A Toxic And Deadly Week In Landscape Reads

The U.S. had a pretty toxic and deadly week in landscape reads. We learn how, remarkably, tourist poop is flown by helicopter out of national parks, how Silicon Valley exports toxic waste all over the country, how poison lurks in old televisions, and how the land can just fall away in the form of Washington’s deadly mudslide.

You'll Never Believe All The Things Made Out Of Chicken Feathers

As a nation, the United States consumes a whopping 8 billion chickens every year, and this results in a few mountains’ worth of chicken feathers in pure waste. But no more, some entrepreneurs say: chicken feathers could be the future of plastic.

Ecstasy In London? Heroin In Zagreb? The Answer Is Found In The Sewers

Drug users might be less than forthright about their illicit habits — but they all have to pee. With that in mind, scientists are drug-testing entire sewer systems to study just how popular illegal drugs have become.

Is Human Pee The Future Of Fertiliser?

Among the things I found mortifying about my parents when I was a teenager was their habit of leaving buckets of pee in the bathroom. Instead of flushing all that phosphorous- and nitrogen-rich urine down the toilet, they saved it for our backyard vegetable garden. Pee as fertiliser has since — contrary to everything my teenage self wanted to believe — become a hip idea among some eco-minded backyard farmers.

A Tour Of The Largest Commingled Recycling Plant In The US

As of last month, New York City’s Sunset Park waterfront is home to the largest commingle recycling facility in the US. After its inaugural run on opening day, the facility shut down for some final tweaks and testing before it opens full time. During this period of maintenance, Gizmodo visited the new facility for a private tour of the process that materials go through in the new location.

London Shuts Down Creepy, Phone-Tracking 'Smart' Garbage Bins

As quickly as it began, the UK’s long national nightmare of spying garbage bins is over. Within days of reporting that the city’s “smart bins” would be equipped with smartphone-tracking software, Quartz has confirmed that city officials are shutting the whole thing down.

This Real-Life WALL-E Cruises Around Landfills Spotting Gas With Lasers

Landfills are pretty wretched places with all the rotting trash spewing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. It’s no wonder humans have started building robots to do the dirty work in dumps around the world. The fact that these mechanical workers do it with lasers is just a bonus.

How Much Food Do We Waste Every Year?

We’re wasteful people. Maybe not you and maybe not me but definitely “we”. Some of us try to live as consciously as possible but it hardly matters when the rest of us are inconsiderate and lazy.

A Garbage-Crushing Bin You Control With Your Bare Hands

Who likes taking out the garbage? Nobody, that’s who. We’ll do anything we can to avoid trips to the curb, or the garbage chute, including letting it pile up for weeks on end. But a giant mountain of stinking trash in your kitchen isn’t the only solution. This stainless steel rubbish bin includes a manual compressor letting you squeeze roughly twice the amount of rubbish into its 38-litre capacity.

Oslo Is So Good At Recycling That It Has Run Out Of Rubbish

Norway’s capital city has a serious waste management issue — they’re way too good at it. Half of Oslo’s 1.4 million residents rely on a steady stream of refuse to power their appliances and heat their homes. Problem is there just isn’t enough rubbish to go around.