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The Smithsonian's Fantastic Plan To Transform The National Mall

There’s no better way to get peoples’ attention than by calling a national landmark “a completely overblown toilet“. That’s how the Danish architect Bjarke Ingels put it last year, describing part of the Smithsonian campus at the southern end of the mall. Today, the architect revealed his plan to fix the area.

This Giant Mechanical Earthworm Is Fixing One City's Poop Problem

Washington DC is overflowing with crap — and not just the sort spewed in US Congress. Rather, its ancient sewage system regularly overflows, sending a literal river of poo into the city’s waterways. Lady Bird is the name of the giant tunnelling machine sent to stop it.

8 Massive Tunnels Being Built Right Now

Now that we know it was an 20cm steel pipe that brought the world’s largest-diameter tunnelling machine to a halt up in Seattle, we can no longer fantasise about Bertha unearthing a five-storey-tall buried locomotive. But we can look at something almost as fascinating: The other giant holes that are currently being churned through the bedrock below our cities.