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Earth View Has The Perfect Photo To Replace Your Old Wallpaper 

Google’s got your next digital wallpaper right here. Earth View is a collection of 1,500 of the most striking satellite view photographs that can be found in Google Earth. The best part is all the images are free to download and use on your own gadgets.

Where To Find Beautiful Wallpapers For All Your Devices

The benefits of a good background image can’t be overstated. It can improve your mood, boost your productivity, even lend a little freshness to an ageing device. If you don’t want a picture of a loved one, cherished pet or recent holiday trip as a backdrop, here are five excellent sites for picking up free, high-quality wallpapers.

See Game Of Thrones' Characters Living In The 80s and 90s

Mike Wrobel is a brilliant graphic artist — he’s made some great pop pieces inspired by movies like Fight Club, Escape From New York, Inception and Alien, and from shows like Breaking Bad, True Blood and The Sopranos. One of his most recent works is a three-piece series for HBO, commissioned to inaugurate the fourth season of Game of Thrones, but in 2013 he also re-imagined the show’s main characters as if they were living in the ’80s and ’90s.

Download All Of iOS 7's Lovely Wallpapers Right Now

If you’re desperate to get your hands on iOS 7 but don’t want to upgrade your iPhone until the official release is available next week, Macmixing has posted all of the new wallpapers available in the gold master released to developers yesterday, which should tide you over until next Wednesday.

This 46.7-Megapixel McLaren Image Is Your New Wallpaper

What you’re looking at is 50 years of British racing history. Half a century of greatness, stuffed into one giant 46.7-megapixel image.

The Best Shooting Challenge Entries Of 2012 Make For Beautiful Wallpapers

We have some amazing entries every week in the Gizmodo Shooting Challenge. Whether our readers are playing for prizes or not, the quality is always top notch and the images are always stunning. These are our favourites for 2012 and they make for some pretty spectacular wallpapers, too.

This OS X Wallpaper Knows Where You Are

Satellite Eyes is a smart OS X app that changes you desktop wallpaper to an aerial view of where you are, each time you change locations.

All The New HD Wallpapers From The Latest OS X Mountain Lion Beta

The new MacBook Pro retina screens look crazy good, but you need pretty stuff to look at on it, too. At the very very very least, that means nice-looking wallpaper. Here’s what Apple’s got loaded up in the Mountain Lion beta so far.

The Ice Cream Sandwich Desktop For Windows

Flickr user David Molina wanted to bring the beauty of Android Ice Cream Sandwich to his desktop, and with a little tweaking and the right tools, we would have to say he definitely succeeded. The final result is a desktop that looks sharp and definitely has a lot in common with the mobile OS that inspired it.

Mirror Box + Digital Camera = Instant Wallpaper

If you’re not already swamped this time of year, here’s a fun experiment you can do with a compact digital camera, a box made of mirrors and any Christmas-themed items you might have lying around.

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