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The Best Smartwatches For People Who Hate Smartwatches

Despite the name, smartwatches can be kind of dumb. Sure, they can do cool things, like control your music and put notifications on your wrist. But battery life woes and underwhelming platforms leave you questioning the real IQ of these supposedly “smart” devices. However, there is a road less travelled: an area unexplored by big tech giants, where people can revel in functioning wristputers without being stuck in a technological mire.

This Liquid Metal Watch Looks Like It Was Designed By A Terminator

There are a lot of good reasons to believe this watch that uses flowing liquid mercury to show the time is fake. A low-quality video, a questionable website and product shots that look like photocopies of photocopies. But that doesn’t stop us from wanting a watch that looks like the T-1000 strapped to your wrist.

Watching A Leather Watch Strap Get Made Is Actually Very Impressive

Video: A watch strap is just a strip of leather, right? Nope! Not when it’s handcrafted like this. There are so many steps involved in the process of making a leather watch strap that it borders on ridiculous. From selecting the leather to stamping out the strap to shaving down the interior to dyeing the material to carving out the holes, the details are intense but a pleasure to watch.

Own A Sizeable Chunk Of The Moon With This Lunar Watch

If you’ve always wanted to experience the moon first hand, this unique timepiece is probably as close as you’ll ever get.

This Gorgeous Solar-Powered Watch Is Less Than 3 Millimetres Thick

All you fancy people with your Pebbles, Apple Watches and Samsung Gears and what have you. There’s still a heck of a lot of life left in the humble mechanical watch. In fact, so refined are our skills in making traditional timekeepers, we now have watches like Citizen’s Eco-Drive One that are not only incredibly thin, but “light-powered” too.

Seiko's Latest Marketing Video Is An Enchanting Rube Goldberg Spectacle

Seiko’s best known for its watch business, but the folks there can also put out a mean marketing video when they want to. And by “mean” I should really say “amazing”, if this Rube Goldberg-inspired number is anything to go by.

Breitling's First Plastic Watch Still Costs A Damn Fortune

If you like the look of a beefy timekeeper on your wrist, but without all the weight, Breitling’s new Avenger Hurricane is the company’s first with a housing made from plastic. Or, more specifically, a new lightweight proprietary polymer it calls Breitlight.

A Radical New Design Makes This Bizarre-Looking Watch A More Accurate Timekeeper

As Android Wear devices and the Apple Watch nibble away at the luxury watch market, Switzerland is fighting back with unorthodox new designs, like Dominique Renaud’s new DR01 Twelve First, that manages to improve its traditional functionality while still looking completely bizarre.

Servicing A Classic Omega Watch Is Like Watching Mechanical Brain Surgery

Video: Smartwatches might finally be outselling traditional mechanical watches, but that doesn’t mean Swiss watchmakers are going away any time soon.

The First 3D-Printed Mechanical Watch Is An Intricate Plastic Masterpiece

Let’s get this out of the way first: Christoph Laimer’s 3D-printed watch (with tourbillon) is large, fairly inaccurate and only runs for about 30 minutes. But it’s one small step for Swiss watchmakers hoping to make their masterful creations more affordable, and one giant leap for the 3D-printing industry.

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