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This Might Be The Reason Why Rio Can't Clean Its Shitty Water For The Olympics

It sounded too good to be true. Thanks to the Olympics, Rio’s trash-ringed, sewage-contaminated Guanabara Bay would transform into a pristine watershed as the premiere venue for rowing and sailing. But the cleanup effort never materialised in earnest, and earlier this year, the city said it would actually take 20 more years. A new investigation offers a very simple hypothesis for why the water stayed dirty: Someone stole the money.

Watch the World's Brightest X-ray Laser Vaporise Water Droplets

The poor water droplets never stood a chance. Researchers at the SLAC National Accelerator Lab have aimed their insanely powerful X-ray laser at these tiny spheres of H20, and in the process created these stunning videos.

A Cathedral-Like Cistern Beneath Houston Is Now Open To The Public

Public infrastructure is known for being utilitarian, uninspiring and downright ugly. But not always. At first glance, this giant water storage system under Houston looks more like the pillared nave of an ancient cathedral. Now the lost space that’s larger than a football field is open for visits.

Skipping A Pound Of Sodium Across A Lake Is Way More Fun Than Skipping A Rock

Video: We know that mixing sodium with water causes awesome explosions. We know that skipping rocks across a lake is very probably one of the funnest things you can do outdoors. Next time, we’re all bringing a pound of sodium to the lake so we can watch it explode over and over again as it skips its way across the lake. It’s the simple things in life, you know.

We Just Solved One Of The Biggest Mysteries About How Water Flows On Mars

Researchers just uncovered an incredible fact about liquid water on Mars. It’s not just flowing; it’s also boiling. And that discovery also solves one of the major mysteries about the surface of the red planet.

New State For Water Molecules Behaves Unlike Any Solid, Liquid Or Gas

Water’s just plain old water, right? Not when you trap it inside a tiny channel, it seems, because then it behaves like no other solid, liquid or gas.

Watch A Queensland River Catch On Fire Because Of Fracking

Video: Mother Nature probably never wanted to wax a song about fire and water, but when fracking gets involved all sorts of wild stuff starts happening. This footage apparently shows a gas leak in a river near a fracking site in Queensland. There’s so much gas bubbling up that it easily catches on fire and sustains the flames for a very long time.

Giant Yacht Carrier Sinks Into The Water To Swallow Ships And Then Rises To Transport Them

Video: This is fun. Watch as this yacht carrier, the Super Servant 4, lowers its deck into the water so that tiny yachts, normal yachts and super yachts can all float and steer themselves on the water into their water parking spaces. And then watch the Super Servant 4 rise up and bring all the yachts out of the water. It’s a moving dock that transforms into a parking lot ship so that it can transport yachts to whichever other marina they need to get to.

How More Winter Rain Can Make Drought In The US Worse

It makes sense that a warming planet would have warmer winters with less snow and more rain. But a new report points to how a disturbing trend of increased winter rain is actually endangering the year-round water supply in some parts of the US.

See How A River Totally Changes Over Time In This GIF

Watch as satellite imagery shows how the windy Ucayali River in Peru changed its course over the span of 25 years. The sharp bends of the original river start moving around and then even merge at some points creating a whole new pathway, while the leftover bodies of water are just put out on their own. It’s just fascinating to see how dramatically things can change.

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