Swimming In An Iceberg Is Like Being Inside The Fortress Of Solitude

Swimming inside an iceberg looks amazing because the ice looks like glass and that’s crazy, and because it kind of resembles an underwater version of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. Or at least, like a crystal palace. National Geographic shows us how a free diver explores the ice cold waters below.

Philadelphia's Newest Park Is Built On Top Of A Sewage Overflow Tank

Venice Island, which officially opened this month in Philadelphia, has all the amenities you might expect from a nice city park — gardens, basketball court, amphitheatre — but also something unexpected: a 15 million litre sewage overflow tank. And you know what? A park built on top of the sewer is a very good thing.

Drag Boat Racing Shoots Up An Awesome Wall Of Water Behind It

Video: These boats racing against each other pack nearly 8000 horsepower and can hit speeds of 418km/h. Basically, they’re really, really fast. But what’s even cooler is what the boats leave in their wake, a perfect wall of water that shoots out and up into the sky. It’s like they’re tearing the water apart.

Example #5259 Of Astronauts Having Way Too Much Fun In Space

Our Captain America in space, el comanderino Reid Wiseman, keeps making great little Vines. Here’s him demonstrating the refraction properties of a sphere of water in zero gravity: instant fisheye lens.

Stop-Motion Parkour Is Less Dangerous And Way Funnier Than The Original

Video: I don’t see myself jumping from one roof to another without breaking all my bones. However I can clearly do this thing I named Horizontal Parkour. The guys that made the video claim they can do some parkour tricks in the real life, but I bet that wouldn’t be as fun to watch as this.

Epic Ad Shows The Incredible Power Of Water

Video: If you think about it, water is a magical substance of infinite power and benefits, essential for the existence of all the species in the planet. I’ve never seen that concept expressed more powerfully than in this awesome TV commercial.

Seeing An Ant Drink Water From Up Close Is Pretty Fascinating

I don’t know why I’m so mesmerised. Maybe because the ant looks positively alien from up close. Or maybe because I wish I could suck out and deflate the water I drink like a balloon letting out air instead of having to pour it in me like fuel. Whatever it is, it sure makes for a nice GIF.

I Can't Believe This Underwater Film Was Made Without Special Effects

Video: This underwater video is impossibly surreal, but the makers of the video, Francisco and Armando del Rosario and Armiche Ramos, say that no computer special effects were used in the video, just some camera tricks to make it look like the ocean world can be sideways and water can be walked upside down on.

How Are These Water Drops Just Floating On The Surface Of The Water?

Water isn’t supposed to float on top of water because, well, water is water. So how are these droplets of water suspended on the surface of the water? Sound. The water is actually on top of a speaker and the acoustic vibrations allows the water drops to stay as drops on top of water.

Helsinki Blasted Out An Underground Lake To Water-Cool Its Buildings

If you’ve visited Helsinki, you’ve probably spent time in its leafy Esplanade Park at the center of the city. Now Helsinki has turned the ground below the park into a subterranean lake which can keep buildings and other civic operations cool as part of a growing network that replaces traditional air conditioning systems.

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