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The First 3D-Printed Mechanical Watch Is An Intricate Plastic Masterpiece

Let’s get this out of the way first: Christoph Laimer’s 3D-printed watch (with tourbillon) is large, fairly inaccurate and only runs for about 30 minutes. But it’s one small step for Swiss watchmakers hoping to make their masterful creations more affordable, and one giant leap for the 3D-printing industry.

Goodbye Chest Straps, Garmin's Fenix 3 Multisport GPS Watch Gains A Heart Rate Monitor

If swimming, surfing, biking, running and hiking sound like the average weekend for you, Garmin’s fēnix 3 is the multisport GPS watch that just might sell you on the merits of wearing a smartwatch — especially now that there’s a version with a heart rate monitor built-in.

Casio's Sensor-Packed Android Wear Watch Can Survive The Outdoors Longer Than You

You probably grew up with a cheap Casio on your wrist, but the company’s first Android Wear offering is a very different product. It’s engineered to be tough enough for outdoor enthusiasts who need more than just notifications of Facebook likes.

This $25,000 Mechanical Watch Looks Just Like Apple's

If for some reason you love the design of the Apple Watch but hate the fact that it’s stuffed full of electronics, your prayers have been answered. The Alp Watch is a purely mechanical time piece cheekily designed to look just like the smartwatch — but it will cost you.

Inspired By Motorcycles, This Watch Tells Time With A Working Chain Drive

Despite what countless companies at CES were trying to tell you, a watch doesn’t need a touchscreen to be worth wearing. Swiss watchmaker Azimuth has long been known for its unusual movements, and this time the company has found inspiration in a motorcycle’s drive train.

This Watch That Projects Movies Is Just Plain Crazy

The best part about living in 2016? The increasingly wearable gadgets that make you feel more and more like James Bond — for better or worse.

Thanks To Smartwatches, Major Universities Are Banning All Watches From Exams

Back in my day, schools used to recommend bringing a watch into tests so you’d keep track of the time. But now, the rise of smartwatches could lead to a flat-out ban of all timepieces for test-takers, if the latest rule at a major university in Japan is any indication.

Pebble Time Round Hands On: A Smartwatch For People Who Don't Like Smartwatches

“It looks like a watch!” my wife proclaimed, when I showed her the Pebble Time Round. She wasn’t stating the obvious. She meant that out of all the smartwatches she’d ever seen, it’s the first one that looks like something she would wear.

Timex's Next Smartwatch Focuses On Just Fitness Tracking

About a year ago Timex revealed its One GPS+ smartwatch that squeezed GPS, messaging, 4GB of storage, and its own independent 3G connection into a fairly chunky timepiece. But with its Metropolitan+, Timex’s next smartwatch instead focuses on fitness tracking and style.

This Is The Most Complicated Pocket Watch Ever Made

To help celebrate 260 years of watchmaking, Vacheron Constantin actually spent the last eight years leading up to its anniversary designing, engineering, and building what it claims is the most complicated mechanical pocket watch ever created.

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