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Physicists: Nobody's Telling The Truth About That Downed Russian Warplane

Russia and Turkey each have their own version of what happened with that downed jet earlier this week, but science may have the last word. According to two Belgian astrophysicists, neither nation is being entirely truthful.

The Next Big War Will Be Digital -- And We're Not Ready For It

In the 21st century the familiar form of warfare in which physical damage is meted out against the opponent’s military forces and infrastructure has become only one form of attack. Instead, states are increasingly launching non-lethal attacks against an enemy’s information systems — this is the rise of information warfare.

A British 'Elite Cyber Offensive Force' Will Join The Digital War On ISIS

Yesterday, Anonymous declared digital war on ISIS. Now, Britain seems to be joining the fight, with an elite cyber offensive force that plans to strike Islamic State fighters.

NATO's Biggest Military Exercise Since The Cold War Is So Very Impressive

Wow. This totally looks like the beginning of World War III but thankfully it’s just Operation Trident Juncture, a military exercise by NATO. But not just any old exercise, it’s the biggest military exercise NATO has done in decades and one that required 36,000 troops and more than 140 aircraft and 60 ships from over 30 countries over a month-long span. It’s a truly impressive flex of military might that hopefully we’ll only ever see in training exercises like this.

How The US Marines Would Invade A Beach Today

Video: This intense footage shows an amphibious landing exercise performed by the US Marines and South Korea’s Marines at Dogue Beach in Pohang, South Korea. You see the ships swarming from the sea. You see hovercrafts landing on the beach. You see explosions. You’re basically seeing how the US Marines would invade a beach today.

Is War Becoming More Humane?

Devices like laser-guided bombs and nonlethal weapons have the potential to reduce civilian casualties and wanton suffering. But as these new technologies emerge, are humans actually becoming more ethical about waging war, or is killing just becoming easier?

How The Vietnam War Brought High-Tech Border Surveillance To America

From 1968 until 1973, the US military spent about $US1 billion a year on a new computer-powered initiative intended to end the war in Vietnam. It went by many names over the years — including Practice Nine, Muscle Shoals, Illinois City and Dye Marker. But today it’s most commonly known as Operation Igloo White.

This Old Man's Memories Are So Vivid They Feel Completely Real

Sometimes all it takes is a smell or an image or a flavour to bring back memories so realistic that you almost feel like you’ve travelled back in time. It’s the easiest way to revisit your past without having to worry about unravelling the fabric of the space-time continuum. However, some memories can be a painful place to go back to.

Photos Of China's Parade Commemorating WWII Shows Off Its Full Military Force

No country likes flexing its numbers in intimidatingly perfect choreographed coordination than China. And to be honest, no country does that better than them. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of WWII ending in Asia, China held a military parade to show off their military might and war machines and drones and missiles and aircraft and soldiers as some way to sternly encourage peace, and probably to alert the world that if WWIII went down that they’re more than ready.

Why We Should Welcome 'Killer Robots' -- Not Ban Them

The open letter signed by more than 12,000 prominent people calling for a ban on artificially intelligent killer robots, connected to arguments for a UN ban on the same, is misguided and perhaps even reckless.

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