way to get people to stop watering their lawns? Why aren’t we investing in desalination? Will we ever get used to the idea of drinking our own (recycled) pee? And most importantly, when will this drought be over? You had a lot of questions about water, so we turned to two experts to get us all some answers.

Watch A Hammerhead Shark Swim In The Ocean From The Shark's Perspective

The coolest thing about being a shark is that you can swim around all you want in the ocean and you don’t have to be afraid of, well, sharks. That’s only semi-true, but look at this hammerhead shark moseying about on the ocean floor and it passes by all its shark friends without a worry in the world. No one messes with it.

'Very Strong' El Niño Is Coming: But Will It End The Drought?

NOAA’s El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) discussion centre released its latest predictions for the gigantic weather event today. Wet weather is almost totally certainly heading to the western US. The question is, how much?

Tom Selleck Investigated For Stealing Water For His Estate Amid Drought

The rich are taking desperate measures to keep themselves wet during California’s drought: keeping usage data hidden, wasting water in defiance, and even buying extra water to keep their acreage verdant. But stealing water directly from the city? Who would go so low? Tom Selleck, according to a complaint filed against the actor this week.

Abandoned Golf Courses Are Being Transformed Into Solar Farms

Golf is a dying sport, and country club memberships are seen as an elitist relic of the past. But cultural changes are only one reason golf courses are falling out of favour: The chemical-laden, water-guzzling greens are especially irresponsible for areas hit by drought. Here’s an idea from Japan for those sunny green fairways: Use them to generate solar energy instead.

4 Droughts Happening Right Now That Are Worse Than California's

California and the American West are not the only places suffering from drought — in fact, there are several places in the world right now where overtaxed aquifers, severe pollution, and lack of rainfall are creating extreme water insecurity for residents. In some places, water is so scarce that municipal supplies are being rationed or shut off completely.

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